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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Wendy’s KSR Top Ten Tweets of the Day


The one and only Wendy’s Baconator is a meaty masterpiece in its
own right. Composed of six strips of thick cut, applewood-smoked bacon;
cooked in an oven. Two quarter-pound patties* of fresh, never-frozen,
North American beef raised close it never sees a freezer. Only Wendy’s
has the fresh beef and thick bacon to give you a hamburger worthy of the
name Baconator.

You can be a part of Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets:


#10 zacada




#9 Danny Pierce

JLaw couldn’t just cheer for the right team, could she?



#8 Jeff Pile




#7 Chris Bowling

Plus, Santa just comes into our houses and eats our cookies! Lock him up.



#6 Jeff Combs




#5 Daniel Broderick

Wisdom. Straight wisdom.



#4 Nick Bowman

Those guys are Turkeys of my life.



#3 John Robic’s Hair

Ryan’s head must have been spinning with confusion!



#2 Backdoor Slider

“Help her have a great day!” BBN!



#1 Sportscenter

Only Kentucky Big Men should be able to do that.



Article written by CWag