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UofL Foundation attorney: Separate accounting used for extra administrator pay


More news from the University of Louisville Foundation saga today, this time coming from its longtime attorney, David Saffer.

According to a new report from WDRB, Saffer, who has worked for the foundation since 2008, said there was separate accounting to hide the super-secret compensation of over $20 million to President James Ramsey and other administrators.

Saffer told the board on Tuesday, “If you want my honest opinion, I believe it was done for obfuscation purposes, clearly.” However, he later said he shouldn’t have used the word ‘obfuscation’ because it was only done to hide the payouts from other board members.

Foundation interim executive director Keith Sherman issued this statement in response to Saffer’s comments:

Earlier today when answering a question our legal counsel David Saffer offered an opinion regarding the Foundation’s creation and use of DCPA, LLC. I cannot emphasize enough that the Foundation is now operating with full transparency and will continue to do so to ensure the trust of our donors and UofL students, faculty and staff, because it’s the right thing to do. Our governance review is on-going and we are working diligently to meet the high standards demanded of our mission to support the University of Louisville’s academic pursuits.

New board member Papa John was very critical of Ramsey and the foundation under Ramsey’s watch on Tuesday.

WDRB has all the details and the whole story here.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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10 Comments for UofL Foundation attorney: Separate accounting used for extra administrator pay

  1. nicky
    10:09 pm March 14, 2017 Permalink

    All well and fine…just confirms what we all know; they’re scum….But the ONLY thing that counts is are they ever gonna be penalized? Ever???

  2. david8577
    10:16 pm March 14, 2017 Permalink

    UL is nothing short of organized crime. They are the mafia. We are way beyond the blatant cheating in recruiting. I wouldn’t doubt it if businesses near campus have to pay for “protection”.

    • ukjaybrat
      7:36 am March 15, 2017 Permalink

      not near campus. but near the stadium they had to pay “taxes” because of the corrupt deal the university and the foundation made with themselves without the city’s well-being in mind.

  3. kentuckybackupplayer
    10:47 pm March 14, 2017 Permalink

    someone needs to check the ceilings over at the foundation too.

  4. unbridled
    5:00 am March 15, 2017 Permalink

    Whenever I read a story about UL, I have an overwhelming sense of dirtiness. It’s gross just reading their exploits in print.

    6:03 am March 15, 2017 Permalink

    Wonder where the human trafficking money came from? U debate girls thrown at underage recruits, a way of life at UL. Jurich is literally the mob boss of the ncaa. UL fans don’t care though cause the programs are winning and have new facilities. UL fans are just as dirty as the program.

  6. Beavis
    6:36 am March 15, 2017 Permalink

    Since it appears the IRS is going to make anyones tax returns an open book , wouldn’t it be nice to get a look at some of the adminstrators returns to see how their additional compensation was claimed.

  7. catsarerunnin
    8:24 am March 15, 2017 Permalink

    Well Lil Ricky will clean things up when he inherits the thrown….

  8. LdyWldKat
    10:43 am March 15, 2017 Permalink

    Papa Johns just mad because he didn’t get his cut…