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20 responses to “YAHTZEE! Alabama offensive lineman Joshua Jones commits to Kentucky over LSU”

  1. 4everUKblue

    Let me know when he actually signs.

    1. east-ky-boy

      This can be said about every recruit in America. Let’s celebrate the fact that we are actually getting commitments from great recruits now as opposed to recruiting against MAC schools

    2. 4everUKblue

      You’re right and I appreciate the recruiting job the coaches are doing but until they sign it means nothing, I’m a little tired of watching them commit and split.

    3. krautdog

      NOT a YAHTZEE till he signs!!!

    4. mashburnfan1

      4ever a jerk again. You are getting tired of seeing them commit and split. REALLY. You have no clue. Of all the recruits Stoops got to commit early that over 90% of them did sign and play for UK. So very few have commit and split you idiot. Go back to your Cal ass kissing and stay with bball. And for those of us with a clue, having kids split is a great problem, means we are getting players that most of the power teams want. We did not have that problem when the Joke coached here, see we were the players best offer back then as he competed with EKU, Marshall and Akron for recruits. Times have changed for the better. Also do you know that UGA, OH St, Bama etc have kids split on actual signing day. This has happened in football for years, is just new to us as we now are in on these top players. Amazing how stupid you really are. Once again I deal in facts and these are the facts.

    5. Luether

      A 3 star verbal commit – yawn…

    6. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

      They obviously will let you know when he signs so maybe shut up until then. Just a thought.

  2. kykats


  3. Boman2112

    This kid is with us until he graduates!
    Character family, character kid!
    Welcome home young man!

  4. bigbluebg

    The people who comment…wait until he actually signs can go to Tennessee and stay there. Positive momentum is the key to recruiting success. This is a positive. Keep that to yourself you negative d-bag. This is a UK news outlet, a commitment is news. Their job is to bring BBN the news. They aren’t going to stop posting commitments. Why the hell do you negative people keep posting the same “wait til he signs” comments. Give it up asshat.

  5. bigbluebg

    This is a UK news outlet. They will always let you know when UK gets a commitment. They will also let you know if he signs or decommits.

    If you don’t want to know about commitments, then delete the app. Get your negative attitude out of here and be a Tennessee fan. You people are the worst.

    Huge get. LETS GO!

    1. mashburnfan1

      agree bigblue. Like I have said this has happened for years in football just not to UK as we never got players that other power teams wanted. Now we do and it is an awesome problem to have. And btw for those we lose, this staff just replaces them pretty quickly as they seem to have backup plans. 4ever and his type are the same ones that believe Cal develops kids to the NBA instead of just recruiting NBA players. I try to explain but they are so stupid is really a waste of effort. Another example is Garland playing 5 games and going top 5, should Vandy coach take credit for developing him. How about the kid that worked at New Balance and still went ahead of Keldon, maybe Keldon should have worked for Nike instead of playing for Cal.

    2. KyZoneBlitz

      Now for disagreements, lol, I think Cal does develop some players into NBA draft picks. Maybe not AD, or Cousins, Wall, etc. But I think if Keldon Johnson wouldve gone anywhere else, he wouldn’t have been a 1st round pick at all. Tyler Hero was 37th out of high school, drafted 13th. Willie Caulie-Stein was a 3*** iirc. Went 1st round. A lot of these kids are insanely talented, but Cal doesn’t just roll the ball out. I think he does as much as he can with the time he gets, I also think yo u can see the difference between our Kentucky players in the Pros and duke players in the Pros, which we can all agree, Kentucky players are dominating that matchup by A lot. Not every single one, but given them being our main competition, it makes sense to compare… don’t get me wrong, I think when Orlando Antigua left for South Florida (In my opinion, Antigua and Payne along with Cal, and Robic, we had the best staff in the country period) and K hired Mr. Jeff-“I pay for players literally”-Capel (who literally left Oklahoma after allegations he paid for players) our recruiting dropped slightly. Wish we could’ve got Antigua back, but Justus and Barber have started to step it up thankfully, (next year’s class should be #1, and we should land ATLEAST 2 of the top-5). I love Cal, only other coach I’d prefer here if he left would be Billy Donovan, but I really Love Stoops. Dude ain’t no joke, him and the Big Dawg Marrow, they fit this state and the program perfectly. Blue Collar, Hard nosed, won’t take a back seat to anyone. A lot of fans (bball fans who didn’t follow the gridiron as closely, the same type as those “I’m a UK bball fan and Bama football fan”, lol) they wanted another air raid coach, or petrino (LMAO), or to throw a ton of money at a big name. I think Barnhardt should throw as much money at Stoops, Marrow, and company as he does at Cal… Other programs won’t stop coming for them, they know this staff’s abilities which is why you see half of them offer kids right after us. Let us do the leg work basically then follow behind us….. Stoops WILL get us to the SEC Title game and the playoff, only a matter of time..

  6. cats646

    Welcome home son!! We’re building something truly special around here. Glad you’ll be part of it.
    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  7. tmcclan16

    Nice job! It is nice to the transformation of the program before our eyes. Look forward to seeing this guy play.

  8. KyZoneBlitz

    I agree with some but not all. I hate the “don’t care until he signs” crowd myself especially being a football-1st UK fan that follows recruiting closely. It’s also true that over 90% that has verbally committed end up signing. Anyone will tell you those numbers are rare, and it’s highly unusual to keep that many and get them to sign. Everyone from the suckeyes to Bama lose probably 5-10 kids who committed but flip or back out, and the kids who we have lost that didn’t sign, 90% of them haven’t done anything, ended up buried, or worse, were problems and got suspended, kicked off their teams, etc. ALSO, most of the players who committed and backed out on us, the staff replaced, and usually very quickly, and most of the time with BETTER PLAYERS. Some of the best players we’ve had under Stoops were replacements after someone committed. Derrick Baity, Chris Westry, Lonnie Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Terry Wilson oh, not to mention the 7th overall pick of NFL draft, JOSH ALLEN. Benny Snell was also a replacement for the kid that ended up at cincy… so yes, it’s unfortunate, and it does suck, in my opinion, when a kid commits, it should be the same as signing, or there should be atleast 3 signing periods, add one around mid-summer, that would keep the traditional powers from ruining a kids future just because they struck out on options 1-5 and just want to add another body, knowing they can get the kid because it was their “dream school” etc.. then they get buried until they transfer after a couple years without any true coaching or development… In my opinion, we have one of the 10 best coaching staff’s in the country, from recruiting and development stand-points as well as coaching. The addition of Jon Sumrall enhances all of those aspects. This class will be special, add Izayah Cummings, Oxendine, Tisdale in-state, Romello Height from georgia, Deandre Buford, Enzo Jennings, Khalil Branham, Makari Paige from Michigan, really want to add Chris Mayo to our Oline haul but it appears he’s leaning toward W.V.U., but maybe not, Yusuf Corker was predicted to sign with the pukey-orange vols, every pick 100% when he committed AND SIGNED with us, so it’s still possible. Not to mention we currently have 2 silent verbals (Which makes no sense to me, because as long as they are silent, they aren’t mentioned with our current list of recruits, but, if they stay and sign in dec./feb, I dont really care, just hope they are elite prospects, hopefully Vito Tisdale and Enzo Jennings/Makari Paige or an Elite WR). This will be possibly Stoops best yet, atleast top-15/20 even without the ability to take a full class which sucks, if we could take a full 25, it’d be guaranteed top-10/15, but I think at most we will take around 19-20, but next year’s class (if we can break out another 8-10 win season which I think we do) has a chance to be top-10/15.

    1. juiceisloose

      Maybe if some of y’all actually read what he had to say about Kentucky you wouldn’t be making dumbass comments

  9. notFromhere

    This is huge! Awesome news!

    While i wish this site had more real UK football fans following it, it is what it is. There are plenty of places where real fans gather that are leaping out of their seats right now with today’s 2 commitments. Those are the real fans

  10. Walter White

    I’m one of the rare bigger UK football than basketball fans and I love it. Yeah we have some that flip, but everything Jones said here to me shows character. We are winning battles against some of the big boys and I dont see this stopping.

  11. michaelb

    This is where the sec games are won … having depth in the trenches . Skill position guys are a dime a dozen but the big uglies = wins