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UK to visit talented in-state prospect

Fans who want more in-state kids on John Calipari’s Kentucky basketball roster will be happy to know the staff will pay a visit to Dontaie Allen, a three-star guard out of Pendleton County.

UK assistant Joel Justus will make the hour-drive on Saturday to watch Allen work out at his high school. For those unfamiliar with Allen’s game, he is a 6-7 shooting guard, ranked 41st at his position in the Class of 2019. He averaged 31.8 points per game for Pendleton County this past season, earning him First Team All-State honors in Kentucky.

Allen, who will play his AAU ball for M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs this summer, currently has offers from the likes of Illinois State, Winthrop, IUPUI, Eastern Kentucky, Morehead State and Northern Kentucky. John Robic was in to see him his freshman year, but the interest could be getting serious as Allen enters his senior season.

See his highlights:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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26 Comments for UK to visit talented in-state prospect

  1. Catcasey1
    3:11 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

    What about KYKY

  2. jahanc2uky
    3:38 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

    From the opening line, it does not sound like Drew is a fan of the in-state kids. Personally I believe there is a big benefit in having at least 1 Senior/Junior and 1 Somp/Fresh in-state kid on the roster. The only criteria for these kids is to be athletic/skilled enough to compete in practice.

    • Bobbum Man
      3:43 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      Not trying to be a smart arse, but what is the big benefit?

    • a21CATSfan
      4:37 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      Kentucky has never won a championship WITHOUT a Kentucky kid on the roster. That could be beneficial, no?

    • Rembrandt
      4:51 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      When jahanc said “the only criteria is for these kids to be athletic/skilled enough to compete in practice”, he contradicted himself. Most 3 stars cannot fairly be expected to compete in practices where all the other players are 5 stars and high 4 stars.

      So let me suggest different criteria. The reason 3 stars Dom Hawkins and Derek Willis were able to contribute at UK was because they were willing to sit on the bench and be practice fodder for more talented players for more talented players. Late in their UK careers, they got onto the court in roles that were contributory. The reason Taveion Hollingsworth didn’t pursue an opportunity at UK was because he wasn’t willing to do that. Some fans who saw Hollingsworth compete on a different level may be under the mistaken impression that Hollingsworth could have made an early impact at UK. They do not realize that making an early impact at WKU does not mean the player could get on the floor as a freshman at UK.

      Same is true for KyKy Tandy. Some fans may be under the mistaken impression that because Tandy can score lots of points against instate high school competition, that means he could do the same at UK. But if that was actually true, then Tandy would have received a committable UK scholarship offer since, contrary to what some of these fans believe, Cal actually knows what he is doing.

      So here are the criteria that will work. We can call this the “Willis/Hawkins rule”. If a 3 star instate player is freely willing take a UK scholarship with full knowledge that he will be a mopup player for at least 2-3 years, if there is actually a scholarship available, and if Cal believes that scholarship can be committed to the instate player for four years without weakening recruiting in subsequent years, then the player could be considered for a UK scholarship.

      In other words, let’s keep doing it the way Cal already does it.

    • jahanc2uky
      8:09 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      I was trying to be short and sweet Rembrandt. Benefits to having in state kids, they know the landscape and other students, are less likely to transfer back west, less likely to goof off, etc. Nova has proven the intangibles to a team matter. They have local kids that play basketball the Philly way, having Kentucky kids play the KY way is a positive. Cals way is great, just think it could be prefect with 2 in state talents on the roster. It appears from the current recruiting of these 3/4 star in state talents, Cal for the moment agrees.

  3. Troll Slayer
    3:40 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

    His game in this video kind of reminds of Shai.

    • Rembrandt
      4:54 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      Of course it doesn’t.

    • Rembrandt
      5:00 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      Seriously, how do we know Allen’s game does not resemble Shai’s? Because his only three scholarship offers are from IUPUI, Winthrop, and Morehead State. And because, unlike posters, P5 basketball coaches don’t last in their jobs by making serious talent evaluation mistakes.

    • Troll Slayer
      5:08 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      I didn’t say he was as good as Shai, I said his game reminds me of Shai’s. Chill man.

    • Rembrandt
      5:12 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      You can tell me to chill. But I’m just commenting. If you don’t like it, I guess that’s too bad. There is no similarity between Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s game and Allen’s game.

    • Troll Slayer
      5:13 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      How can you say there are no similarities?

  4. Bobbum Man
    3:43 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

    I guess it’s nice to have a KY kid on the roster if we have spare scholarships but I’d rsther just go after the best talent we can get regardless of which state they are from

    • Troll Slayer
      4:02 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      I’m guessing he’s probably more of a depth option/insurance policy if there is an exodus next season (I think Cal thinks we’ll be very good next year with returning guys and Bahamas trip). I’m thinking he’ll get a preferred walk-on offer.

  5. BigBlueSean
    4:57 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

    The problem is people think of these in state kids like a one and done. It is likely that Dontaie doesnt contribute much his freshman year, much like Derek Willis, Darius Miller, and Hawkins

    But we dont win the 2012 title without a Senior Darius Miller contributing and making some crucial shots against Baylor, Louisville and Kansas and providing leadership all year.

    We dont go on the run we went on in 2016 to end the year strong with an SEC title over aTm without Derek Willis playing a massive role in that team. Just look how much his injury hurt the team in the NCAAT that year.

    In 2017 it was Dominique Hawkins hot shooting from 3 that allowed that team to play at its highest level and beat a very good UCLA team and damn near beat UNC.

    So dont tell me there isnt “value” in these in state kids. Not when I see Hollingsworth doing serious damage at WKU against legit D1 Competition and Quenton Goodin playing out of his mind at Xavier this past year. Its absolutely criminal UK couldn’t figure out a way to get one of those guys on the roster. We could’ve used a skilled wing that can create his own shot this year…..

    • Rembrandt
      5:08 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      Darius Miller was a nationally ranked 4 star player who was also recruited by a list of other P5 schools. When you compare Miller as a prospect to other instate players who are not skilled and athletic enough to receive P5 scholarship offers, you expose a flaw of logic that is prevalent in all of these threads where recruitment of more instate basketball players is being advocated.

    • Troll Slayer
      5:11 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      Truth. Like the guy blowing up on my for saying he plays basketball a bit like Shai, everyone wants to compare every player to a one and done. Cal knows how to develop guys as well, he just takes the best talent he can get. A lot of guys don’t want to wait 2 years to get meaningful minutes, and to each their own. Like Cal says, it ain’t for everybody.

    • Rembrandt
      5:19 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      I didn’t “blow up“. I disagreed with you, and you evidently have trouble with people disagreeing with you.

    • BigBlueSean
      5:20 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

      A lot of the difference in ranking between Darius and Dontaie is visibility. Mason Co in early 2000’s is vastly greater and more visible than Pendleton County.

      Im not saying just do away with recruiting 5-stars. Im fine, but I do think there is value in trying to get some of these in-state guys as well. I dont just push them aside solely due to how many stars they have. Id be a far greater advocate of UK getting creative means to help guys like Hollingsworth, Goodin, Allen etc come up with a year or two of money to pay for school outside of a scholarship to replace the likes of friggin Sam Malone and other walk-ons…. and give them a chance as a soph, jr to get a scholly.

      There are ways to do this quite easily that MANY schools do. Lets be real, Guys like Sam Malone, Brian Long, and Pulliam contribute very little to a practice.

      Also, Hawkins was a 3-star, unrated guard with offers from Morhead, Murray and WKU….

  6. 2thepoint
    6:27 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

    We have a KY player on the squad, Brad Calipari! After 1 year most of the young men have grown some roots in KY and most cherish their time at KY. Just look at those we know of who prove it over and over. I am more than happy to call all of them one of us.

  7. bd2153
    6:34 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

    For kids to play In state it’s hard to become highly recruited for the reason ky has little big time talent in high school. Hard to develop talent when schools or state invest very little. Any kid with talent usually play out of state for that reason. Look at the hs ranking can’t find kids from ky till u get to two stars or close to that. Talent playing talent improves the kid not playing on crap team and scoring thirty a night. Not talent but could be w/better coaches comes better opportunity.

  8. trumpetguy
    6:37 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

    Never seen this kid play and frankly don’t care what state he comes from. In the video, doesn’t appear he has the quickness you would like, but he appears to be a very willing and deft passer for someone about 6-6. UK will probably watch him some more….fluid with a lot of range

  9. michaelb
    9:27 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

    This kid is awesome

  10. tunesquad11
    9:42 pm April 6, 2018 Permalink

    This kid is an absolute stud. I’ve had the privilege watching him play since the 7th grade. I think he is far better than the 3 star rating he’s been given. Would be a great pickup for UK

  11. Riddickblockparty
    8:43 am April 7, 2018 Permalink

    This kid has been nothing but straight class so far. Solid GPA, no trouble of any kind, great kid in & out of the classroom. He doesn’t have the athleticism some UK fans have become accustomed to, but most recruits outside of the top 10-20 every year rarely do. He is a legit 6’6” 2 guard who does a little bit of everything. He has handles that will hopefully help him to offset any lack of speed. I believe his strengths at the next level will be his passing, his length on defense (can scratch his knees without bending over), & his ability to hit from outside. He might not be Tyler Herro or Devin Booker from deep, but he may be a better shooter from outside than anyone on the team this past season. This AAU season will be big from a recruiting stand point, but I’d be surprised if he’s not a 4 star before next season.

  12. satcheluk
    7:48 am April 8, 2018 Permalink

    How many 4-5 stars has KY produced since Cal arrived? And how many of them would be willing to ride the pine for years to develop enough skill to overcome the talent deficit necessary to get in the court? Most of these guys aren’t giving UK a sniff because they are afraid of being recruited over every year. Willis cane in early before the die had been casts, as to the system and culture that would develop under Cal. Now they all know and it’s going to take an exceptional pitch to get a kid to forgo years of playing time. Delayed gratification is not a strong point for the south if any generation.