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Vanderbilt interested in Jeff Fisher, per this ESPN report

(Photo: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

(Photo: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

Unless something changes, quickly, down in Nashville, Derek Mason’s job as the head coach of Vanderbilt’s football team is in serious jeopardy. Mason hasn’t had a winning season with the Commodores, and this current two-win team would have to win out to give him his first in six years. But let’s assume that doesn’t happen and Mason is removed from his position this winter, who would be on the list to replace him?

According to one ESPN reporter, Jeff Fisher.

In a new insider story over at, Adam Rittenberg writes, “I’m told former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher is a potential target for Vanderbilt. Fisher remains popular in Nashville, and new Vanderbilt athletic director Malcolm Turner wouldn’t hesitate to make a nontraditional hire.”

Fisher was adored for most of his time in Nashville where he coached the Titans from the inaugural season in 1999 all the way through 2010. He then spent five seasons with the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams, but was fired prior to the 2016 season. He hasn’t coached anywhere since.

The hire would be a big one, in my opinion, but you should take that with a grain of salt because Jeff Fisher is a god to me. I’d consider leaving this gig for VSR if he is Vanderbilt’s next football coach.

Then again, how can Vandy fire this guy?

Article written by Drew Franklin

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22 Comments for Vanderbilt interested in Jeff Fisher, per this ESPN report

  1. Wilfred Smith
    2:35 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    Vandy wants Fisher.

    People in Hell want ice water.

    • katsrock
      4:20 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

      Imagine that.

      Your god is an adulterous California liberal.

      Who’d a thunk?

    • Memphis UK Cat
      4:31 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

      Jeff Fisher is awesome. I hope that doesn’t happen.

  2. MacAssassin123
    2:42 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    Would be a really good out side the box hire for Vandy!

    • DenverCatFan
      2:52 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

      And would fit right into their outside the box hire of Jerry Stackhouse. I like the idea, it will make SEC East talk that much more compelling.

  3. DenverCatFan
    2:48 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    But wait Drew, I thought you were leaving for WKSR, since you are the world’s biggest Hilltopper fan.

  4. Rafterman
    3:05 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    He will find a way to go 7-9 every year.

  5. UKinIN
    3:07 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    Why would anyone think that a curmudgeonly Ex-NFL coach would succeed in college? Especially at a doormat like Vanderbilt? That place doesn’t exactly sell itself. At 61, with zero recruiting experience, it’s a desperation hire at best.

    • stringmusic78
      3:41 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

      I agree UKinIN.

      The struggles of Mason also help put into perspective the great job that Stoops has done at UK. They both inherited similar obstacles and while I believe that Mason has made the Vandy program a little more competitive he has not tasted success nearly as much as Stoops. I would also point to Stoops being able to go into Ohio and get some of the better players consistently as one of the key factors in pushing ahead of other programs such as Vandy.

    • bddfromcincy
      5:50 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

      Mason took over a competitive Vandy program that James Franklin took to never seen before heights. In hindsight, it’s a miracle what Franklin did in his time there.

  6. cats646
    3:16 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    I like Derek Mason and I think he’s the perfect fit for Vandy. Never gonna be a top tier team, but capable of pulling off a few upsets and making some bowls. He’s a scrappy, fighter type of coach and I think that’s what Vandy needs.

  7. stl_cat
    3:23 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    Jeff Fisher is an awful coach. I think you could find a bum off the street and they’d have success if you gave them Steve McNair and Eddie George

  8. bluecrowe
    3:54 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    I am confused as to how they still have a football program after the disgusting rape of an unconscious student by several vandy football player in 2013. How that idiot coach who was in charge at the time then got the head coaching job at Penn State is absolutely revolting. This should have been a much bigger event.

    • runningunnin.454
      5:10 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

      You don’t think James Franklin was a nice fit at Penn State? PSU set the bar in degeneracy/debauchery.

    • Ned T.
      5:49 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

      Shut down a football program for the crimes of a few players? That would mean most college prgrams would shut down.

      And, is was a huge event—3 convictions and a plea, perps in jail for at least 15 years.

    • Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
      5:59 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

      They hired him at Coverup U and please call them by their new name St Penn.

  9. TonyMontana
    4:04 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    As a Nashvillian and long suffering Tennessee Titans fan, I never “adored” Fisher. He frustrated the hell out of me. We were always on the edge of getting there. We finished 1st or 2nd in our division 6 seasons with Fisher and only won the conference championship his first season. Of course, the last 10 years have been waaay worse, so ehh who knows. I guess its a good fit for Vandy. RIP Steve McNair.

    • Ned T.
      5:05 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

      Do what most of Nashville does: do not attend a Titans game.

      Go Preds.

  10. Ned T.
    4:27 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    Coach ocho-ocho. Vandy fans will still leave at the half.

  11. zoupman
    4:47 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    Mason is a good coach, just doesn’t have the players. Saban couldn’t win with the overall recruiting classes Vandy gets.

  12. BLUEDOUG65
    10:23 pm October 28, 2019 Permalink

    I truly like coach Mason . With the exception of us I hope they win every game . Type of coach you would love to play for

  13. michaelb
    10:34 am October 29, 2019 Permalink

    All this hate on fish at the titans is unwarranted. He did well with what he was given, He didn’t have choice of who they drafted …. he absolutely did not want to draft Vince young . He’s a hell of a in game coach . Going against Peyton Manning for a whole career isn’t easy . He’s the one that got the rams off the ground before he retired too. The idea of him sucking as a coach is a troglodytes opinion obviously