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“We Ask You Wednesdays” Vol. 9



The off-season tends to get a little dull sometimes around the KSR compound, especially as the news ever so slowly trickles in during the months of June and July. We have to get a little creative around here sometimes. I’m going to start a weekly series called “We Ask You Wednesdays,” that can hopefully get some of you all involved via Twitter. Most of you all, All of you all, Everyone but my Mom and Dad,Some of you all will probably hate it, but it’s either this or I’ll post another Trey Lyles mix tape.

Each week, the question will change and we will hit on a variety of topics, mostly UK-related… but you never know. Each week the best responses will make it on to the website.  This week’s ninth volume of the “We Ask You Wednesday” allowed Kentucky fans to answer the following question via Twitter in 140 characters or less: CREATE YOUR OWN Start-Up NBA team in Louisville, Kentucky. Come up with a name for the team, a coach for the team, and a roster. Here’s the catch… your roster must abide by the following rules:

—  9 players total (5 starters, 4 reserves)

—- 4 current Kentucky NBA players **BUT you can only use 1 player from each draft class*** (So for example: you couldn’t use DeMarcus Cousins AND John Wall)

—- 1 current Louisville NBA player

—- 1 NBA All-Star from any team

—- 2 NBA Rookies from the 2014 NBA Draft (1 Lottery Pick & 1 Second Round pick)

—- 1 current Kentucky basketball player

Vote for which team you think is the best in the comment section:


TEAM #2: 

TEAM #3:

TEAM #4:

TEAM #5:

TEAM #6:

TEAM #7:

TEAM #8:

TEAM #9:

TEAM #10:

TEAM #11:

TEAM #12:

TEAM #13:





Feel free to play along with your own start-up NBA team roster in Louisville in the comment section…. For what it’s worth, here’s my team:

PG- John Wall

SG- Jodie Meeks

SF- LeBron James

PF- Anthony Davis

C- Nerlens Noel

Reserves: Gorgui Dieng, Jordan McRae, Andrew Wiggins, Karl Towns

Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

20 Comments for “We Ask You Wednesdays” Vol. 9

  1. Bullitt County UK fan
    8:57 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Kentucky chicken buckets
    Pg: wall, Andrew Harrison.
    Sg: Wiggins, knight
    Sf: lebron
    Pf: Davis, O’brayant
    C: Noel, deing

  2. Since nicknames that do not end in “S” (Heat, Magic) are kinda in:

    The Kentucky Succeed and Proceed.

  3. Patrick Hughes
    9:35 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Four Uk players: Cousins, Davis, Rondo and Knight
    Louisville player: Deing
    All-Star: Lebron
    Draft Players: Early and Parker
    Current Player: Aaron Harrison
    Starting Line-Up Reserves Team Name: Louisville Sleeve Tattoos
    PG Rajon Rondo PG Brandon Knight Head Coach: Greg Popovich
    SG Jabari Parker SG Aaron Harrison
    SF Lebron James F Clemanthony Early
    PF Anthony Davis
    C Demarcus Cousins C Gorgui Deing

  4. Logan
    9:46 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Seeing Andrew Wiggins on 95% of the line ups made me throw up, go home, kick my dogs, and go to bed. #StillSour

  5. Scrap Irony
    9:48 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Meet your new Kentucky Colonels
    Coached by Hubie Brown

    C DeMarcus Cousins
    PF Anthony Davis
    SF Kevin Durant
    SG Jodie Meeks
    PG Rajon Rondo

    Andrew Wiggins
    Gorgui Dieng
    Nick Johnson
    Andrew Harrison

  6. Kentucky colonels
    10:23 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Pg: Rondo
    Sg: Knight
    Sf: Durant
    Pf: Davis
    C: Cousins

    Russ Smith
    Jabari Parker
    Cleanthony Early
    Karl Towns

  7. Lexington 3
    11:08 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Wall, Knight, Davis, Noah

    • Eazy E or Eric Wright it's all the same
      11:11 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

      Good job, good effort.

  8. Ryan
    11:56 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Kentucky Colonels 2014-2015 Roster

    UK Players: Rajon Rondo, DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, Julius Randle
    Louisville Player: Peyton Siva
    All-Star: LeBron James
    Draft Picks: Jabari Parker and Cleanthony Early
    Current UK Player: Willie Cauley-Stein
    Head Coach: Greg Popovich


    PG: SIVA
    SG: —–

  9. J-Dub421
    12:18 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Coach: Doc Rivers
    C DeMarcus Cousins
    PF Anthony Davis
    SF Kevin Durant
    SG Jodie Meeks
    PG Rajon Rondo

    Gorgui Dieng
    Marcus Smart
    Cleanthony Early
    Willie Cauley-Stein

    Not sure about name.

  10. AR09
    2:31 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Kentucky Monstars

    UK Players: John Wall, Jodie Meeks, Anthony Davis, Nerlens Noel
    Louisville Player: Russ Smith
    All-Star: Lebron James
    Draft Picks: Jabari Parker, Cleanthony Early
    Head Coach: Greg Popovich


    PG: Wall
    SG: Meeks
    SF: James
    PF: Davis
    C: Noel


    PG: Smith
    SG: Early
    SF: Parker
    PF: — –
    C: Towns

  11. John Gaylor
    3:25 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    I don’t care for it but Darnell stokes was 1st2nd round pick.

  12. John Gaylor
    3:28 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    My laptop changes words someti mes. Jarnell and don’t care for UT

  13. John Gaylor
    3:34 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    A shit load is wrong including ME. It a foreign player, look it up in Wikipedia!!!!!!

  14. Daddy_Jorge
    7:54 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Kentucky Colonels
    Coach: Brad Stevens
    Starters: Anthony Davis, Julius Randle, Kevin Durant, Andrew Wiggins, Eric Bledsoe
    Reserves: Gorgi Dieng, Karl Towns, Cleanthony Early, Brandon Knight

  15. Jamal Mashburn
    8:18 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    PG: Rajon Rondo
    SG: Andrew Wiggins
    SF: Lebron James
    PF: Anthony Davis
    C: DeMarcus Cousins
    Bench: Brandon Knight, Willie Caulley-Stein, Nick Johnson, Gorgui Dieng
    Coach: Ray Allen
    Team Name: Kentucky Koalas
    This is the optimal team.

  16. Rick Ross the Boss
    8:25 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Kentucky Thoroughbreds

    Coach: Pat Riley

    John Wall: UK-NBA
    Brandon Knight: UK-NBA
    Lebron James: All-star
    Julius Randle: UK-NBA
    Anthony Davis: UK-NBA

    G. Dieng: UL-NBA
    K. Towns: UK
    J. Parker: Rookie, 1st
    C. Early: Rookie, 2nd

  17. Robert
    9:40 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Name: Louisville Wildcards or Louisville Thoroughbreds
    Coach: Phil Jackson (possible GM too) and/or Greg Popovich

    PG – Rajon Rondo (2006)
    SG – Jodie Meeks (2009)
    SF – Lebron “King” James (NBA All-Star)
    PF – Anthony Davis (2012)
    C – Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins (2010)


    G – Andrew Harrsion (Current UK Player)
    G – Russ Smith (2nd Round 2014)
    F – Andrew Wiggins (1st pick 2014)
    C – Gorgui Dieng (UL NBA Player)

    Potential players at each position:

    PG – Andrew H, Russ Smith, Rondo
    SG – Jodie Meeks, Russ Smith, Lebron James, Andrew Harrison
    SF – Lebron James & Andrew Wiggins
    PF – AD, Lebron James, Wiggins
    C – Boogie, Gorgui, AD

  18. Benjamen
    1:41 pm July 24, 2014 Permalink

    team #10, no question!

  19. Genius
    2:45 pm July 24, 2014 Permalink

    4 UK players:
    Chuck Hayes
    Enes Kanter
    Archie Goodwin
    Keith Bogans

    UL/2nd round Pick: Russ Smith
    Current UK player: Tyler Ullis
    All Star: John Wall
    First Rd: Julius Randle

    Starting Lineup:
    John Wall
    Keith Bogans
    Julius randle
    Chuck Hayes