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Why Kentucky was Voted the Best Coaching Job in the Country

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

CBS Sports wrapped up their Candid Coaches theory yesterday by asking the roughly 100 Division I coaches what are the top three coaching gigs in the country. They voted in order Kentucky-Duke-North Carolina. Now, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Kentucky was voted the best coaching job in the country, but let’s look at why. Remember, this is the best coaching job, not the best program, which does make a difference – and why Duke shouldn’t be on the list.

One of the coaches polled said the following about Kentucky:

“Fan base is unwavering. They’re consistent. Kentucky owns the state in terms of the fan base. They travel well, are willing to put in any amount of money. There’s a blank check for those guys to do what they need to do dot maintain a level of greatness.” 

But, for me that’s not the main reason why Kentucky is the best coaching gig. It’s because each coach wins in Lexington. Since Adolph Rupp, only two coaches haven’t won a title and that is Eddie Sutton and Billy Gillispie. So, the fear of following up a legend like Coach K in Duke isn’t as strong. Again, that’s why Duke shouldn’t be on the list along with the terrible facilities in Durham from a recruiting standpoint. Yes, the pressure is immense, but there’s a constant stream of success in Kentucky, which no other program can talk about.

Then there’s the obvious reasons of the practice facilities, living quarters for the players which make it easy to recruit coupled with the extremely competitive salary that goes along with the pressure of being the coach at Kentucky. So, after Kentucky what are the best coaching gigs – again, not programs – in the country? For me, it’s North Carolina and Texas.

Article written by Bobby Reagan

One time representative of UK at SEC 3v3 basketball championships. Northern Yankee living the Kentucky dream. Follow me @uklefty22

10 Comments for Why Kentucky was Voted the Best Coaching Job in the Country

  1. BurpinTurpin
    5:16 pm August 27, 2015 Permalink

    Well, the North Carolina job may be the best in that incoming recruits have no admission standards and are guaranteed to pass all courses, freeing up extra time for basketball practice.

    There’s absolutely no pressure from the UNC administration and Board of Trustees for players to have even a shred of real education, or even obey school codes-of-conduct or even Federal and State laws. They apparently don’t care as long as their basketball team wins.

  2. Duke
    5:48 pm August 27, 2015 Permalink

    We have the titles in the last 20 years. So, suck it losers. You can go sit on pappy’s lap and talk about the 3 you won during prohibition.

    • Tradition of Excellence
      8:14 pm August 27, 2015 Permalink

      And you can remind your grandkids of the days when Duke was relevant, back before Coach K retired.

    • Ha!
      8:33 pm August 27, 2015 Permalink

      Prohibition was from 1920 to 1933. UK won its first title 15 years later, in 1948.

      Did they teach you history at Duke? Haha, just kidding – we all know you didn’t go to college. 😉

  3. nybrasky
    6:06 pm August 27, 2015 Permalink

    Honestly, Duke should be in a category of its own. It’s not the “job” it’s “K”. He has transformed and created the program we know. It will be very interesting to see where they go after K. I have a feeling he’ll want the influence to keep it in the family, but I think for them to sustain the levels he’s brought them to they’ll have to go outside. Obviously, it’s still a great job. I’m not saying it’s not – just that it’s so unknown what happens after K. UK, UNC & KU have shown they can sustain excellence across coaches. Duke hasn’t had the opportunity in the modern era.

    I’d rank them UK-UNC-KU

  4. Bob
    6:17 pm August 27, 2015 Permalink

    Make no mistake UK is the best Basketball program in the Nation also hands down ! Everyone speaks of coach K being an great coach .He Sucks has zero class ,wins at all cost ,has two faces ,is an crybaby , and has zero self respect ,example stands firmly agaisnt one and dones playing for any team in the Nation except his team .I do not like this man and he has no respect for the game.Last but not least he looks like an PRUNE with an twist of that chair throwing , player smacking Basdard , Bobby K. ! We all know what an prune leads to . The kids that played and play for Duke are great but hell i could coach them and win as much as the prune

  5. Done Deal
    9:45 pm August 27, 2015 Permalink

    5 different coaches have won titles at Kentucky. I think UNC and Kansas have had 3 different coaches win titles? I’d say that makes them the top 3 programs with Wooden, Rupp and K as the top 3 coaches.

    • Dr. Landon Martin
      2:01 am August 28, 2015 Permalink

      Well, it’s only five if you are counting Pitino’s second win in ’98 as a Tubby Smith win. I think we’ve all seen what Tubby could do on his own — o-fer.
      But Tubby’s lack of success at both Minnesota and Texas Tech proves the truth of the claim that UK is a good coaching job. Yes, Tubby took us into the longest Final Four drought in UK’s history, but If a guy who stinks up the joint at Minnesota and Texas Tech can average 24 wins a yea at UK, it says something about the automatic moderate success that comes with the UK job. And don’t forget that as troubles as he was, Billy Gillespie was SEC Coach of the Year for 50% of his tenure here, and had a better record for his last two years here than Tubby Smith did in his last two years here

    • Hey
      12:20 pm August 28, 2015 Permalink

      Tubby won that National Title. He was the head coach. Don’t be stupid.

  6. Dustin
    10:11 am August 28, 2015 Permalink

    Not sure I understand the logic here. If UK is a good gig because of the money and the fact that most coaches win here, why would Texas be on there? Pay isn’t that great, I don’t think its an easy place to recruit to and even though Rick Barnes recruited the likes of Kevin Durant there, still no great years or championships. I don’t disagree with your points, I just don’t see why Texas would follow your logic. UCLA maybe? Easy to recruit to, championships in different decades, good pay, prestige….