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Yesterday was…weird

My face, waking up after yesterday’s….mishaps.

To start it off, I don’t want to bring up the traumatic egg-laying the Kentucky Football Team took part in yesterday, but this is my job. I have to.

I’m sorry.

After last week’s historic victory over Tennessee in Knoxville, looking forward to Missouri–an opponent the Cats have consistently beaten since 201–didn’t seem so intimidating.

Boy, were we wrong.

Oh, to be young and naive. And by young, I mean like three days ago.

Kentucky lost in a 20-10 defeat against the Missouri Tigers, a shocking, rude awakening. But if you’re here, you probably already know that.

What goes up, must come down. I guess. But it still sucks. That sucked so bad.

Anyway, we can talk about other stuff that happened yesterday instead.

In the World Series matchup between the Dodgers and the Rays, absolute chaos occurred within the final seconds of the game.

That was wild. I had to watch it a few times to fully grasp what happened.

So, at least we aren’t Dodgers fans? I don’t know; just trying to make us all feel better.

Dickie V put out a hilariously blurry selfie in celebration of the win, which I loved. Good for you Dickie, V.

I think whatever he was doing worked because the Rays won (BABY!).

And finally, this morning the Tennessee Titans were fined $350,000 for coronavirus violations. Sorry, Drew.

Apparently, the Titans were not complying with mask requirements and some players were organizing workouts outside of the practice facility that were not in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

Obviously, their hype-level hasn’t been fazed.

The NFL says it has its sights set on the Raiders next, who have already been fined for head coach Jon Gruden not wearing a mask on the sideline, as well as an unauthorized person in the locker room after a game.

It’s strange to have to discuss teams being fined for not complying with protocols regarding a global pandemic.

You just can’t make these things up.

At least we aren’t Louisville fans?

(But even the Cardinals won on Saturday.)

Article written by Abbigale Harrison

Covering KY news from DC. This should be fun. Twitter: @theabbiharrison

5 Comments for Yesterday was…weird

  1. Cousins Fake Tooth 2
    4:45 pm October 25, 2020 Permalink

    Lets just be honest here. This team sucks. We are back to the crappy teams we had a few years ago.

  2. mhs1964
    4:59 pm October 25, 2020 Permalink

    This was typical Kentucky football. The weak teams in the SEC are capable of giving all but the top couple of teams a game if you don’t play with intensity. At least they beat Tennessee. I remember years when they would barely lose to a good to great team and then lose the next week to a bottom dweller.

  3. BowdenQB4ever
    9:57 pm October 25, 2020 Permalink

    Man, the cope is heavy on KSR today. It wasn’t weird, it was trademark Mark Stoops football.

  4. Ryan Lemonds Toupee
    12:04 pm October 26, 2020 Permalink

    Wait! Haven’t u heard the GREAT news?? KSBar was voted best place in Lexington to watch these debacles! (sigh)