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Will Maxey move to 2018? Experts discuss (He says he’s staying 2019)

You can surf the web and find different opinions on Tyrese Maxey’s game and if he will move to 2018, but how about just coming to KSR and finding it all in one place? It’s worth noting that Maxey blogged after committing that he will stay in 2019.

“I know that may shock some of y’all but for me it came down to me just wanting to be a kid for my last year of high school. I just wanted to be around all of my friends and all of my family one last year and I don’t want to pass that up,” he told USA Today.

“My dream is to be a McDonald’s All American too so I’m just gonna take this year and work hard and do everything possible to make that dream a reality.”

First, Krysten Peek spoke with KSR about Maxey’s addition to Kentucky. If you’re not following Peek on Twitter, you should. Click here. She puts together highlight videos of all the best players in the country and knows these players as well as anyone.

On Maxey’s game and what makes him one of the top guards in 2019:

Peek: Tyrese Maxey is a very versatile player. He’s super quick in the lane but the most notable aspect of his game he’s improved on is his three-point shot. His release is quick and he can plant his feet even at full speed in transition. The way the game is going it’s not enough to be fast in the lane and create for others. You also need a jump shot and I can tell it’s something Tyrese has worked on.

On what Maxey brings to UK and why he fits Calipari’s style of play:

Peek: When I look back at the guards that have gone through Kentucky I think Tyrese is a great fit. He’s a tough player who can grow in Calipari’s system. I filmed one game of his in Dallas and it doesn’t take long to realize that he’s a special player. He’s high energy and a leader on the floor. I think Kentucky fans will love him.

On the timing of Maxey’s commitment to UK and the Cats currently having three 2019 players committed:

Peek: Maxey’s commitment along with Ashton’s Hagans’ commitment does seem a little odd to me. There are rumors that both of them will reclassify to 2018 and if that’s true, coach Cal has his hands full at the guard position. It now becomes a problem of too much talent and who plays when and with who? That is a great problem to have if you’re a coach and if there’s anyone that can pull it off it’s coach Cal but still a head scratcher to me.

On if she thinks Maxey will move to the class of 2018:

Peek: I think Maxey (along with Hagans) reclassifies. These elite players are all about getting to the league as soon as possible so if that opportunity is available, I think they’ll both take advantage of it and opt to play their one year of college hoops this year. Maxey definitely has the talent to reclassify and play this year. He’s ready.

Across the web other experts weigh in on if he will stay in 2019 (click on names for full articles):

Rivals’ Corey Evans: “Maxey is a do it all guard that most any college program would love to get its hands on. I expect for the five-star guard to select Kentucky on Wednesday, and while there are rumors that he could and will reclassify into the 2018 class, I believe that, for the time being, he will remain in the original 2019 class. Not that he could not ultimately reclassify, but at the time being, I see Maxey sticking it out as a member of the junior class and pledge to the Wildcats.”

Rivals’ Eric Bossi:  “A physical scorer who can play either the point or shooting guard spots, Maxey has always liked Kentucky. and behind the scenes buzz has picked that up for some time now. The question on Wildcats’ fans minds is whether or not he will remain in the class of 2019 or enroll early as a member of the 2018 class. A few weeks ago, it looked pretty certain that Maxey would move up a class, but as of the last few days, it seems to be pretty much up in the air. So I’m thinking he will end up staying in his natural class. 2018 or 2019, he should be a great pickup.”

247 Evan Daniels: “Those two can definitely play together,” Daniels said. “Now, Kentucky’s roster is going to consist of a lot more than just those two guys. What does that mean for guys like Quade Green and Immanuel Quickley [two other 5-star point guards on the roster this fall] and how do those four fit? But it’s a great problem to have and it’s not necessarily one that’s new for John Calipari.”

KSR’s T.J. Walker: (Hopes no one notices I put myself in the expert category) I think as of today Maxey stays in 2019 but if the Cats suffer an injury or Calipari believes he needs more play makers that could change later in the summer. Maxey will do what he needs to do to put himself in a position to reclassify but ultimately I think the Cats save him for a 2019-2020 super team. Having Maxey recruit Wiseman and other great players in the 2019 class is a major positive for the Cats.

Article written by TJ Walker

3 Comments for Will Maxey move to 2018? Experts discuss (He says he’s staying 2019)

  1. UKSupporter76
    6:35 pm May 9, 2018 Permalink

    He’s (publicly) been a commitment for less than an hour. Let’s post an article speculating on whether or not he’s lying about his reclassification. (Featuring what are no doubt, out of date quotes from experts, taken before he announced he was staying in the 2019 class) Good timing. Good plan. Undermining our own players is the best!

  2. Luether
    6:37 pm May 9, 2018 Permalink

    Just hope he’s focused, locked, and loaded whenever he gets here…

  3. Megan
    1:13 am May 10, 2018 Permalink

    So Peek is calling Maxey a liar. Says he’s all about getting to the league as soon as possible, notwithstanding what he blogged after his commitment.

    Well, that’s nice.