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What Valentine’s Day gift do Kentuckians google more than any other state?

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, which means if you don’t have a dinner reservation yet, stop what you’re doing and make one right now. If you don’t have a present for your special someone yet, the folks at Estately are here to help with this interesting graphic of which Valentine’s Day presents each state googles more than any other state. What was Kentucky’s? Couples tattoos. Interesting. No matter what you’re into, we’ve got you covered, from mild to wild, Sex Toys for her, toys for him, gay sex toys, fetish, underwear and games we stock one of the largest range at discounted prices. Health care is an important aspect of our lives. It becomes even more important when we are sexually active. Health care begins with education. There are some mens sex toys  that can be packed away in an overnight back or rucksack making them perfect for if you are away from your partner. These toys are better referred to as blow-up dolls. These are dolls, blown up by air, their texture similar to a human female with all relevant parts, for the intimate delight of the man. Buy at the top end and a lot of these dolls even have vibrating extras for added sexual stimulation Some men get into the spirit and the mood by also kitting themselves out with clothing too. Leather and latex role play clothing can be found and purchased online really easily. In fact, you will be amazed at the choice that you have. We gain knowledge about health care from parents, books, friends, counselors and health care professionals. But we get careless when it is a matter of sexual health. In today’s world when the danger of sexually transmitted diseases at a rise we need to take extra care when it comes to sex health. Whether we are fore playing or are into serious sexual activity we need to take care about are decisions and actions. Sex toys are devices that help you stimulate and give you pleasure during sex. There are numerous types of sex toy available that are made from different materials. The entire sex toys have their own advantages and disadvantages. A lot has been said about some of the material being harmful or dangerous. The reason is that these material have never been clinical studied as sex toys and as such it is not possible to make an exact statement.  There are sex toys made of plastic. They are usually hard and yet smooth. But there are a few plastic sex toys that have textured shaft. These toys are ideal for creating vibrations and are more intense in hard plastic than in a jelly vibrator. You can clean them easily. You can use soap, rubbing alcohol, bleach. You can boil them in water, or put them on the top shelf of your dishwasher. If the toy is being used by you on your own and are not sharing and not using it vaginally and anally, you don’t need to use condoms with silicone toys.  Many people talk about sex toys, some just snicker, some even scoff, while others thoroughly enjoy them. There are some amazing sex toys on the market for men and women. Maybe you feel ashamed or dirty just thinking about masturbation. There’s no law that says you need to have sex alone; you can share your toys. Besides, didn’t your mother always tell you to share your toys? Sharing sex toys with your partner, experimenting, and learning about what pleasures you most is exciting. Sometimes, couples get bored with their sex life, at some point in their relationship. Adding enhancement toys can bring fun back into the bedroom. Sharing new sexual experiences and incorporating new things to experience together, can offer different intimate sharing. Watching your partner’s expressions or responses while using a toy can be extremely stimulating. Perhaps these reasons are enough to justify adding sex enhancers to your playtime. But, even though many propose they are open-minded and adventurous, they might be unreceptive to trying new things, such as sex toys. Sometimes, the best course to take is to discuss your feelings and desires with your partner. Maybe a bit of reassurance and convincing would be all it takes to begin a new chapter in your loving relationship.

That’s slightly more classy than Tennessee’s most searched for item, cheap sex toys, but nowhere near as classy as Washington’s bearskin rug. Also, of course South Carolinians google matching outfits for Valentine’s Day. With palmettos on them, I’m sure.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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13 Comments for What Valentine’s Day gift do Kentuckians google more than any other state?

  1. somerset bill
    1:01 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink

    seems a little suspect. especially since they are all different. and everyone knows it would be rupp tickets.

  2. Catlogic15
    1:03 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink

    With all the money they spend, Shari’s Berries will not be happy with these results.

    • Booby Petrino
      1:10 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink

      lol a Facebook friend of mine just posted her Shari’s Berries that her husband sent to her work.

  3. RealCatsFan
    1:06 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink

    Interesting map, Tyler!

    Note that the midsection of the country is fairly boring and unimaginative, with the jewelry hucksters having a stranglehold on men’s wallets in that area.

    Looks like we have a lot of dudes breaking out the poetry in Maine (expected) and Alabama (very surprising – imagine Gomer Pyle reciting poetry to his sweetheart.)

    North Carolinans look like they are getting twisted up in interesting knots.

    Lot’s of rubinesque ladies getting their sexy on down in the great state of Texas – I guess everything really IS bigger down there!

    The “mixtape” in Mississippi is interesting – basketball, football, or “other”?

    Apparently a lot of cheapskates in West Virginia.

    And lastly – Tennessee! My suggestion – visit the produce section at the grocery. 🙂 Then you can have dinner covered as well!

  4. Booby Petrino
    1:14 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink

    Can we break it down to major cities? I’m thinking Louisville’s would be “Squirt”

  5. ukkatzfan
    1:33 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink

    I guess it is true. Virginia is for Lovers.

    Funny one is Indiana. Romance ain’t happening here.

  6. @BallBlog_Chad
    1:47 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink

    is there a such thing as a “romantic motel”?

    if you google “proflowers” does that just mean you don’t really know how to use your web browser?

  7. KevinM
    2:22 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink

    MTT, gotta watch out for those deals in Tennessee……move to Georgia before Sunday!

  8. chimichanga
    2:29 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink

    In 2016, Mississippi discovered the mixtape.

  9. TheGhostofEzraPound
    3:06 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink


    • CATandMONKEY
      5:48 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink

      Great screen moniker.

  10. UK Big Board Update
    4:55 pm February 11, 2016 Permalink

    Thanks a lot, Louisville fans…… 🙁

  11. catdaddyd
    12:02 pm February 12, 2016 Permalink

    Couples tattoo. You might be a redneck…