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BBNBA: Kanter Wants Out of New York After Harden Drops 61

(Presley Ann/Getty Images North America)

(Presley Ann/Getty Images North America)

Good morning, folks. Enes Kanter is done keeping his dissatisfaction as a member of the New York Knicks to himself and he’s getting spicy with it. Let’s talk NBA.


[27-20] Rockets – 114 @ [10-36] Knicks – 110

  • Since this isn’t Arizona State Sports Radio, I’ll keep my infatuation with James Harden to a minimum, but man…. I have no idea how he continues to put up these numbers. I can’t not bring him up after what I saw live on Wednesday. After setting a new career-high with 61 points to beat the Knicks, Harden now has 21 (TWENTY-ONE!!!!) straight games with at least 30 points and five games with at least 50 this season alone. Harden is putting up numbers right now that not even Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant could put up. He’s rivaling only Wilt Chamberlain right now in terms of high volume scoring. Chamberlain holds the record with 65 straight 30-plus games and also holds the second and third highest records with 31 and 25 straight, respectively. Harden might be able to keep this up for another four games and reach 25. 10 more seems unlikely, although not something I would bet against. But for Harden to score 30-plus in 44 more consecutive games is downright impossible.  Still, we are witnessing the greatest isolation player to ever bounce a basketball. Every shot he’s made over the last five games has been unassisted. He’s averaging over 45 points per outing through 11 January games. And if you’re one of those ignorant fools that don’t see the beauty and efficiency in what Harden is doing, my Twitter DMs are always open.

  • But back to Kentucky Sports Radio, because the Knicks have more to worry about than Harden tying Kobe Bryant’s Madison Square Garden points record by an opponent. Enes Kanter is officially fed up and he let the media hear about it on Wednesday night. After supposedly being told by his head coach, David Fizdale, prior to the game that he would be starting, Kanter ended up not playing even a single second. That’s when his frustrations boiled over into the post game.
  • “I want to play basketball,” Kanter said. “If you’re going to play me here, play me. Or if not, then just get me out of here.”
  • This was the first game all season Kanter received a DNP.
  • It seems like this is all about playing time and nothing more, though. Kanter professed his love and affinity for the city of New York along with the organization but didn’t mince words when asked about how he’s being used. Kanter has made it well-known he had plans to be an All-Star this season. “My job right now is to cheer for my teammates and try to be a good teammate,” he said. “But what they’re doing to me is pretty messed up. I deserve way better.”
  • At one point during the fourth quarter with the team huddled up during a timeout, Kanter was not present within the group. This prompted fellow Knick Mario Hezonja – who also did not play in this game – to sit next to the big man and tell him to “Get the f**k up and cheer.”
  • These are the dysfunctional Knicks we’ve grown to love over the last 15 years.
  • New York lost this game despite a career-high 31 points from rookie Allonzo Trier. Kevin Knox contributed 12 points on 4-15 shooting while grabbing eight rebounds, as well.

Other notes

  • Somewhat good news for Anthony Davis, who is dealing with a sprained finger. There were worries after reports surfaced on Wednesday morning that Davis’ finger sprain could take two weeks longer to heal than expected, however, after meeting with a specialist that night, Davis received some good news. He is now going to be re-evaluated on Friday and then again every 48-72 hours, according to ESPN, and could potentially return as soon as next week. *Exhales with a sigh of relief so heavy that I begin to choke on my own spit*
  • Unfortunately, *still choking* the positive news couldn’t help the Pelicans in their matchup with the Detroit Pistons, as New Orleans fell 94-98. Julius Randle led the BBNBA with 13 points and 13 rebounds in a low scoring night for former Wildcats while Darius Miller added nine points on 3-9 shooting from three.
  • For the Denver Nuggets, Jamal Murray struggled all evening, shooting 3-11 from the field for only nine points to go along with three assists and two turnovers. Trey Lyles added 12 points on 6-13 shooting for Denver as they fell to the Utah Jazz 108-114. ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan wrote an excellent feature piece on Murray and his childhood experiences growing up with a basketball-addicted father in snowy Canada that I implore you to check out. After reading it, it’s easy to see where Murray gets his determination and bravado. The kid is going to be named to multiple All-Star teams in the near future.
  • That’s all the major news from Wednesday, check out the full stat sheet below for the rest of the results.


PlayerResult PointsFG (3FG)Reb.Ast.StealsBlocksTOs+/-Mins.
Julius Randle (NOP)94-98 L @ DET136-14 (0-1)132023-133
Kevin Knox (NYK)110-114 L vs. HOU124-15 (2-8)81021-1632
Trey Lyles (DEN)108-114 W @ UTA126-13 (0-4)32100+1119
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (LAC)111-99 W @ MIA105-10 (0-1)23101+130
Malik Monk (CHA)118-107 W @ MEM94-7 (1-3)22000+417
Darius Miller (NOP)94-98 L @ DET93-10 (3-9)20100029
Jamal Murray (DEN)108-114 W @ UTA93-11 (1-2)03002-2028
Bam Adebayo (MIA)99-111 L vs. LAC84-5 (0-0)70001-515
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (CHA)118-107 W @ MEM50-3 (0-0)32002+1319
Isaiah Briscoe (ORL)110-114 L @ BKN00-000000-21
Enes Kanter (NYK)110-114 L vs. HOUDNP-CD----------------
Brandon Knight (HOU)114-110 W @ NYKDNP-Knee----------------
Anthony Davis (NOP)94-98 L @ DETDNP-Finger----------------
Jarred Vanderbilt (DEN)108-114 W @ UTADNP-Foot----------------
Alex Poythress (ATL)121-101 W @ CHIDNP-G League----------------


8:00 (TNT): Warriors (Cousins) @ Wizards (Wall-out)

8:00: Pelicans (Davis, Miller, Randle) @ Thunder (Diallo, Noel, Patterson)

9:00: Trail Blazers @ Suns (Booker)

10:30 (TNT): Timberwolves (Towns) @ Lakers (Rondo-questionable)

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47 Comments for BBNBA: Kanter Wants Out of New York After Harden Drops 61

  1. superbenji
    12:08 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

    Am I the only one not impressed at all with this 61 pt game? Harden missed 15 3 pt attempts. That is just horrible basketball. All he does is jack up every shot he can.

    • Perry1987
      12:37 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      I’m with ya Superbenji. Not only all these shot attempts but imagine being his teammates, if not mistaken I saw on Sports center last night Harden has like 300 something points Zero, Fu****g Zero assists! Absolutely a joke of a teammate.

    • Heavy C
      1:44 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Really? Not that impressed with his 61? Let me guess….You could take Lavor Ball in one on one game.

    • ClutchCargo
      2:11 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Watching Harden dribble for about 20 seconds and jack up a 3, and no defense on the other end, makes for very boring basketball. So yeah, he’s an excellent offensive player, but it’s not as impressive as it would be if he didn’t take all the shots.

    • CatManDo
      2:13 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      What Harden is doing requires incredible talent, absolutely no doubt about it.

      1. He gets away with more egregious non-traveling calls than any player in history. Jordan, etc. would sometimes get a pass on 3 steps on dunks and layups. Harden gets no-calls on 4 and even 5 steps, especially on his patented step-back three’s where he re-plants both his feet a 2nd time to get to the spot and rhythm.
      2. He gets the benefit of questionable fouls (read: flops) at an alarming rate. The number of free throws he shoots is absurd.
      3. The number of shots he puts up compared to his teammates is extremely high.
      4. His beard is annoying.

      He should still win MVP and is a top 5 current player without a doubt. But you must take into consideration the green light he has to shoot and points 1 and 2 when comparing him to the all-time greats.

    • stl_cat
      2:43 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Perry, you’re an idiot. That’s how many points he has scored since he has last BENEFITTED from an assist. He gets assists every game dude lol read a box score

    • Perry1987
      7:00 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Idiot?? Not so much. LMAO!!
      Please send the link showing this box score you speak of showing all those assists he got last night in MSG. I’ll wait pal….. It don’t exist! He got ZERO!

    • Perry1987
      7:05 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      My mistake. He had four, but still to call me an idiot is a bit childish. I was watching Sports Center at 2am and I thought that’s what was said, very easily misinterpreted especially at 2am and very being very sleepy. So incorrect, yes. Idiot, no. Take the childish name calling elsewhere pal.

  2. Jiminy Crickets
    12:28 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

    Kanter has been a problem every where he goes. NCAA probation, public slur of president of home country, parents disowned him, frequent on court fights, public disgust for his organization…. for what? A guy that WANTS to be an all-star but will never be one? The knicks have supported all his public and international discrepancies, and first DNP and he outs them, to the most viscous media circus on the planet. I say knicks should openly talk about trading him to the Turkish national team.

    • Cokely53
      1:01 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      While this seems a little more hostile than I would go, I would agree that Kanter has been an issue and isn’t good enough to be able to carry that kind of baggage. Getting to the point I no longer want to claim him as a cat. Ashamed to now.

    • UK Big Board Update
      1:55 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Wow. You’re uninformed as f**k.

      First, he, nor Kentucky, was ever put on probation. He was made ineligible in a political move by a salty Mark Emmert. And he still dedicated his NBA draft night to Kentucky and the BBN.

      Second, he used his right as a human to speak out against the authoritarian Erdogan, (who you probably think is cool because he and Trump are pals) who has been under fire for his human rights violations, corruption, and crackdown on press. Watch this (you won’t):

      Third, everyone knows that his parents “disowned” him as a way to keep themselves, and possibly Enes himself, from more danger and incarceration.

      Fourth, he’s wasn’t even in the top 50 in the league for technical fouls (fighting, generally being a punk) in 2017-2018. John Wall, Devin Booker, Cousins, Anthony Davis, MKG, and Julius Randle *are* in the top 50.

      And lastly, the Knicks and its management (and fans) are a train-wreck; who wouldn’t want to leave for a better organization? Players do it all the time. He’s not the first, and definitely won’t be the last.

      So, I’m wondering where your arguments are REALLY coming from? But I already know.

    • bigbluebanana
      3:32 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Nicely done big board. What Kanter has said about erdogen is more than warranted. One of the biggest acts of genocide in world history was the Armenian genocide from Turkey, and Erdogen seems like he wants to relive those days, except on his own countrymen. Cousins is far more of a “bully” or whatever on the court, and either way, it doesn’t bother me. If you’re a pro, you should absolutely take your sport and your role seriously. Everyone knows that if say, Steven Adams (who has a far worse attitude and many more T’s every year than Enis) was the guy who came through Kentucky like Kanter, than most people around here would be praising his actions as tough and patriotic. Wonder what the difference is? Hmmmm! The people around here that take issue with Kanter are the same ones that’ll call Cousins a “thug”, but they would call Bill Lambier a “legendary tough competitor”.

    • BigolBlue
      4:53 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Of course banana agrees with board. Both tools

    • BigolBlue
      4:53 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Big board makes everything about politics.

    • UK Big Board Update
      10:29 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      And you dedicate your life to trolling this site. FOH, loser.

  3. Jiminy Crickets
    12:30 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

    Says his job is to cheer for his team mates, but had to be told to get the F up and do it.

  4. cats646
    1:14 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

    Maybe they should send him to Turkey, see how good he likes it there. Smh quit whining, you’re making millions and doing nothing.

    • The Original WTF Guy
      1:32 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      So how would you like to live in a country where you were unable to exercise the freedom to criticize your political leaders? If that is not a problem, just wait – Great Orange Leader is taking us there.

    • UK Big Board Update
      2:09 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      The trump cult has taken over these peoples lives.

    • CatManDo
      2:37 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Actually WTF, it is just the opposite. We live in a country where you are ridiculed and attacked for supporting the President (you know, the one elected by the people). The Covington Catholic situation is a perfect example of this – teenagers getting wrongly accused of horrible things for wearing a damn hat.

    • UK Big Board Update
      2:50 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      He was elected by the minority. Over 2 million million more people DIDNT vote for him. His approval rating is at a historic low. He is doing everything Putin is asking him to do.

      Covington kids were also on tape saying “its not rape if you enjoy it” and “build that wall” to Native Americans while doing the tomahawk chop.

    • UK Big Board Update
      2:51 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink


    • BigolBlue
      4:55 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Big board qustion for you.. Did hilary win?? Im actually hoping trump will lose election so we can stoo hearing the whining crying and moaning from people like you (matt). This whole 2 sides is killing America.

    • cats646
      3:09 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Those terrible kids, you mean to tell me they support controlling our border and not letting illegal, diseased, drug dealing immigrants in here? How horrible. Smh. You know this whole government shutdown would end right now if the damn democrats would give the man his money, but they would rather see our country fall then to let Trump win. But yea, yea, they are for the people. Pathetic.

    • cats646
      3:10 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      You’re exactly right Catman. A white can’t say anything these days or he’s a “racist”.

    • CatManDo
      3:11 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      UKBB, real classy name calling.

      Your claim of the two student statements are proven to be wrong, although I assume you will say otherwise – who needs proof these days right?
      Did you see the Chiefs game this past weekend when thousands of fans (adults) were doing the tomahawk chop – it wasn’t a problem then I guess since they didn’t have the hats. And how dare a bunch of kids join in with banging drums while they sing their school chants and one of them even looked at a guy and smiled – the horror!

      He won the election by the laws of the Constitution – look into it. I realize Democrats are trying to get rid of the electoral college because it could benefit them but it was created for a reason.

      We will agree to disagree. I am adult enough to do that – even for a redneck.
      Go Cats!

    • CatManDo
      3:15 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Thanks 646, the Wall would do nothing but good but we know they won’t let Trump get a win.
      I know Trump can be an ass and has very questionable ethics but that doesn’t mean he isn’t doing what is right for our country. I can more about that than his tweets and past discrepancies.

    • CatManDo
      3:16 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      “care more”

    • cats646
      3:24 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Exactly Catman, if these entitled pricks would quit worrying about how “offended” they are by a tweet and look at what’s good for our country they would realize that Trump, no matter how much of an ass he can be, has done and is doing some very good things for this country.

    • 4everUKblue
      5:02 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Yep the electoral college was created for a reason alright. It was so they can control who gets put into office, we the people don’t elect the president, they are selected and we’re duped into believing our vote counts for something. They’re laughing at us fighting amongst ourselves, it keeps us distracted while they do god only knows what. Yeah lets keep on guarding those pesky poppy fields in Afghanistan and killing innocent women and children and let’s let the CIA continue to create wars and traffic drugs on our tax dollars. Our government would never do all that. Wake up people and look at what’s really going on.

    • cats646
      5:28 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      You’re probably right 4ever

  5. StuckinLville
    2:21 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

    Maybe it’s because he walks every time he does he does he step back behind the 3pt line. He always double steps, that’s a walk.

  6. bigbluebanana
    3:37 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

    Somehow I knew we’d get the ‘merica circle jerk going on in these comments. Was enlightened here with the knowledge that brown people are all here illegally and carry disease and are drug addicts. Had no idea.

    • cats646
      3:47 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      Not all of them, but a lot of the illegal ones are. A LOT

  7. Smyrna_Cat
    3:42 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

    Terrible title. Kanter wanting off if he doesn’t play and Harden scoring 61 have nothing to do with each other. Bad writing.

  8. BigolBlue
    4:52 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

    Kanter has a big mouth and didnt play 1 second here. I dont consider him a cat

    • UK Big Board Update
      10:47 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

      You should worry more about that 2013 banner that doesn’t exist in your arena anymore.

  9. 4everUKblue
    5:15 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

    As if your opinion matters Bigoldumbass/slater/combatmedic.

  10. henderblue
    5:47 pm January 24, 2019 Permalink

    You guys can battle the politics. I’ll say I’m not a James Harden fan and he’s no Wilt Chamberlain. One of the top two dominant players in NBA history

  11. CahillsCrossingNT
    7:08 am January 25, 2019 Permalink

    Kanter is a publicity hound, nothing more.

    • UK Big Board Update
      9:24 am January 25, 2019 Permalink

      And you’re an uninformed boomer posting on the internet, nothing less.

    • cats646
      9:56 am January 25, 2019 Permalink

      Bigboard trying to sound smart is cute. Using those big boy words like “uninformed”. Adorable.

    • UK Big Board Update
      10:34 am January 25, 2019 Permalink

      The fact that you think “uninformed” is a big word says more about you, than me.

    • UK Big Board Update
      10:34 am January 25, 2019 Permalink


      Coffee boy?

    • cats646
      11:40 am January 25, 2019 Permalink

      And the fact that you, just like all radical leftists, can’t understand sarcasm is also cute. But also very stupid.
      Grow up kid.

    • UK Big Board Update
      9:54 pm January 25, 2019 Permalink

      We radical leftists are enjoying the shitshow you voted for.