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Would You Rather: Beat UofL in Basketball or Football?


In between errands yesterday I tuned into my buddy Nick Coffey’s afternoon radio show where he was playing with a fun summer topic, just from a little different perspective.  If you could only win one game this season in the UK/UofL series, would you pick basketball or football?

Most UofL fans sided with football.  Their reasoning is what I found to be hilarious — because a loss to Kentucky could knock them out of the College Football Playoff.  You can’t say Cards’ fans don’t dream big.  Coffey picked the basketball game because he’s tired of watching Calipari dominate Pitino year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year.

For the proper Kentucky perspective, let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

Basketball Win, Football Loss

The status quo is essentially unchanged.  Cal has bigger guns than Pitino, guns so big that it doesn’t matter that the game is at the Yum! Center.  The football team could still become bowl eligible without a win at Papa John’s, but it would be difficult.  It would also extend the Governor’s Cup losing streak to a brutal six.  Not quite as bad as Rick is vs. Cal, but it would be another bad demoralizing way to end a football season.

Football Win, Basketball Loss

It would be tough to handle a monumental basketball upset against Louisville.  If Onauku leaves, they’ll be leaning on Donavan Mitchell, Deng Adel and VJ King to do all of their heavy lifting.  Bam, Monk, Fox, and Briscoe should be able to have a field day, making a loss a tough pill to swallow.

However, a football win would be an even bigger upset.  They might have lofty expectations for their team, but that’s not the case with Lamar Jackson.  Carving up Kentucky last year was just the beginning for this kid, which makes last year’s loss even more frustrating.  They had opportunities two years in a row to get the win, and now the Cats’ window of opportunity is even narrower.

Even though I am a self-proclaimed ‘football guy,’ if I’m forced to choose one it’s a simple choice — you take the win in football.  The basketball team could still win a national championship with a loss to Louisville.  The football team’s chances of a bowl become slim to none without a win over Louisville.

Would you do the same, or would you rather see Cal continue his dominance over Rick?

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

19 Comments for Would You Rather: Beat UofL in Basketball or Football?

  1. BobKYCats
    9:04 pm April 23, 2016 Permalink

    I’ll take the football win, because, hey, we’re gonna win the basketball game anyway.

  2. abgunz
    9:31 pm April 23, 2016 Permalink

    Football win.

  3. DelrayCat
    9:58 pm April 23, 2016 Permalink

    Football…by a mile. Basketball really doesn’t mean squat until the post-season. Cats yearly goals, in order, are to win the SEC regular season title, the SEC tourney title, and win it all at the Big Dance. Beating UL means very little to me if successful in the rest….unless a bad losing streak develops over a few years.

    Therefore, the football win is FAR more important and can have a much greater impact for both teams’ bowl chances and overall state bragging rights. I’d love to see this series become an annual game with top 20 teams…but they need to move it back to the first game of the schedule! I don’t like it at the end…although it does set it up to mean A LOT! Especially to UK.

  4. Lexingtonyn
    10:26 pm April 23, 2016 Permalink

    Basketball every single time.

  5. huehue
    1:06 am April 24, 2016 Permalink

    We don’t have a shot @ a bowl next year even if we beat Lville.
    I’m not being negative, just stating the truth.

    Basketball every single time and it’s not even close.

    • Catsby80
      8:00 am April 25, 2016 Permalink

      why do people think we don’t have a shot at being bowl eligible? We get Vandy at home, South Carolina at home, Missouri (who is down) and 3 non-con games that are certainly winnable.

  6. xx1ukfan
    7:31 am April 24, 2016 Permalink

    I support all Kentucky sports, but do not like football much. Basketball every time, without a doubt. I live and breathe Kentucky basketball.

  7. ekywildcat
    9:05 am April 24, 2016 Permalink

    I would normally say basketball, but I have to go with football. They need knocked down a notch or two, Stoops needs the win, and those a-hats think they’re the next Alabama.

  8. ukkatzfan
    10:55 am April 24, 2016 Permalink

    I will take the football win every day and twice on Saturday.

  9. hartlines left arm
    11:40 am April 24, 2016 Permalink

    Louisville doesn’t exist

  10. Reese Davis
    12:55 pm April 24, 2016 Permalink

    Football and this shouldn’t even be a debate. One single regular season basketball game means nothing in the big scheme of things, and if we play them again we’ll just beat them in the tournament.

  11. Brad Bader
    2:09 pm April 24, 2016 Permalink

    Are we still pretending to give a shit about football?

    Listen, our football coach is getting LESS THAN HALF of the salary of our basketball coach, and for good reason. The priority is clear. The only reason we field a football team is to siphon some extra cash from the masochistic morons out there who can’t wait to open their wallets in the hopes of watching us break .500 in the SEC (hint: 2006 was a fluke).

    I appreciate KSR trying to appease these idiots, but it feels like you’re actively recruiting for them. Of course the average Kentucky fan would rather beat Louisville in basketball. How many Kentucky fans can even tell you the NAME of the current Louisville football coach? I bet it’s fewer than half.

    Let’s just chill with this pretense that football is worthwhile. Until our AD and boosters are willing to drop Saban/Calipari money on a coach, we’ll continue riding this coaching-carousel of mongoloids who might beat Vandy once or twice.

    • Great American
      7:57 am April 25, 2016 Permalink

      Thank you for the “unpopular opinion”. I feel exactly the same way. Although even if we drop Saban/Calipari money we are still kentucky football. The perennial basement dwellers of the SEC. Kentucky football won’t be getting any of my money this year. I think i would rather get kicked in the nuts than drive across the state, and pay to see to see us lose AGAIN!

    • za
      8:07 am April 25, 2016 Permalink

      What kind of bizarre, pretentious post is this? Football makes more money than basketball so your line about extra cash is just stupid. You’re the worst kind of fan.

    • bluetide
      10:18 am April 25, 2016 Permalink


    • bluetide
      10:21 am April 25, 2016 Permalink

      Za, yes more than “extra cash” but still cash we’d rather spend on our beloved hoops than freakin’ football even if the cash came from football. Who cares? It’s not like KY has an NFL team where they play real football!

  12. lexfan
    4:47 pm April 24, 2016 Permalink

    Most UofL fans sided with football. Their reasoning is what I found to be hilarious – because a loss to Kentucky could knock them out of the College Football Playoff. You can’t say Cards’ fans don’t dream big.

    What’s so hilarious?? Is that statement not true? Forget about the rivalry, if you have the means. Is it hilarious because you know there is no way in hell uk will EVER be able to win the $EC Title? Now, I don’t think it happens this year( It’s possible though). Next year UofL has a great chance to win the Atlantic division and play for the ACC Title. Like it or not, a win puts them in The College Football Playoff. Losing to uk in hoops only takes away bragging rights. Now, don’t get me wrong, I WANT a hoops win. A hoops loss does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to hurt the RPI and seeding. Oh, and for the record ekywildcat, If you come across any UofL fan that thinks we are the next Alabama, you should probably smack the taste out of their mouth. I am a huge Cardinal fan, but C’MON MAN!

  13. satcheluk
    8:56 am April 25, 2016 Permalink

    I’ll take football all day. One loss in basketball means nothing. Beating the birds in football every year would almost ensure a bowl trip.

  14. bluetide
    10:17 am April 25, 2016 Permalink

    Basketball. No question. UofL fans can make fun of all they want for another football loss, but who gives a rip?

    However, I couldn’t take even one hour of UofL bragging over us for beating us in hoops after the domination we’ve had over them, relevance to big picture or not.