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“We Ask You Wednesday” Vol. 48



The season is sadly now over, and the folks here at KSR love getting your input on things… relevant and bizarre. We have to get a little creative around here sometimes. Last summer I started a weekly series called “We Ask You Wednesdays,” that brought in some great responses from many readers via Twitter.

Each week, the question will change and we will hit on a variety of topics, mostly UK-related… but you never know. Each week the best responses will make it on to the website.  This week’s twenty ninth volume of the “We Ask You Wednesday” allowed Kentucky fans to answer the following question via Twitter in 140 characters or less:  WHAT WOULD BE THE MOST IMPOSSIBLE “WOULD YOU RATHER?” QUESTION FOR A KENTUCKY FAN TO ANSWER?




*** I challenge you to try to answer each of these… I answered some on my own accord, but some were honestly too hard to answer…


This is the ultimate “would you rather?”… Basketball championships mean SO MUCH, but we rarely taste football glory.

Not by much, but I’ll take Joker because he’s at least a UK alum…


If I HAD to pick… Duke. Barely. 

Too tough to answer… but maybe Duke just because we wouldn’t have to hear the fans in such close proximity. 


Very difficult question. I can’t bring myself to answer…

Tougher than you’d think, but gotta go with the Cats. 


Gotta keep Rupp… 

Katy Perry annoys me slightly less…


Indiana because we would have to face him every year at Tennessee… 

Undefeated would have been so cool… 


Dakari… Rondo scares me. 

I want championships. Tough question though. 


At least Bobby wins. Bobby, barely. 

If Chipotle would just get queso. I have this argument more than I’d like to admit. Chipotle has better burritos but THE QUESO!


I think I can handle Ky Joe singing if I had to…

We didn’t lose in the championship game in 1992, but I get your point… This one is way too hard to answer. I am tempted to go with 2015 simply because 40-0 was on the line… but that Duke game caused a lot of painful memories that still haunt us. 


Louisville can win a BCS playoff championship. Give me Cal forever. 



Lion feet for feet!

Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

2 Comments for “We Ask You Wednesday” Vol. 48

  1. Pat Sajak
    11:52 pm June 10, 2015 Permalink

    “Never had Adolph Rupp or Keep Bear Bryant?”

    This had to have been typed wrong. On one side, we never have Adolph Rupp and still lose Bear Bryant. On the other side, we still get Rupp and we also keep Bear Bryant. One side we are screwed. One side we have a great basketball and great football program…

    I think I go with the second one.

  2. Shmikey
    4:22 pm June 11, 2015 Permalink

    Picking nits a little bit but, can you put the answers to the tweets under them? It’s kind of weird reading this Jeopardy stylez