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Yahtzee!: Florida DB commits to Kentucky


Kentucky football picked up a commitment from Cedrick Dort, a two-star cornerback out of South Florida, Monday afternoon.

Dort picked the Cats from a final list of Cincinnati, Iowa State, Kentucky, Rutgers, South Florida, Syracuse, Wake Forest and Wisconsin.

He’s a long defensive back, listed at over six feet tall, and he looks pretty damn good in his highlight reel:


Article written by Drew Franklin

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19 Comments for Yahtzee!: Florida DB commits to Kentucky

  1. Kernel Sanders
    1:01 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

    Stoops came to UK with a resume highlighted by his DC position at Florida St. That, his family name, plus the ability to use his Ohio roots (along with Marrow’s) allowed him to reel in some decent recruits that on paper were upgrades over most UK recruiting classes in recent memory.

    But its crunch time now. The luster of promised playing time and program improvement is gone. Win at least 6 games and go to a bowl this season or its over. Win 6 or we quickly return to the norm of pulling in 2 star recruits.

    Nothing against this kid, but it’s the truth.

    • Cats Other Paw
      1:15 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

      You realize Randall Cobb was a 2 star, and Larry Warford was a 2 (or 3) star, while Micah Johnson, Morgan Newton, Patrick Towles, were all 4 stars. The star ratings matter little as evidenced by this year’s and past NFL drafts.

    • jdarren1963
      1:30 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

      He’s a 3-star on Scout and 247. But, as Cats Other Paw said, star ratings really don’t matter.

    • Billy Hill
      2:16 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

      @Cats Other Paw – You keep fielding a team of 2 & 3-stars, while Alabama and the top of the SEC, keep fielding teams with 4 & 5-stars. See where that gets you in a few years…

  2. Corder
    1:04 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

    Did we watch the same highlight reel. Nothing in that reel showed me anything except for where he was on the field.

    • DACats86
      1:27 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

      I know, right?! He didn’t dunk the ball a single time!

  3. CapitalBlue
    1:06 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

    LOL at 00:45 of this “highlight reel.” Check it out, he didn’t fall down!
    Hope this kid likes whoever his head coach is come next fall.

  4. kycats13
    1:15 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

    Don’t they all look good in the film clips?

  5. 3 fan
    1:58 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

    2 star?? Seriously??

    • satcheluk
      3:09 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

      Only on Rivals. All others have him a 3 star.

  6. Catsby80
    2:48 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

    I, for one, have to come to trust Stoops & Co. with their recruiting. Just because the kid is a 2 star right now doesn’t mean he will be a 2 star in the final rankings.

    • @GoCayts
      3:34 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

      wasn’t Mac Jones a 2 star when we first offered him?

    • Luether
      9:41 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

      Right! He could end up as a 1 star or as a no star…

  7. cheezehead_18
    4:07 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

    Starting to really lose hope. Stoops recruiting C-USA talent to compete in the SEC. Yeah Cobb was a 2-star…Cobb is also one in a million… That hot seat is getting insanely hot mark.

  8. dshwildcats
    4:46 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink


    Randall Cobb is not the case of “one in a million”. There are players all over the country each year that the recruiting services totally miss on, brother. Not to give any props to our rival and their slimy head coach (Heaven knows they spend enough time patting themselves on the back! Lol!!), but Petrino does an excellent job of developing these type of players to the point that by the time they’re juniors and seniors, they are big time contributors to the program; and, legitimate NFL prospects.

    While I agree that a program like Kentucky needs a roster made up of mainly 3 and 4 star recruits just to have a chance to compete in the SEC; there’s nothing wrong with bringing in some 2 star kids as long as you are developing them. To me, besides in-game management, player development has probably been the most disappointing aspect of Stoops and his staff in the first 3 years. This has to get better if we are going to demonstrate improvement in the “Win and Loss” column.

  9. dshwildcats
    4:50 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink


    Very good point, brother! Jones was a 2 star when we first offered. This staff has consistently shown they can identify talent. Now, if they can start to develop that talent as well as they identify it, we’ll be just fine!

    10:55 pm August 2, 2016 Permalink

    Agree. Stoops and Co can sniff out the diamonds in the rough before the big boys come knocking. Then the star ratings go up to 4, Alabama and Ohio St. call, then they decommit from UK. Many of the reasons is simple: play with better players and better tradition, and I will look good and my dreams of being in the NFL are becoming reality. And win. I also agree that Stoops and this coaching staff are NOTgood at developing talent and in game adjustments/game planning. From last years poor clock management against Auburn along with the draw with 50 sec. And 10 yards for a 1st down with the clock running, to not getting the adjustment of a pee wee trick play against Vandy, and the 4th down sneak with Patty Ice (he sucks at Qb sneaks) which Vandy stuffed, then the 21 pt lead collapse against UL and the Florida game, all questions if he really should be a head coach or if he’s just a good coordinator/recruiter. Now I always will bleed blue, I just want our fb program to succeed for us fans who are supporters of every sport. Just in my eyes as a fan, Stoops you gotta show me somethin! You hyping up this yr like last yr! As far as this recruit goes, he has goos raw talent, good hips and change of direction/swivel. Good instincts and good high school shed of blocks. But for the love of the fb gods, why do we get players who don’t know how to properly tackle. He won’t get away with undercutting legs in the SEC. The Fournettes, Chubbs, Hurds, hell even Sony Michel will have a heisman stiff arm ready for that poor tackling technique. LOOK UP, SQUARE UP, ATTACK THE MIDSECTION, WRAP UP, I REPEAT WRAP UP, AND DRIVE THROUGH THE OPPONENT

    • dshwildcats
      10:19 pm August 3, 2016 Permalink


      Excellent post, brother! My son and I went down for the Vandy game last season; and, I can’t remember a time when I left a game more frustrated by in-game decisions, and mistakes. You’ve already mentioned the trick play right before the half where the WR Vandy lined up on sideline, and we never saw him! One of the coaches or GAs in the press box should have spotted that immediately! The failed 4th down conversion the series before led to that trick play was a killer. You have 4th and 1 from midfield, and instead of trying to just pick up the yard that you need for the 1st down, you decide to throw a “Go” route down the left sideline! Definitely not a high percentage play in that situation!

      You mentioned the questionable call late in the game with Auburn, and that was bad! But I think the thing I remember most from that game was only having 8 men on the field on the Punt Return team! With all the confusion taking place on our sideline in that sequence, I’m still not sure why Auburn didn’t hurry up snap the ball, and fake it. They could’ve easily picked up the 1st down.

      If we are still seeing those kinds of mistakes this season (Stoops’ 4th year as a HC), then I’m not sure if Stoops ever turns the corner here. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

      Very insightful post, brother!