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BBNBA: Anthony Davis restarts the NBA with 34 points and a powerful message

Good morning, folks. It’s been, like, four and a half months since I’ve been able to type those words for you. Let’s talk NBA Bubble.


Player protests and social messages

Before we dive into the happenings of last night’s thrilling NBA games, we need to address what is going on in the Bubble in terms of the players protesting racial and social injustices in the United States. It’s not something that is going away anytime soon.

The league has made it incredibly clear that they are in full support of its players and the positive messages they are sending while in the Orlando Bubble. Kneeling during the national anthem, reiterating important phrases such as “Black Lives Matter”, and calling for the end of racial injustices is going to be a common theme throughout the duration of this Bubble. Being able to comfortably express their beliefs and views was one of the main conditions that the Players Association demanded if both parties were going to make this restart a group success. And as we all saw last night, this is very much a connected effort between the league and the players. Everyone is one the same page right now, as evidenced by the powerful statements that were made last night as players, coaches, and even referees kneeled together–arms locked–during a rendition of the national anthem. They all wore shirts that read “Black Lives Matter” and the same phrase was printed in giant letters across the top of the court.

It was powerful. It was chilling.

This is not a political stance these players and coaches are taking, this is a human rights stance. The NBA isn’t concerned with the optics of what outside “fans” of the league might think. I can promise you that the players most certainly don’t care. To be blunt, the NBA doesn’t want people following its product if they aren’t going to be behind its players 100 percent. That’s the way all sports leagues should be run: allow the people you make money off of to have a significant, real voice and then support them when they do.

“So the hardest thing that happened to me in the game today was kneeling for two minutes,” Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said after the Lakers’ win, according to ESPN. “In the middle I’m thinking, in two minutes my knee is hurting yet there was a guy that had his knee on someone’s neck for eight minutes. Think about that. The national anthem took two minutes. There were guys that needed towels and things under their knees. And yet someone kneeled on another human being’s neck for eight minutes. That’s nuts when you think about it.

The NBA is hardly a perfect product, but they–along with the WNBA–are the most progressive and forward-thinking professional sports league in the United States right now, and that makes people who are on the wrong side of history anxious and scared. Players such as former Louisville guard Donovan Mitchell aren’t going to stay quiet about the fact that Breonna Taylor’s killers have still not been arrested. As the next few days pass by and more games are played, other players are going to come out more vocal than they’ve ever been before.

The Bubble is all about finishing the 2019-20 season, but speaking out against the world’s problems has been just as important.

Utah steals a win and Anthony Davis is still a basketball God

Okay, NOW let’s get into some NBA talk because holy hell the first two games of the restart tantalized my basketball tastebuds. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been starved for the last 120-plus days but the NBA sure did kick off the restart in exciting fashion.

The Utah Jazz held off the New Orleans Pelicans down the stretch of the night’s first game, sealing a 106-104 victory with clutch free throws from Jazz center Rudy Gobert. Yes, the same Rudy Gobert who caused the league’s suspension back on March 11 scored the final two points of the first game back. To bring things EVEN MORE full circle, he also scored the first two points of the game, as well.

However, the topic of conversation from this outing wasn’t Brandon Ingram missing the potential game-winning shot or his 23 points and eight assists, but how Zion Williamson wasn’t on the floor to help him out in the closing minutes. The superstar rookie absolutely dominated with 13 points in 15 restricted minutes of playing time. He was played in short bursts at the beginning of each quarter and noticeably absent when the game was on the line and the Pellies needed a big win (remember, every game for New Orleans is vitally important if they want to stay close enough in the standings to force a play-in game. Utah is in the playoffs regardless; this loss for NOLA could come back to haunt them in a couple of weeks). Williamson’s absence was immediately felt and it put a stranglehold on what the Pelicans could do on offense. They’ll need him playing 20-30 minutes per game if they want an actual shot to make the postseason. Let’s hope his doctors allow it.

Utah-New Orleans was just the appetizer for the steak dinner that was soon to follow. To close out Reopening night, Anthony Davis and LeBron James took over when the Lakers needed them most. With the game on the line, LeBron dropped in the go-ahead bucket before proceeding to put the clamps on Paul George and Kawhi Leonard on the final possession. But even with LeBron’s heroics near the end, it was his fellow superstar teammate who lit up the box score all night long.

Anthony Davis posted 34 points to go along with eight rebounds and four assists in a 103-101 win for the Lake Show over the L.A. Clippers. Most of his damage was done at the charity stripe, where he was an impressive 16-17. The former ‘Cat exploded for 14 first-quarter points and followed it up with another 12 in the third. Outside of a few contested fadeaway jumpers just inside the three-point line, Davis looked like he hadn’t skipped a beat. LeBron finished with 16 points, 11 rebounds, and seven assists, playing like he turned the clock back a few years.

After the game, Davis went ahead and made himself into a meme, too.

*Please photoshop responsibly*

Here is what Davis had to say after the big win.

It was an awesome first day back and it’s only going to get better. I hope you all are as excited as I am and ready to live through the NBA’s Bubble together. The daily BBNBA posts are back and so is basketball. Let’s get it.


PlayerResult PointsFG (3FG)Reb.Ast.StealsBlocksTOs+/-Mins.
Anthony Davis (LAL)103-101 W vs. LAC348-19 (2-5)84004-335
Patrick Patterson (LAC)101-103 L @ LAL52-2 (1-1)42000021
Rajon Rondo (LAL)103-101 W vs. LACDNP-Thumb----------------


2:30: Magic @ Nets

4:00 (NBATV): Grizzlies @ Trail Blazers (Gabriel)

4:00: Suns (Booker) @ Wizards

6:30 (ESPN): Celtics (Kanter) @ Bucks (Bledsoe)

8:00: Kings (Fox) @ Spurs (Johnson)

9:00 (ESPN): Rockets @ Mavericks (Kidd-Gilchrist)

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Article written by Zack Geoghegan

Recruiting reporter for KSR. Follow me on Twitter: @ZGeogheganKSR

52 Comments for BBNBA: Anthony Davis restarts the NBA with 34 points and a powerful message

  1. VirginiaCat
    11:56 am July 31, 2020 Permalink

    This following sends the message that there is no tolerance for a diversity of views. No room to express support for the police or to condemn wanton violence. The NBA doesn’t want fans unless they think a certain way. I prefer my sports without one-dimensional political theater.
    “The NBA isn’t concerned with the optics of what outside “fans” of the league might think. I can promise you that the players most certainly don’t care. To be blunt, the NBA doesn’t want people following its product if they aren’t going to be behind its players 100 percent. That’s the way all sports leagues should be run: allow the people you make money off of to have a significant, real voice and then support them when they do.”

    • Keets
      7:56 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      VirginiaCat, maybe splash some water in your eyes. I was a little sleepy when I started reading this post, (and initially, I thought, “Sheesh, this writer sure has a social-justice-warrior, opinion-as-fact slant”), but eventually, his writing had me super woke. I’m now aware that if I don’t agree with the BLM organization or the NBA’s hypocritical, pick-and-choose virtue signaling approach (ignore China, ignore riots, restrict jersey phrases like “God Bless America”), then I’m not “forward thinking” and I’m on the “wrong side of history.” I wouldn’t want that! In fact, as the writer suggests, the NBA’s got me feeling pretty “anxious and scared” about what side of history I’m on. While woke now, I’m still not social-justice-warrior level. I hear there is a forward thinking boot camp in China that can get me up to speed, and when I return, I can’t wait to tweet about #BLM, donate to their lovely organization, and/or go rioting.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      12:56 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Yep, they’re big fat hypocrites. Steve Kerr is so outspoken about taking our guns away (Pop also I think) yet has nothing to say when asked about China and Hong Kong.

      Zack, there is nothing positive about the GROUP BLM (once again, I’m not talking about everyone who uses the phrase) nor about kneeling during the anthem IMO. If they really cared about all black lives, they would have something to say about the inner cities and the number of abortions happening in the black community.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      2:02 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      And I guess Uighur lives don’t matter.

  2. rockyou
    12:05 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    well, as much asI like AD, I’m not watching the NBA this year, and yes I know, “you won’t be missed”. You kneel and praise BLM, I’m done, so the rest of you progressives enjoy, I have better things to keep me busy.

    • CatsFanFrankfort
      12:43 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Better things like commenting on a post about the NBA on a sports blog how you dont follow sports anymore? Cool

    • rockyou
      3:17 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      CatsFanFrankfort, nice try, but next time read what I said, not what you wanted me to say, I SAID NBA, not sports. Man, you haters are unbelievable. I’m a veteran, and because I respect our men and women who served and died for our country, I will NEVER find it okay to kneel, if you do, that’s one of the reasons we served, to protect your right to. COOL

  3. madarchitect
    12:15 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    It’s not that you won’t be missed, it’s that no one cares about your opinion in the first place.

    • rockyou
      12:35 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      kind of like yours Mad!!

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      12:49 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      The BLM organization (not all those who use the phrase “BLM”) only cares about the black lives that they can use as a political football. All the murders in the inner city? All the abortions? Nah, they don’t care about black lives. Do you, madarchitect? Also, are you REALLY an architect, or are you George Costanza? 😉

  4. dan1965
    12:28 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    Sure they care,when or if they lose so much rating,or enough people stop buying their products and there money $$$ starts going down,you absolutely better believe they will care…just like Lebron did by taking up for China,he was afraid of so much lost revenue,yet what China was,is doing is WRONG ! But the nba is making buckets of Money there,so everyone just be quiet about China ! Lmao hypocrites !

  5. Mc12
    12:36 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    Twice as many white people are killed by police and although blacks account for only 13% of the population which would explain that they are killed at a higher rate, 6% of the population commits over 50% of the violent crimes in this country. It seems obvious that being involved in those activities would lead to a higher likelihood of getting into an altercation with cops. So 6% of the population (black men) commit over 50% of violent crimes? Could this be attributed to poverty or the lack of a 2 parent household? That’s very possible. Solve that problem and most of the other problems will be resolved. At some point there should be accountability.

    So yes there will be a few (not all) instances of police overreach in taking a life. This would apply to the George Floyd’s or Tony Timpa’s (white man) of the world who unfortunately died in a similar fashion. However, each case is separate and generalizations are dangerous.

    The question to ask is if twice as many whites are killed by the police, even if you argue that the rate is lower….why is the media coverage completely one-sided? Why do they only push one narrative? There is not as much media created outrage if the cop is black and the “victim” is black…Or if the cop is black and the “victim” is white….It is generally so one-sided that you see some prominent people saying blacks are being hunted by cops when the statistics do not even come close to supporting that.

    • Bluebird
      2:44 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Questions of systemic racism aside, how is this a valid argument to support the police? “You think police kill a lot of black people? Well you should see how many other, different people they also kill!” Why are you okay with the police killing so many people?

    • Mc12
      3:55 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      I think many instances are split decision or justified and several are bad. The problem is the media has been hammering away at white cop kills black person stories only so that, say for example, and this has happened, if a black man pulls a gun on a cop and gets shot and killed, the immediate reaction is to protest or destroy stuff….instead of waiting for the facts to play out. Essentially criminals are being turned in to martyrs. If a white person pulls a gun on a cop and gets shot, in my opinion they deserved it and I’m going to go about my day.

      Now, if it is clear overreach such as when Mohammed Noor killed a white woman in Minneapolis a few years ago, or where Chauvin killed Floyd, I want these cops to be held accountable.

      My point, that you’re missing, is that there are high profile people that are saying that cops are running around hunting black people, and people take them seriously. Those wild generalizations are dangerous and irresponsible in my opinion.

    • Bluebird
      4:14 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      I don’t think I missed your point. I’m suggesting that your point isn’t that relevant, in my opinion. You’re worrying about how a few people TALK about the problem of police violence, when you should just be worried about police violence.

      Police do kill far more black people than white people when you factor in the size of those two populations. That’s bad. But even if you don’t think it’s as bad as it’s made out to be by some, the total number of people killed by police, regardless of race, is also way too high (over 300% higher per capita than the next closest country). That should bother you more than semantics or media coverage or whatever else. Police need to change. Period.

    • Mc12
      5:18 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Again, the high violent crime rates explain why they are involved in those encounters. 6% of the people and over 50% of violent crimes..that is a substantial and relevant statistic and should always factor into the debate. It almost sounds like you’re saying all lives matter and this is a cop issue. I think cops have an extremely difficult job. Are there mistakes made? Absolutely. However there is a large segment of society that cause any encounter to escalate. There has to be personal accountability from all sides. Instead of pointing a finger at one side maybe both sides can take a good look in the mirror and ask how both could have prevented the result

    • ziplock
      6:01 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      I’m not saying I don’t believe you Bluebird but could you say where you found that 300% number? The best I could find was Wiki which I hate to use but I don’t trust the mainstream to get anything right. It shows the USA around number 20 on the police kill rate,

    • Bluebird
      8:38 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      No, ziplock, you’re right. Or we’re both right. It depends. I was busy cooking when I posted, so I didn’t read quite as closely as I should have, which is my fault. The list I checked was more specifically limited to other countries on the G7 list of advanced economies. So our police kill fewer people than countries like Syria, Venezuela, etc. But the police in the U.S. kill far more citizens than the police in other countries with similar levels of wealth and development. I’m having a hard time getting my phone to copy a link, but you can find the sites I’ve checked by typing police killings by country into google.

  6. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
    12:51 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    I wish more people understood the real nature and goals of the BLM organization (AGAIN, not all those who use the phrase, some of them not knowing what this group is really about). It’s right there on their website people. The ignorance of the American public is appalling. Ugh.

  7. CatManDo
    1:16 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    Saying you are going to put an end to racism is like saying you are going to put an end to murders, rapes, child abuse, etc. There is a certain small percent of the population that is always going to think and/or act in a manner that is abnormal than what the majority of society believes is appropriate – this is a sociological fact.
    The problem is that people are taking a problem (real racism) that is about 1% of what is wrong in society and giving it about 75% (not counting COVID) of the attention. I am not talking about a white dude looking at a black guy a little different in line at Kroger, I am talking about real racial concerns like violence or discrimination.
    3 or 4 police officers doing some horrible things does not mean all police officers are evil and we should change the entire country. James Hardin had to apologize for having a bandana that showed support for our police officers that risk their lives every day – many in black neighborhoods that they are trying to protect. Let that sink in.

    • 4everUKBlue
      1:22 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Well said ManDo.

    • Bluebird
      2:30 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      I’d be interested in seeing your math, chief.

    • rockyou
      3:20 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      amen CatManDo, just know the lefties will commence to hate you and call names

  8. UKFanSC
    1:18 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    The NBA is turning into a modern-age minstrel show….. it is blatantly racist and offers no apologies for it. But honestly, as others have pointed out, all of these kneelathons and other trivial symbols of black unity are just hollow gestures designed ti appease the “woke nation”. Kneeling, fist raising, statue defacement, marching, and all the other tribal tantrums make for nothing but exhausting headlines. The over-accommodation of BLM demands by corporations, universities, and liberal buffoons has reached comic proportions. The result will be mainstream rejection and defiance of these ludicrous efforts by most Americans and a quick return to law and order.

    • 44stewart
      2:18 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      When you say most Americans where do you get your data? You can check out many different polls that show 65% support peaceful protests and BLM.

    • Bluebird
      2:29 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Uhhhh it feels like you don’t know what a minstrel show is.

  9. 44stewart
    1:51 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    Proud to kneel with #BLM

  10. 44stewart
    2:04 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    I don’t have any issue with anyone not kneeling. Question is do you have issues with those of us who do? And posting right wing website articles is not the best way to start a good conversation. I do not post left wing articles to support mine.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      2:12 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      It’s on mainstream (liberal) sites such as Newsweek and MSN as well, not just conservative sites. I’m sorry, but I do have a problem with kneeling during the anthem. The problem is, it is those who don’t wish to kneel who will be villified and made to comply. See Drew Brees and his perfectly innocuous comments about the flag that he was browbeat into apologizing for.

      Here is one of those links:

    • 44stewart
      2:15 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      So it’s ok to be vilified for kneeling?

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      2:15 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      My other big problem is the NBA’s silence on the Uighurs, and also China & Hong Kong. And even their silence is not as much a problem for me as it was when the Houston Rockets guy chose on his own to speak out about Hong Kong and the NBA told him to shut up.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      2:19 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      As I already pointed out many times, the BLM group is a Marxist organization, and they promote the tearing down of the western nuclear family. It’s all on their site. It’s a sad day in America when someone can get fired for saying all lives matter like the Sacramento Kings announcer. Red and yellow black and white, they are precious in His site. I sang that song at church growing up, and I was taught it, and I still believe it.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      2:26 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      No one is going to be drummed out of the league for kneeling (and they shouldn’t be BTW), but we’re getting to the point that they will for not kneeling. I just think it’s disrespectful. If they’re waiting on this country to be perfect, they’ll be waiting until judgment day because it won’t happen. It isn’t perfect, but it’s the greatest nation on earth. The BLM group is about power and Marxism, not equality. If they really cared about black lives they would have something to say about the murders in the inner cities (where I grew up for many years in Lexington…240-F McCracken Drive in the now razed housing project) and abortions.

  11. Bluebird
    2:57 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    What makes America the greatest nation on earth? Even if it were, why shouldn’t people try to improve it?

    BLM isn’t a group with any kind of meaningful hierarchical structure. A chapter in California has no influence on a chapter anywhere else. What unites the thousands of people carrying themselves under the Black Lives Matter banner is a desire for just and equal treatment for black people. You’re spending more energy worrying about the founders of the movement than they really deserve. (I’m not saying you should spend NO energy on it. Just maybe not every single post.)

    Of course all lives matter. But not all lives are currently effected by systemic racism. If you break your left arm and go the doctor, the doctor is going to focus on your left arm. And when he does, you won’t say “But my right arm matters, too.” The people who say All Lives Matter as a response to hearing Black Lives Matter are really saying, “Ignore the problem.”

    • 44stewart
      3:05 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink


    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      3:20 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      The only reason I mention it in so many posts is because I believe a lot of people don’t know it, and because some will assume that I don’t value black lives if I don’t qualify my statement (some might anyway). The BLM group is a black supremacy group.

      It also isn’t just Cali. The leader of BLM in NYC said if you’re black and you’re a cop, you aren’t black, you’re blue.

      I also don’t agree with your analogy. Aside from the fact that an analogy actually proves nothing, all these protests are claiming that there is a systematic effort by the policy to kill black people, and it just isn’t true. That’s the big problem with your analogy IMO.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      3:24 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      And yes, of course we should try to improve it. I already alluded to that. That isn’t accomplished by burning it down. The cops involved in George Floyd’s murder were charged within days, yet much of the country is still seeing riots and police are being told to stand down. The police chief in Seattle told business owners they’re on their own. When will it end? What if all those business owners do like the rooftop Koreans and defend their businesses with semi-auto rifles? Ask the McCloskeys.

    • Bluebird
      4:47 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Black Lives Matter isn’t a black supremacy group. Thousands of people aren’t marching in the streets because they believe in Black supremacy. They just want equal footing.

      Systemic racism isn’t about a “systematic effort by the policy to kill black people.” Effort doesn’t matter. Individual cops being racist or not doesn’t really matter to the big picture. Right now, it’s easier for white people to move through society without ending up killed or in prison than it is for people of color. Because the system, as it currently exists, is broken. Black people are more likely to be born into poverty than white people. Black people are more like to get convicted and serve jail time than white people, even for committing the same crime. Black people get longer prison sentences than white people who do get convicted. And it’s harder for Black people to re-enter society after serving a sentence than it is for white people. These are just SOME examples of systemic racism that are specifically relevant to the question of police reform. That’s why people are still protesting. Charging George Floyd’s killers is good, but in the long run it changes nothing. The whole system of policing needs to change.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      5:14 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      You and I will just have to disagree on the supremacy issue. If they are not a supremacy group, then why would they be offended by “all lives matter”? The question answers itself.

      I don’t have time to answer all your arguments point by point because I have to go. However, saying that charging the officers changes nothing? Come on. Again, yes, improvements can be made. But defunding and abolishing police isn’t the answer. Violence is never the answer.

      Anyway, have a blessed weekend.

    • Bluebird
      9:32 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Perhaps you could spend your weekend reading a book. The End of Policing, by Alex S. Vitale is pretty good.

    • Keets
      10:25 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      BLM claims no formal hierarchy (can be debated), but their chapters are connected. At the least, they’re receiving million$ thru BLM’s centralized donation hub that, to *some* extent, benefits from a phrase that people may agree with, w/out necessarily realizing BLM’s multi-point agenda before they donate. People don’t yet know where or how all this recent $$ will be used (link below). Obviously, it’s on each person to check their values w/BLM’s stated agenda before donating.

      Say all that to say this: BLM’s a powerful org still in infancy, questionable origins, a growing bank account and policy aspirations. Talkin about BLM the group and its founders remains entirely deserving of energy, maybe especially during this time of heavy donating. Who BLM was/is/will be, where the $$ is going, do their chapter leaders’ potentially racist views/accommodations need to be renounced, etc.

    • ziplock
      10:49 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      The best argument against systemic racism is the fact that Nigerian and West Indies immigrants, who look exactly like black Americans out earn whites. Also, Asian and Indian (from India) and Jewish immigrants also out earn whites. So if there is systemic racism by whites against people of color why doesn’t it apply to those groups? I linked this several months ago but the 2 videos at the end are very good,

  12. light my fire
    3:11 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    These NBA players are acting like white cops kill black people everyday for fun. They are just creating animosity toward all cops.

    How big of a political stunt stance is wearing the bullet proof best to the game.

  13. bowill01
    3:24 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    I wonder if expressing yourself is really worth the lost revenues this is likely to cause. I bet they won’t think so in 5 years.

    • T-Town Cat
      6:48 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Money talks. If you don’t like the product, then don’t watch the games, and boycott the sponsors of the games.

  14. light my fire
    4:12 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    Glad to see a little coverage of how China treated nba camps.

  15. J. Did
    5:42 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    If reparations are ever truly considered, and Biden is in favor, then there should be consideration of a heavy tax on all the wealthy athletes who are related to slaves.

  16. chessplayer1974
    8:10 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    And who decides when racism has ended and “Black Lives Matter”???? To Blacks it never will, because then they would have to give up the power they are getting from this. Count me as another ex-fan of the NBA……and quite possibly college sports if happens there. I kneel to God not some Marxist organization.

  17. SADmaninKy
    12:06 am August 1, 2020 Permalink

    I am so excited about being an American, living in the greatest country ever onn the face of the planet. I am still excited about our Constitution, still the greatest governing document ensuring freedom for ALL American Citizens. I am excited about the Amendments to our Constitution, most especially those guaranteeing our freedoms: right to free speech, right to assemble peaceably, right to worship,etc.
    I am not excited about the censorship that goes on everyday in the media and online. What censorship? The blatant censorship whereby many of you are shown peaceful protestors, but not the same protesters an hour later rioting and attempting to burn down federal buildings and other property. The whitewashing of medical information given by real doctors on the frontlines of the Coronavirus fight because it doesn’t fit the narrative (I didn’t know CNN was a doctor?). The stifling of conservative thought on television and on social media.
    Do we all have to think the same thoughts now? White people bad? Police bad? Is diversity of thought dead?