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UK Baseball vs. Kansas Live-Diary


It’s been an up and down season but here we are. After making the SEC Tournament semi-finals, Kentucky Baseball and POY AJ Reed are the #2 seed in UofL Regional, facing Kansas today and potentially UofL tomorrow. As for the game today, Nick Jourdan and I are here at Patterson Stadium, and we’ll be bringing you updates as the BatCats look to take down Kansas in the first matchup of the day. On the mound is Sophomore Kyle Cody (4-0, 2.65 ERA), who will look to give the ‘Cats their first NCAA post-season win since 2012’s Gary, Indiana series.

(Dean Bowling- 2:12) It’s raining, a lot. Usually this wouldn’t be too big of an issue for us but Nick and I are seated outside. As of right now, despite the rain, it sounds like the game is still scheduled to begin at 2:31 ET. We’ll keep you updated.

(Nick Jourdan- 2:26) First pitch is away for Kyle Cody to Kansas’ Justin Protacio is a ball, and we are underway under this fickle Louisville weather.

(Nick Jourdan- 2:33) Not a great start to the game for the Cats, as they already have an error and a few other miscues. Kansas takes a 1-0 lead, with a runner on third, and only one out.

(Nick Jourdan- 2:35) Scratch that, double to left scores another Jayhawk to give KU a 2-0 lead over the Cats in the first.

(Mrs. Tyler – 2:45) Aaaand, we’re back on rain delay, with the score at 3-0. Nick, David, and Dean are taking cover in the press box:

This delay is a great opportunity for the Cats to calm down and regroup.


(Mrs. Tyler – 3:08) The tarp is off the mound and the game is scheduled to pick back up at 3:20 p.m.

(Nick Jourdan- 3:22) Finally back out to our perch outside, HOWEVER the game will not restart again at 3:20. A storm is apparently within 8 miles of the stadium with lightning, so this could be a while folks before we see anything. Oh, and the power strip they have set up for us is pretty water-logged from that last storm, so I pity the next person that plugs into it.

(Nick Jourdan- 3:33) Start time announced for 3:40 again here at the ballpark. Also, the water soaked power strip in question:

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(Dean Bowling- 3:40) Game is finally starting back up. Looks like the ‘Cats will put Andrew Nelson on the mound. Runner still on 3rd, only one out.

(Dean Bowling- 3:48) Andrew Nelson comes in and strikes out two batters to get UK out of the inning. Kansas leads 3-0 heading into the B1st; Cousino, Kuhn, and Reed due up for UK.

(Nick Jourdan- 4:00)A 3-run, one out shot over the RF wall by Ka’ai Tom scored Kuhn (who doubled), and Reed (who walked) to tie the game back up at 3-3 after one complete.

(Dean Bowling- 4:17 ) After a strike-out and ground-out, Nelson walked back-to-back batters. Next batter, Suiter, would single in a run to give Kansas a 4-3 lead. Another shallow single loaded the bases for Tharp, who would drive in two more runs, giving Kansas a 6-3 lead. After a ground-out, UK heads to the B2nd down three.

(Nick Jourdan- 4:23 ) Bernal pop’s one up, Reida strikes out, and JaVon Shelby strikes out as well to end the inning in order. Still 6-3 KU lead.

(Dean Bowling- 4:32) Another two-out walk gave Kansas some life in the T3rd, but a ground-out to 1st gets UK out of the inning. Still trail 6-3 headed to the bottom of the 3rd. Top of the order (Cousino, Kuhn, Reed) for the ‘Cats.

(Nick Jourdan- 4:39) Inning start’s out w/ a stand-up double for Cousino. A wild pitch then gets him to third, and then another scores him. Kuhn is then walked, then A.J. Reed strikes out immediately after. Then unfortunately Tom hits into a double play to end the Kentucky assault. KU up with a 6-4 lead after three.

(Dean Bowling- 4:54) Just like the previous two innings, Nelson got two easy outs before giving up a hit. Luckily for Kentucky, Bernal made a great scoop on the throw for JaVon to get the third out of the inning, leaving the runner stranded. Heading into the B4th, ‘Cats trail 6-4.

Also, quick shoutout to former KSR writer John Wilmhoff who’s using the live-blog to follow the game because ESPN3 isn’t authorized where he works (ESPN headquarters)

(Nick Jourdan 5:07 ) Thomas led off for the Big Blue, where he slapped one into dead-center field. Then Kuhn lays down a bunt that sends the ball rolling across the artificial turf to give him first base. Wilson then singles himself on to first to load the bases with no outs. Bernal then AGAIN slaps another up the middle to score two Cats, tying the game back up. Reida and Shelby then would hit two fly-balls, and then Bernal steals second to get in scoring position. Bernal then gets tagged out after running over third base to end the inning. 6-6 tie after four complete.

(Dean Bowling- 5:15) After a 1-2-3 inning for Nelson it begins pouring again. It’ll be the bottom of the bottom of the 5th whenever it stops raining. From what we’ve heard, this game HAS to completed today, so we may be here a while.

(Nick Jourdan- 6:57) FINALLY….FINALLY about to start back up again. New start time now set for 7:10.

(Nick Jourdan- 7:18)  The Cats started back up with Max Kuhn leading off, where he hit a single out to left field. Reed then came up and hit a fly-ball out to left field (OUT 1). Tom then hit a fly-ball of his own out to left-center field (OUT 2). Thomas then popped one up to the left field base line for out number three.

(Dean Bowling- 7:30 ) On the mound for UK was Chandler Shepherd (3.36 ERA, 5-4). Andrew Nelson finished the day with a line of 4.1 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 3 K and 3 BB. After giving up a lead off walk, Shep would get a Kansas batter to pop out to center for the first out of the inning. Kansas would barely avoid a double-play next at bat, but another pop fly to center would get UK out of the inning with the game still tied 6-6.

(Nick Jourdan- 7:40) Wilson led off the bottom of the 6th by getting waked down to 1st. Bernal then laid down a sac. bunt to advance Wilson to second (OUT 1). Wilson then was able to get to third off of a wild pitch. Reida then hit a shallow fly-out, which Wilson then was thrown out by a mile trying to score at home. Still a 6-6 tie after six complete.

(Dean Bowling- 7:50) Once again, Kansas lead off the inning with a single. Next batter, Tharp, doubled off of the left field fence to give Kansas a 7-6 lead. A perfectly placed bunt put runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs. Next batter, McKay, would ground into a double play, scoring the runner on 3rd, giving Kansas an 8-6 lead. After another ground out, UK would head into the B7th down 8-6.

(Nick Jourdan- 7:57) Shelby led it off for UK in the B7th with a strike out, putting him to 0-2 on the day (OUT 1). Cousino then came up for the top of the order, where he sent a deep fly-ball caught out in center field (OUT 2). Kuhn then came up and popped one out to right field to end the 7th inning for the Cats, still down 8-6 to KU.

(Nick Jourdan- 8:13) Much like every other opening at-bat for KU, the Jayhawks got a runner on to start it out, this time unfortunately for the Cats it turned out to be a triple. KU’s Protacio got a single that scored Mirabelli to give Kansas a 9-6 lead with no outs. Not long after, Gary made the walk out to the mound to talk to Big Shep. Wright then hit a double to the gap to advance the Jayhawk runner. The cats finally stopped the bleeding a little on pop-fly to Shelby on 2nd (1 OUT). Shepherd then threw a wild one in the dirt to score Protacio from third to increase the KU lead to 10-6. Right after, Shep was able to strike out Afenir at the plate (OUT 2). KU’s Tharp the popped one out to the right field foul line to end the T8’th for KU, but not before they got two more runs to push the game to 10-6.

(Nick Jourdan- 8:24 ) Reed led off the bottom of the 8th, where he was walked to first. Tom then hit a deep shot to CF, which was caught for the first out (OUT 1). KU then switched pitchers to Villines, who was able to get Thomas to almost hit in to a double play, however they were not able to get the ball to first fast enough to convert it (OUT 2). Wison then came up to bat, where he was struck out to end the B8’th for the Cats. Kansas still with a 10-6 lead heading into the final inning.

(Nick Jourdan- 8:31) Shepherd started out the T9’th right by striking out KU’s McKay (1 OUT). Then, the next KU batter Eldredge hit a fly-ball to center field that was caught for an out (OUT 2). Finally, KU’s Pidhaichuk was struck out on a full count to end it for the Jayhawks. They lead 10-6 heading into the bottom of the 9th.

(Nick Jourdan- 8:41 ) Bernal led it off for the Cats in the bottom of the 9th, where he grounded out to first (OUT 1). Reida then came up to bat next for the Cats, where he was able to hit a double out to right field. Barret came to bat next, where he flew out to center field (OUT 2). Finally, Cousino went up to bat, where his last ditch effort ended in a fly-out to left field to end the game as KU wins 10-6. A quick recap will be up here momentarily. Stay around if your not too depressed.

Article written by Dean Bowling

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  1. What!!
    2:26 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Where the heck are you? I’m downtown louisville (loserville) and it is bone dry.

    • jason
      2:30 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      I live around EasternPkwy & Preston no rain here, the ballpark is roughly 5 blocks from me, once kids get home from school Im heading up there.

  2. jason
    2:28 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Whats the crowd look like?

    • Dean Bowling
      2:30 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Not too bad, a lot of blue in attendance

  3. jason
    2:34 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    I hope Cody will settle in

  4. J-Dub421
    2:39 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Go Cats! Set up a date with the dirty birds. I love knocking them out of the post-season in any sport.

  5. Jason Mahoney
    2:39 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Cody Just needs to battle and limit them to only 2 runs!

  6. jason
    2:40 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Starting to rain pretty good

  7. Ummm
    2:40 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    I’m streaming this game on my phone, but I’m having a little trouble with the feed. Anyone know if the game is on the radio anywhere?

    Go Cayts!

    • jason
      2:43 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      630 WLAP

    • UK Terry
      2:46 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      WKJK 1080AM

    • Ummm
      2:48 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      I probably should have just assumed that.

      Thanks, guys

    2:47 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    UK got screwed on Kansas’ third run, the game should have been stopped because of the heavy rain, before UK’s catcher launched the wet ball into the outfield.

    • KU alum in KY
      2:54 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Sounds like your tampon is in too tight.

    • J-Dub421
      3:01 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Go back to that crap hole known as Kansas then, jerk. You are one of the idiots that women were referring to in the #yesallwomen tweets. Take your misogyny elsewhere.

      4:29 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Hey moron, not only did Kansas get a cheap in the down pour, one of Kansas’ players was injured because of the slippery home plate.

  9. RainyDayRon
    2:53 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Am I the only Windstream customer who is disappointed that ESPN3 is not available to their internet customers?

  10. UK alum in KS
    2:58 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    KU alums eat cat terds and die!

  11. Brandon
    2:59 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    What inning?

  12. just saying
    3:05 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    So do the UK fans have stadium envy yet, as ULs BaseBall facilities are far superior the dumpster park Cliff Hagan is?

    • Matt
      3:16 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      HAHA so true, everyone of Louisville’s facilities are better than Kensucky’s and its not even close!

    • J-Dub421
      3:34 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      All of U of L is hideously ugly and smashed up against 264. The whole campus is in a terrible part of town, parking everywhere on campus is a nightmare, the underpass floods and some idiot gets their car stuck every time it rains, it’s a giant industrial looking eye-sore.

    • Matt
      3:46 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Well someones mad….. If you think that the facilities at Kensucky are better than Louisville’s then you mister are doing meth! I hope that meth comment doesn’t get you mad either because I’m assuming you do meth also? Lexington is a complete shit hole compared to Louisville, THAT’S A FACT!

    • L1C6
      4:03 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Aw, imagine that…a Louisville fan that doesn’t know the definition of “fact”. So typical. It’s funny, you’re here sweating us, just hoping that we are sweating your facilities. Your little bro syndrome is cute, and that’s a “fact”.

    • CardTard
      4:06 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Please be jealous of our facilities! That will take away from the pain of UK having a winning record against us in pretty much every sport ever invented. L yeah!

    • Butthurt Taxpayer
      4:10 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      The city of Louisville would rather ppl look at Yum instead of all the drug addicts and homeless people around it. That’s why they let the school rob taxpayers to pump money into facilities. That, and the city of Louisville just enjoys robbing people bc robbing is a Louisville thing to do!

    • J-Dub421
      4:47 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Matt, I live in Louisville. Go try out 71 during rush hour and then we’ll talk about shit holes. U of L does have nice facilities, paid for by their crooked deal on the backs of taxpayers who built the YUM Center. By the way U of L gets no credit for the YUM Center since it belongs to the city and is currently hemorrhaging money.

    • lonnieb
      4:51 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      obviously Louisville has better athletic facilities that we will soon be paying for…bury lets not compare the actual places. Lexington is much more attractive asthetically and has much more money per capita….everything is new and nice…i live in Louisville now(past 5 years) grew up in lex overall its not even close. Louisville has better nightlife; however all in all Louisville is a dump….kneeneland is also 10X better than churchill downs

  13. DT in DC
    3:05 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    What are the rules re: rain outs in college baseball? If the game get’s called before the 5th inning, do they replay the entire game or pick up where it was left off?

  14. jason UK fan in Louisville
    3:15 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Jim Patterson is very nice, plus great location in between Churchill and Papa John Stadium. When the ballpark is full, folks watch the game from rooftops along 3rd Street. I never been to Cliff, any college ballpark is hard to top Jim Patterson, wasn’t too along though UofL played at Old Cardinal Stadium 40,000 seats and 100 spectators made for a weird vibe, UofL has really improved it facilities and it translates over to performence

  15. FACTS
    3:16 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    I see UK baseball is up to their same old tricks again. Suckering fans in with a hot streak only to choke and disappoint everyone in the end. Just glad I stopped falling for the same old run around a while back. Have learned to expect nothing more out of the Batcats and coach Henderson.

      4:13 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      same old tricks? what’s the score now?

    • KU alum
      4:15 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      6 to 3, [email protected] face.

    • J-Dub421
      4:40 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      KU alum, why don’t you go find a KU message board? Or better yet go re-watch the 2012 NCAA Basketball title game.

    • Self-Important Much?
      5:45 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Sucker you in? Get over yourself. You’ve obviously moved on though thus your presence here. Oh wait…

  16. SafetySam
    3:41 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Safety tip when dealing with wet power strips. Plug in with one hand while holding on to your friend with the other.

  17. jason n louisville
    3:58 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink


  18. TryToKeepUp
    4:01 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    It’s 3-3 now idiots.

  19. PaintLouBlue
    4:17 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink


  20. jason n louisville
    4:57 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    UofL field crew has a easy job, paint the field once an year

  21. Jimmy Dinklewinker
    5:34 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Brent Ingram is the worst!

  22. Jesus
    7:03 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    God hates the university of luvul, that’s why he’s making it rain there and no where else in the city.

  23. Ajax
    7:57 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Great game! It is nice to see the powerhouses of basketball go at in baseball too! Go KU!

  24. Ajax
    8:02 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Another run for the Jayhawks, go KU!

  25. Ajax
    8:07 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    KU up 9-6, runners on second and third with no one out in the top of the 8th. Looks like the Jayhawks are going to tame some Wildcats, today!

  26. Bill
    8:10 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    …it’s batting practice time against Chandler Shepherd – Lord, have mercy!

    • Ajax
      8:14 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      UK is always strong in the late innings. This is really far from over. KU may be over-confident, now.

  27. Ajax
    8:10 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Wild pitch, run scores, KU 10-6, the Cat’s are nervous. KU is nailing down a win!

  28. Blake
    8:12 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    It is almost laughable how bad their pitching staff is outside of Reed. I thought Henderson was a pitching guy?? Giving up 10 runs to a team with a .284 average on the season is a freaking joke. Henderson forever choking in the regionals and coming up small…

    • Ajax
      8:22 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Since when is .284 not a good team average? Geez!

    • Perspective
      8:56 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Henderson’s teams of course standing opposite our illustrious past of SEC titles and World Series appearances. Oh, wait. That stuff never happened. Oh well we should fire him anyway. As for pitching did you somehow miss the THREE rain delays? That kind of screws with your entire staff but let’s just keep acting like this was an ordinary game for the bullpen. Fellowship of the Miserable. Actually you probably don’t even qualify as an FOM member. “Their pitching”? Odd for a fan to use the pronoun “their”.

  29. Bill
    8:13 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Ajax, your winning against a Gary Henderson coached team…NO BIG DEAL!

    • Ajax
      8:17 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Suddenly, KU cannot find the strike zone. Looks like the Jayhawks want to play with the Wildcats a bit longer.

    • Ajax
      8:19 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Nice to get K Thom out. He is a dangerous hitter!

  30. Lol
    8:24 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Out manager is a buffoon. It is obvious he tried to save our ace to beat the cards. How’s that working out.

    • Ajax
      8:33 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      KU came into this game really hot, and played for the post season Big 12 Championship. So, it is not a surprise to the Jayhawks putting a lot runs on the board.

    • Ajax
      8:36 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      KU just two outs away from a nice win. Go Jayhawks!

    • Ajax
      8:40 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      UK down to their last out, but they are good two out team!

  31. Ajax
    8:43 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Great game, the Jayhawks advance with a win over the Wildcats. Final score, Kansas 150, Kentucky 95.

    • Eightnotenough
      9:06 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      UK 67
      ku 59
      2012 National Champions…….

      Drops mike……walks off stage….;)

    • Entirely Forgettable
      9:10 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      I guess if I were a Kansas fan knowing that my team is 6-21 all-time versus the Cats I’d dig up a score from Pitino’s first season coaching a team decimated by probation too. You see if I could focus on this inconsequential win I might forget my team’s pitiful letdown in the second round of the tourney that year despite a loaded roster.

    • Stupid Hicks
      9:52 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Idiot hicks always revert back to hoops when someone calls out all their other inept programs.

    • Ajax
      10:02 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      Finally, a show of pulse from Kentucky fans. Wasn’t sure if there was one!

  32. OldUKFan
    10:29 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    It’s effing baseball for christsakes. It’s not like we are a perennial baseball powerhouse. We have the national POY and 8 guys. Pitching sucked, we committed 4 errors in the first inning. I think it’s a case of “we’re just glad to be here.” We’ll see how KU stacks up against the top tier SEC baseball teams…and when was the last time you won something in basketball..oh yeah 2008.

    • Ajax
      11:47 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

      You guys aren’t that bad. Stop beating yourself up. We’ll take care of Louisville for you!

  33. matt
    11:53 pm May 30, 2014 Permalink

    Kensucky blows dick!!!!!!!!!!!!