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What we’re hearing on Reid Travis

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America

Good evening, folks.

Reid Travis is on UK’s campus and things are supposedly going pretty well. Well enough where rumors are surfacing that Travis has enrolled in classes at Kentucky.

At this point (10:25 p.m.) we can’t confirm that he’s enrolled at UK, but Kentucky Sports Radio is confident that it will happen in the near future (if it already hasn’t happened). I don’t expect Travis to make any other visits and I would anticipate a commitment to Kentucky very soon. It may be as simple as Travis leaves Lexington tomorrow, goes home to pack up his things and then returns to Lexington a couple days later.

I wish we could break the “Reid Travis has committed to Kentucky” this evening, but as of now we can’t. Everything points to that conclusion in the very near future, but we may need to wait until Wednesday. Stay tuned to Kentucky Sports Radio tomorrow for what could be a huge day.

If you’re into reading  social media tea-leaves- a few important accounts have followed Travis on Instagram. The Eric Lindsey one is most telling because that’s his personal account. If he had to follow every recruit UK was pursuing that’d be exhausting. He ain’t doing that.


Article written by TJ Walker

11 Comments for What we’re hearing on Reid Travis

  1. blueblue
    10:43 pm June 19, 2018 Permalink

    Thanks for the update. Will be pinging the KSR website every opportunity tomorrow.

    • Cincy Cayt
      11:05 pm June 19, 2018 Permalink

      Speaking of, I’ll be curious to hear what traffic looks like tomorrow and for the duration of his decision – sometime Matt shares those stats

  2. Cincy Cayt
    11:04 pm June 19, 2018 Permalink

    Stanford degree, UK basketball alum…what a combo. Hope he chooses us!

  3. KatsKlaws
    12:29 am June 20, 2018 Permalink

    I’m so excited! This feels like the second coming of Jesus!

    • Rembrandt
      7:01 am June 20, 2018 Permalink

      Pagan idolatry? Let’s not get carried away.

      However, the roster numbers say Cal needs another big. Evidently, that’s Travis.

      Looks like Travis, Washington, Johnson, Green, and Hagans start.

    • henderblue
      7:02 am June 20, 2018 Permalink

      ^^^^Buffoon the first word that comes to mind.

    • Wilfred Smith
      8:07 am June 20, 2018 Permalink

      Jesus? I like him a lot, but he no help hit curveball.

    • bigbluebanana
      10:03 am June 20, 2018 Permalink

      You’re my hero so far this morning. Thank you for that!

    • Rembrandt
      1:09 pm June 20, 2018 Permalink

      Henderblue, don’t be an ass.

  4. KYjellyRoll
    10:10 am June 20, 2018 Permalink

    Gonna be a 36-4 season. Champions

    • Rembrandt
      1:30 pm June 20, 2018 Permalink

      I don’t see 36-4. But I do see FF and a good shot at the NC.

      Now that we know what Hagans and Travis have decided, a discussion of team strengths and weaknesses is possible.

      Strengths are going to be rebounding, physicality in the paint, defense all over the floor, and ability of multiple players to finish strongly at the rim. This might be Cal’s best defensive team ever.

      But we shouldn’t fool ourselves into believing this team doesn’t have weaknesses. This team will struggle at the free throw line. Ashton Hagans is transitioning from his junior year of HS straight to starting at PG for a national contender. Hagans is a high ceiling players, but he will have a learning curve. There are only 10 scholarship players, and this team is one injury to a big away from being dangerously thin in the front court. Foul trouble for a starting big will impact game strategies and vulnerabilities. And although Baker and Herro are known as excellent perimeter scorers, they might not play much early in the season. The likely starting lineup includes only one perimeter scorer – Quade Green.

      So Cal will have to be alert for matchups and tactical substitutions, as foul trouble could influence outcomes of big games. But this team should be so good defensively and on the boards that most opponents will just be badly overmatched physically.