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UofL president blasts Pitino over “pattern and practice of inappropriate behavior”

On Tuesday, UofL interim president Greg Postel sent Rick Pitino a letter as part of the university’s termination process, and man, it’s intense. In the three-page letter, which went public this afternoon, Postel blasts Pitino for his involvement in “two recent and highly publicized scandals” (the hookers and the money).

“Your involvement in these recent scandals cannot be considered isolated events,” Postel writes. “Instead, they are illustrative of a pattern and practice of inappropriate behavior.”

Postel also reveals that Christian Dawkins — an agent indicted in the FBI probe — was on UofL’s campus “for purposes relating to the basketball program” in late May, just before Brian Bowen committed to the Cardinals. That’s a new and pretty damning fact. Dawkins, as you might remember, was caught on tape discussing the scheme to funnel money from adidas to Bowen with UofL coaches in Las Vegas in late July.

All in all, Postel charges Pitino with violating his contract in eight ways between the two scandals. Per the letter, Pitino will have a chance to present evidence against his suspension and termination at a board meeting on October 16, the same day his paid leave ends.

Read the entire letter for yourself below:

Postel ain’t messing around.

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22 Comments for UofL president blasts Pitino over “pattern and practice of inappropriate behavior”

  1. UKBlue1982
    2:33 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    Interesting that his suspension went from being, originally, “unpaid” to “paid” until the Oct 16 ULAA meeting. Suppose it has to do with the “10 days’ written notice and an opportunity to be heard” clause in Pitino’s contract. I predict they both settle for 2 years pay (~ $10 million). That way, nobody’s truly happy.

  2. binarysolo
    2:43 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    Dr. Postel goin’ *postal* on the athletics department, amiright???


    Did someone already say this joke?

    • TBW3011
      2:52 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

      I started to use it 2 weeks ago, but saw it posted on twitter 400 times already.

  3. TBW3011
    2:52 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    Pitino said he would be vindicated. If he said that, how can we not take him at his word? These reports coming out have to be false.

  4. PillsburyThrowboy
    2:52 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    I hope UofL keeps this President for the foreseeable future. I like him.

    • IAmTheDanger
      4:13 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

      I do too….he’s got some backbone which has been sorely absent in that position.

    • IAmTheDanger
      4:19 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

      Oh, and he also has morals, and ethics, and no turtlenecks.

    • IAmTheDanger
      4:31 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

      Oh wait, the turtleneck belongs to the beer guzzling, golf playing, free loading X-AD…got them mixed up there for a minute.

    • RealCatsFan
      5:19 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

      Yep, and Louisville fans hate him already because they can’t stand the idea of having someone with honesty in that position!

  5. J-Dub421
    3:05 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    Oh snap! Postel really let Pitino have it.

  6. wesmorgan1
    3:18 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    Postel is doing yeoman’s work to clean up UofL. He’s already addressed 7 of the 9 issues raised by SACS when they put UofL’s accreditation on probationary status (well, the General Assembly took care of two of those), he’s cleaning up the mess Ramsey left at the UofL Foundation, and he’s handled successive athletics crises with directness. I met him last year (my daughter was chosen as Ms. Cardinal, outstanding woman of last year’s Senior class) and liked him immediately; he struck me as approachable and genuine.

    He isn’t getting enough credit for what he’s doing. An “interim [X]” can do one of two things – be a mere caretaker, or get things done – and Postel is definitely one of the latter.

  7. STLouisBBFan
    3:38 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    Rick “4.3.7” Pitino – He never had a chance to escape that one.

  8. loservilletard
    3:52 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    has been lowered

  9. fairweather
    5:18 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    Postel reminds me of former U of K president David Roselle who, was ironically influential in the hiring of Rick Pitino at U of K.

  10. runningunnin.454
    8:07 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    Hot Damn…..court adjourned.

  11. BluKudzu
    9:24 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    You want $44 million?
    Yeah, right.
    2 words for you:
    (you is the second word in the reply)

  12. jonthes
    9:45 pm October 6, 2017 Permalink

    For the racist UK fans I used to confront years ago – thank god Pitino left UK and Tubby took over. Not only would Pitino NOT have won the 1998 title, with no major NBA talent on the roster, but he would have dragged us down to his ethical level eventually as he has UL. Every UK fan should thank Tubby as loudly as possible.

  13. 8xchamp
    9:26 am October 7, 2017 Permalink

    He’s not getting any money, except that he’s owed for these 10 days

  14. mcp157
    4:41 pm October 7, 2017 Permalink

    Pitino left Lexington just in time. Eventually his ego would have done him in just like it did at U of Hell. Who knows what would have happened with him at the helm for the 98 team, but I always thought Tubby was as good, or better, a Xs and Os coach. I wish he would have been coaching the last minute of the 92 Duke game. I bet he would have guarded the in pass. He just could not attract talent like Rick and especially Cal.