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When It Comes To Betting On Horses, It’s Fun To Win Together

The following piece was written by James Scully.

As a fellow member of Big Blue Nation, I know how much fun it is to gamble on March Madness—especially when UK is doing well.

One of the appeals of bracketology is anyone can participate. But remember, before placing bets on make sure you understand how the game works. It’s not difficult to understand that if you pick the winner of a game you score points. The more winners you pick, the better you do. Racing can at first seem complicated, but it basically follows the same template: pick winners and you’ll do OK.

One big difference, is college basketball pools are usually against your friends. That is, when you win they lose and vice versa. It doesn’t have to be that way at the racetrack.

Keeping it simple makes it fun for the entire group and that’s why I always recommend the show parlay. Nobody in the group needs to be an expert to participate.

The concept is a simple: all participants put up part of an initial stake—whether it’s $1, $5, or more, and the group designates an order for making a show bet each race. You can start signing up at and get an initial credit for your first bet. Goal Profits isn’t a tipping service and it isn’t just a betting great system manual. In fact, it’s an overall suite of tools that are designed to make you a profitable trader. The service is run by Steve and Kevin, two pro traders who have already been on the same journey that most people are just starting on. They’ve gone from absolute beginners to very successful pros, but they did it the hard way with plenty of failures and lessons learned along the way.

Show means the horse must finish either first, second, or third to collect. Show payouts often aren’t lucrative (win or place bets pay more), but the goal is to survive and advance.

The first person up selects a horse to show for the group. And if the horse finishes in the top 3, the group wins. The next person in the rotation cashes the winning ticket and parlays (bets) the entire amount back on a horse to show in the next race.

It used to be that if you wanted to gamble on the odds of a horse race, you would have to go to the sporting event in person to wager your bets. While a day at the horse track is still an appealing pastime for people who like to bet on horses,today’s horse racing can be gambled on with situs judi slot online or login sbobet from the comfort of your own home. Online horse racing on sbobet is becoming a lucrative business in the gambling world, and knowing how to bet on horses can make or break your wallet. Do you want to try your luck with betting on horse racing? Would it help if you understood the way bets are wagered and paid?

The starting amount can increase significantly if we’re able to string together wins. And while the pressure can mount for the next person in rotation if we win three or four straight, each person is only in for the initial investment.There are so many betting bonuses available, it is hard to find one that matched your playing style and requirements.There are many latest and best of the sbobet are available.

We can always start again if a show bet loses.

I’ve played with four people where we started with $20 ($5 each) and after hitting four races in a row, we doubled our approximately $150 wager when the horse paid $4 to show ($300) and celebrated mightily.

It can be so exciting.

The group can always elect to take a share of winnings to guarantee a profit for the afternoon, but the keeping the show parlay going is always fun—especially on days like the Kentucky Oaks or Kentucky Derby where the added money from more people playing sometimes juices payoffs.

For the record, if it were my turn to make a pick on the Oaks I’d go with Eskimo Kisses and in the Derby it’d be Mendelssohn.

Article written by KSR