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Want to see the highest-ranked player in Kentucky? Go watch Marshall County

Photo by USA Basketball

Photo by USA Basketball

Marshall County junior Zion Harmon will decide between Kansas, Maryland, Louisville, Murray State, Seton Hall, and Western Kentucky next month. Several recruiting experts are picking the Hilltoppers. The 5’9 point guard is not yet sure if he will reclassify to the class of 2020 or stay in the class of 2021. Harmon is a 4-star recruit and ranked #42 in the nation by Rivals, #34 by 247 Sports, and #20 by ESPN. Here is a review of his past accomplishments.

Zion Harmon transferred from Lighthouse (TN) Christian School to Bowling Green High School before his 8th grade season. As an 8th grader, he helped lead Bowling Green to the 2017 state title. He had a team-high 18 points in the Purples’ 67-56 victory over Cooper in the state championship game. At the time, he was ranked in the top 10 nationally among 8th graders. He had more buzz around him than any Kentucky 8th grader since OJ Mayo was playing at Rose Hill Academy.

Harmon then transferred to Adair County for his freshman season where he averaged 33 points per game and made an incredible 91% of his free throws., He led the Indians to a solid 20-win, 12-loss season, but they were never a threat to make a deep run in March. Harmon just didn’t have the pieces around him like he did in when he was at Bowling Green. For example, in 2017 Bowling Green defeated the mighty Scott County Cardinals 68-53 in the quarterfinals of the state tournament. But in 2018, Harmon’s Adair County Indians fell to Scott County 107-66 in a regular season game. Adair County also lost to Bowling Green 95-71 that same season, despite Harmon’s 38 points for the Indians. Purely from a basketball standpoint, people were left a little puzzled as to why Harmon would transfer from Bowling Green to Adair County.

The next season, people were again perplexed when Harmon transferred from Adair County to Marshall County for his sophomore season. Often times players ranked as high as Harmon do transfer, but it is usually to powerhouse schools such as Oak Hill Academy or IMG Academy, and usually not to schools like Marshall County. Marshall County is a fine school with a good tradition, but they aren’t on the same level as schools like Oak Hill. The Marshalls were coming off of a solid, but not spectacular 19-12 season, so Harmon’s transfer brought optimism to Marshall County. The optimism quickly faded, however, when the KHSAA ruled that Harmon must sit out the entire 2018-2019 season, due to transfer rules.

Harmon stayed at Marshall County and is currently leading the Marshalls to a pretty good season. They are the 2nd best team in the first region (behind McCracken County). I have Marshall County ranked #15 in the state, but they don’t appear to a likely state title contender. Harmon is currently 2nd in the state in scoring with 26.3 points per game. He is tremendous passer and can break the press with ease. He scored a school record 50 points in a 72-71 loss to Calloway County on January 24. I personally hope he stays in the 2021 class so that we get to see him play high school basketball for another season.

Article written by Troy Howell

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19 Comments for Want to see the highest-ranked player in Kentucky? Go watch Marshall County

  1. UKgrad80
    6:37 pm February 17, 2020 Permalink

    So I guess Kentucky didn’t even give him a look.

    • nocode96
      7:40 pm February 17, 2020 Permalink

      Why would we? Dude is a walking violation waiting to happen and his handlers (dad) is sketchy to say the least. He’s also a ball hog with a “look at me” mentality.

    • WKY Cat
      11:01 pm February 17, 2020 Permalink

      Exactly nocode. It’s well known among Marshall Co elites that there was funny business just to get him to Marshall. The common folks deny this but it’s true. Some recruiting analysts have commented that he might never be college eligible. I think once he’s a freshman in college someone spills the beans and he will be ruled ineligible.

    • damage_control
      12:57 pm February 18, 2020 Permalink

      Thank this kid’s dad for that.

  2. Wilfred Smith
    6:52 pm February 17, 2020 Permalink

    I live in Paducah. I’ve been told that he’s ball dominant. I’m being kind. Note the 50 was in a loss.

    • IrishCat
      9:47 pm February 17, 2020 Permalink

      In fairness, it was a one point loss, which makes that a solid performance that made his team competitive. Overall I agree, though, I’m not surprised Cal was never really interested.

  3. michaelb
    8:15 pm February 17, 2020 Permalink

    Good luck to him but he’s not our guy .

    • michaelb
      8:16 pm February 17, 2020 Permalink

      This is weird that we’re so spoiled that half the time our own fan base dismisses the too instate talent for bigger skies lol

    • UKgrad80
      11:57 am February 18, 2020 Permalink

      Like Whitney was our guy. That was a real miscalculation by the recruiting staff. He had a very low basketball IQ and was a quitter!

  4. kydrummer
    9:37 pm February 17, 2020 Permalink

    I’ve seen this guy play and he’s a player. I wish we were recruiting him. He ball hogged at Adair county because he had little help. I think if he stays in 2021, Cal may give him a look.

    • WKY Cat
      11:03 pm February 17, 2020 Permalink

      Kydrummer….I think Cal is fully aware of the risk in recruiting him. Eligibility risk.

    • JASUN74
      12:13 am February 18, 2020 Permalink

      You have no idea what Cal knows or doesn’t WKY!!! You also don’t have one clue if this kid will be eligible. Stop that stuff man. We’re in on two or three of the top ranked kids at his position! That’s the reason as far as any fan knows and it’s as far as it should go! He’s in high school brother. Come on now!

  5. CrystalBall
    10:35 pm February 17, 2020 Permalink

    Didn’t get the other Zion. What are the chances?

  6. JASUN74
    12:08 am February 18, 2020 Permalink

    Personally I’d love to have him here at Kentucky! I’m not so sure about everyone thinking they know everything about this kids life is true either. Yes he’s moved around but he did stay at Marshall after having to sit out. I think that’s says quite a bit about him. Also, of course he’s a ball hog. Who cares? , he’s had to be. But, and I know some will agree that played High School Basketball, I wish I would’ve shot it everytime I got it. Hahahaha.

    I swear guys this kids a player and in the right system he could have a fantastic college career. He definitely give 1000% every game and I just love kids like that. Put that Kentucky Blue and White on him and he would end up one of the most loved players since Tyler Ulis.

    Anyway, everyone is welcome to their opinions, but way too many times people start rumors for whatever reason or another and then it catches fire and grows! I don’t think Cal not recruiting him has one thing to do with anything else but him being smaller and Cal being in on a couple better players. Let’s please not spread rumors though on high school kids! Kentucky fans are supposed to be better than that.

  7. CrystalBall
    10:06 am February 18, 2020 Permalink

    JASUN74, You are so sensible its scary.

    • ColoradoCatFan88
      10:43 am February 18, 2020 Permalink


  8. WKY Cat
    11:58 am February 18, 2020 Permalink

    As usual jason74 it’s ok for you to throw your opinion around but no one else. Moron.
    And I’m VERY aware of his potential eligibility problems. The owner of my company took part in getting him to Marshall so yeah I know what’s going on. So now tell me I don’t know what’s going on just because I’m a fan. Again, moron.