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Bam Adebayo concerned about financials if he suffers injury during NBA’s season restart

(Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

(Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Injury concerns aren’t at the forefront of the issues regarding the NBA’s return to the 2019-20 season, but it’s something that many young players are voicing their opinions about.

Two former Kentucky Wildcats, Bam Adebayo of the Miami Heat and De’Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings, are among a group of five athletes worried about the potential financial issues that could arise if they were to suffer a serious injury when the season resumes in late July. According to Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press, Adebayo essentially wants some “insurance” to ensure he’ll be protected in the event of a career-ending injury.

“Our whole thing was, ‘Look, we’re all due for extensions and we want to make sure that going into this bubble we are safe and we don’t get hurt,’” Adebayo said, according to Reynolds. “If we get hurt, we still have some backups … something in the back pocket that ensures that we still get paid.”

Adebayo and Fox, along with rising superstars Donovan Mitchell, Jayson Tatum, and Kyle Kuzma made up the group of players in their early 20s concerned about the issue. These five all expressed the same thoughts on a video call last Friday that featured roughly 80 players. Upcoming contract extensions for these players could surpass $100 million in total money.

“Those are still ongoing discussions with the league, but there’s no question Bam and others in that situation are concerned about this,” Michelle Roberts, executive director of the NBPA, told The Associated Press. “These are issues that are part of the world that we live in and … these circumstances are unique; he hasn’t played in a while and we have this virus. So, because of the unique circumstances, we are working with the league to get Bam and other players assurances that they are going to be protected.”

Reynolds reported that such a policy would cost in the neighborhood of $400,000 per player. ESPN reported it could cost in the $500,000 range. Adebayo did say that he and his group want to play, but also that they need to assess the situation realistically with a clear plan for the future. He already isn’t optimistic that players will be able to jump back into the swing of things without a significant risk for injury.

I hope nobody gets injured, but I think a lot of people will get injured,” Adebayo said.

Adebayo, Fox, and the three others aren’t just worried about their own futures, however. ESPN also reported that they are representing a whole batch of fellow NBA players that should receive insurance policies, too.


Article written by Zack Geoghegan

Recruiting reporter for KSR. Follow me on Twitter: @ZGeogheganKSR

11 Comments for Bam Adebayo concerned about financials if he suffers injury during NBA’s season restart

  1. Cousins Fake Tooth
    8:33 pm June 16, 2020 Permalink

    Wah wah wah. You played half a season. Finish playing what you were paid to do, otherwise give half the money back. Worried about financials? How many millions have you all made? Please spare me from your whining.

    • UKBigBlueForever
      12:20 am June 17, 2020 Permalink

      I normally don’t agree with you but I’m agreeing with you on this point. I do think the turnaround to start next season is ridiculous, but finish the season already!!! It must be terrible to make a ton of money playing a sport you’re supposed to love

    • Nugget01
      9:59 am June 17, 2020 Permalink

      If my body and its physical well being were capable of earning me a 9 figure income, then i would be overly cautious and protect it as best possible too. And if rushing back (to finish a season that should just be canceled in the first place) and exposing my greatest asset to a potentially devastating virus, or not taking the proper amount of time and steps to properly condition and help prevent injury to preserve my asset’s well-being, then i’d be saying the exact same thing..

      It’s not whining, it’s called risk assessment. Which every wise organization does.

      Savvy business move by these early twenty-something athletes. I’m in their corner, not the Owners.

  2. UKCatAttack
    9:25 pm June 16, 2020 Permalink

    I kind of was thinking the same thing. He could’ve just as easily sustained an injury during a regular season.

    • Nugget01
      10:03 am June 17, 2020 Permalink

      Under normal circumstances, yes. But these aren’t normal circumstances…

  3. T-Town Cat
    9:32 pm June 16, 2020 Permalink

    Just end the drama and cancel the rest of the season. It’s obvious that after four months off the quality of play – and the level of effort – will be poor. I’m not sure anyone – players or owners – will care about playing hard and winning, just getting paid.

  4. panicpat
    10:46 pm June 16, 2020 Permalink

    Agree. Just please cancel the season

    • UKBigBlueForever
      12:21 am June 17, 2020 Permalink

      Panicpat, take some deep breaths before you have a panic attack lol

  5. lowesironteam
    11:00 pm June 16, 2020 Permalink

    It’s the NBA. As long as college basketball starts, that’s all I care about.

  6. chardun20
    12:32 am June 17, 2020 Permalink

    Isn’t playing in the NBA his job?

  7. Looother
    6:00 pm June 17, 2020 Permalink

    If they are so concerned about injury, nobody’s stopping them from buying and paying for their own insurance. That’s what the rest of us have to do…