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“We Ask You Wednesdays” Vol. 11



The off-season tends to get a little dull sometimes around the KSR compound, especially as the news ever so slowly trickles in during the months of June and July. We have to get a little creative around here sometimes. I’m going to start a weekly series called “We Ask You Wednesdays,” that can hopefully get some of you all involved via Twitter. Most of you all, All of you all, Everyone but my Mom and Dad,Some of you all will probably hate it, but it’s either this or I’ll post another Trey Lyles mix tape.

Each week, the question will change and we will hit on a variety of topics, mostly UK-related… but you never know. Each week the best responses will make it on to the website.  This week’s TENTH volume of the “We Ask You Wednesday” allowed Kentucky fans to answer the following question via Twitter in 140 characters or less: WHAT AGE DO YOU THINK IS THE BEST AGE FOR BEING A KENTUCKY FAN AND WHY? (EXAMPLE: 7-YEAR OLD? COLLEGE-AGE? 60-YEAR OLD?




The vote was nearly unanimous in thinking that the golden years are the college years…

Some went a little higher past the 20s on into the 30s…


Some of you picked a very specific age that you will be win we hopefully win #9 this coming season…

The retirement age vote…


And the only answer that came in for the over 75 crowd…


Annnnd the only answer for the blissfully unaware under 7 crowd…







Feel free to leave your vote for which age is the best age to be a Kentucky fan in the comment section…

Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

6 Comments for “We Ask You Wednesdays” Vol. 11

  1. Rick
    10:17 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

    I appreciate all of the basketball coverage but this is FOOTBALL SEASON. We all want coach Stoops to continue the recruiting success but damn I know schools use this site against us. It is the start of football and all that is on here is basketball. I love UK basketball but give football it’s time and credit.

  2. johnboynotbilly
    10:40 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

    i think by the college years answers this is who mainly reads these posts and gives a damn about commenting… you should read volumes in to these type of questions and mainly who answers them… aka your sibling staffers

  3. Pauley
    7:55 am August 7, 2014 Permalink

    I can beat Nick Rousch’s run in college. Freshman in 1995. Saw two National Championships, one other Final game in OT (I was there) and the beginning of the Mumme era in football with an Outback Bowl & Music City Bowl. Plus the Couch Era in football. Think that beats his run a little. The best time to be in college at UK.

  4. James K
    8:29 am August 7, 2014 Permalink

    I admittedly didn’t go to UK, for a variety of reasons, most of them being because I was such a lazy student/person and wanted to start over from my bonehead HS friends. Either way, college was fun, but I do sort of feel bad for people that go on and on about how much they miss college. I dunno, I feel like my life has gotten more fun since then. I can actually buy things and I’m free to do what I want.

    Hard to argue with being at UK from 2011 to 2014, but there IS that black eye in 2013. Miserable year for UK. I would say UK from 1995 to 1998 would’ve been an incredible run.

  5. Age Like Fine Wine
    8:31 am August 7, 2014 Permalink

    Any age after retirement. 1)You are independently wealthy and can afford road trips and lower arena tickets 2) You have time to devote to your passion 3) You understand the history and legacy of UK basketball.

  6. Ryan
    10:10 am August 7, 2014 Permalink

    Another alumni class of ’99 here. Sorry Nick, but 3 straight Championship games including 2 titles and another Elite 8 in 4 years crushes your run.