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Tyler Ulis has a new mixtape

Kentucky’s next point guard is averaging 25 points, seven assists, five rebounds and almost three steals through 11 games for Marian Catholic in Chicago this season. Watch him ball in his new senior season mixtape from the basketball mixtapes kings at BallIsLife.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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45 Comments for Tyler Ulis has a new mixtape

  1. Jake from State Farm
    11:10 am January 3, 2014 Permalink

    I’m really looking forward to watch him play.

  2. ukbradstith
    11:11 am January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Glad we’ve got Ulis, but I don’t see him starting right off the bat. Not sold that the Harrisons go pro, but if they do, I think Hawkins is our main pg next season.

  3. hully
    11:17 am January 3, 2014 Permalink

    I hope we have andrew harrison next year. These 5’9″ point guards aren’t my style.

    • Jordan
      3:11 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

      There is no doubt in my mind that if for some odd reason the twins return (barring a national title), there will be multiple media outlets and rival fans say “Cal is making them come back because it’s all about him and trying to make himself look better”. A far cry from “Cal only wants these kids for 6 months then kicks them out for the next crop”

  4. Walt
    11:18 am January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Should be hard to guard esp if trying to prevent him from passing. I’d think he could be stopped from scoring by a taller, athletic defender – maybe. Look at how our freshmen guards did against the UL guards. Russ Smith and Jones were hard to handle.

    Conversely though, how can we expect Tyler to guard an aggressive bigger and taller guard who seeks to take it to the hoop like Andrew Harrison did?

    I’m glad we have Hawkins and I perhaps we’ll have Andrew for another year. If not, maybe Exum?? If not him, perhaps another top 10 guard like Mudiay.

    What’s Tyler’s REAL height and weight?

  5. Rob
    11:21 am January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Honestly not blown away by that mix tape. At least Ryan Harrow was dunking in his youtube videos. This is just a lot of dribbling with some passing.
    Starting to think Cal might have seen Andrew as a 2 year guy with this addition.

    • trey
      11:29 am January 3, 2014 Permalink

      That’s what I was thinking. He doesn’t seem to have any explosiveness to him. I could put a better highlight tape of myself than that.

    • Dacci
      1:03 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

      …and dunks are the best measure of point guard play. Go to youtube and search for Chris Paul’s best dunks….you wont find many…if any. I really think Ullis could be UK’s Russ Smith that actually passes. He has speed and handling, yet he is a great passer as well. I have high hopes.

    • el hombre juan
      1:30 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

      Break a lot of ankles do you trey? Lol

    • Rob
      7:32 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

      I was using Ryan Harrows dunks as a measure of athleticism and explosiveness. We all know the ending to that. This just looks like a pick up game against Bishop Brossert with no real displays of mind blowing advantage against the other team. What happens the first time he goes into the lane and bangs against a 6-9 250 lb man…

      Maybe cal has an inside track on an Anthony Davis like growth spurt.

  6. RealCatsFan
    11:51 am January 3, 2014 Permalink

    As Cats fans I think we are forever spoiled by the John Wall mix-tapes.

  7. Beau
    11:59 am January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Little buddy has a good handle but, scoring in the paint is not going to be easy for him. Best case, he grows three more inches… Doesn’t look like that will happen though… He’ll be a good addition and glad to have him as a Cat!

  8. MikeMan
    11:59 am January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Probably not a popular reference, but I kinda think he plays like Russ Smith.

  9. MikeMan
    11:59 am January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Also, does he look really young to anyone else?

  10. Roggensak
    12:13 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    This kid can handle the ball, court vision is crazy good and he is tough!! Good addition to the BBN!

  11. Young
    12:17 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Just another Ryan Harrow with less size and not as athletic…Not trying to be a buzz kill just calling a spade a spade.

    • Dacci
      1:04 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

      Because all players who are play like Ryan Harrow also have 0 heart just like him. Great analysis there.

  12. Roggensak
    12:24 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    I just watched Ryan Harrow’s mix tape again… the kid is playing pickup basketball against out of shape dudes, They are all standing around for goodness sake. Please let our coaching staff be the judge of who plays for our team…. Thanks!

  13. Not impressed
    12:48 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Guys John Wall, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and etc don’t come around every year. Ullis is a good, not great player. Barring some important pieces coming back we probably aren’t national title contenders next year. We are spoiled by the 5 star recruits we get every year. Next year Cal missed on some big ones. Lets hope he can develop and become an important piece to a future title run.

  14. piedma schwartz
    12:49 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    All jumpers over HS kids.

    The next Brandon Stockton

  15. Observation
    1:22 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    These leagues need to tighten up the hand checking. It serves these kids no justice when they enter college with the new rules. They are behind. Everything changes when you can’t hand check. Just an observation. I saw Ulis get fouled 458 times in that highlight. (shoulder shrug).

  16. Joe Dennison
    1:23 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    I don’t think we have much to be worried over. Coach Cal was looking for a “pass first” point guard and got him. He can shake and bake, plus score enough to keep the opponent from looking pass all the time. Coach got what he wanted and that’s good enough for me.

  17. BAdams
    1:26 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Some of you amaze me. Cal wants this kid for a reason. Reasons being, he plays tough and bigger than his size. I’m pretty sure Harrow never played toughed and was afraid of contact. This kid, if he has a jumper in his game, can be a less athletic Robinson, and I say that cuz we havent seen him throw down any dunks. But we dont know what this young man is capable of, especially once Cal gets ahold of him. There are a lot of short guards out there they can hang with the best. He shows incredible ball handling skills with the ability to kick and drive. That’s what he needs to do. Size really doesnt matter much anymore, just like it doesnt matter if the QB is under 6ft. It’s the skill set that matters and the mental and physical toughness. Seems like a great kid who genuinely loves being a Cat. What else could you ask for?

  18. kes
    1:26 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    why didnt we just get tattoo from fantasy island? hell, we could have saved money from traveling and just offered a jockey from keeneland. i mean, they are the same size

    • el hombre juan
      1:33 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

      De plane!!!

  19. Oogie
    1:40 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    To those who are judging the kid based on his height, two words: Devan Downey. That dude dominated every time UK and SC met. I don’t know if Ulis is that kind of player, but don’t dismiss him just because of his height.

  20. kyrobman
    2:06 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    I’m not doubting the staffs faith in him but he looks so young, I thought this was a middle school mix tape.

    • jaws2
      2:31 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

      Never saw them on offense, but that was definitely middle school defense.

  21. Tim Kathlina
    2:28 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Does a 4 year Ulis at Kentucky hurt our recruiting chances with NBA style point guards over next few years? Does Cal miss out on the next John Wall? In other words, if Ulis is really good, leads Kentucky to a final 4, will Cal be willing the next year to tell Ulis to take a seat on the bench in order to get the next star point guard? Then as that kid goes thru Freshmen growing pains, will Kentucky fans complain that Ulis is on the bench?

    • Jordan
      3:18 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

      He missed out on the next John Wall which is why he had to settle for Ulis. (Mudiay)

  22. ReverendBlue
    3:07 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Just because you are small, it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful in NCAA basketball. Does anyone remember Devan Downey from South Carolina? Sometimes quickness can be more of an advantage than height. We had Wall, Cousins, and Bledsoe that year, but couldn’t stop that little dynamo from scoring. You can’t dispute that Ulis handles the ball well and has good quickness. I think he could create a lot of opportunities in the dribble drive with his ability to penetrate and cause the defense to rotate to help, freeing up lobs, assists, and kick-outs to the perimeter for 3’s.

  23. STEVE!
    3:27 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    I hope as much as anyone that the kid can be a contributor, but he is short, thin, and doesn’t seem to have any hops. He may get beat up every night in college against the grown men he’ll be playing against, especially if he tries to go into the lane as much as his tape shows. Andrew Harrison gets knocked around, and he’s 9″ taller and 60 pounds heavier than Ulis.

  24. Tim
    3:36 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    As soon as I saw this mixtape the first thing that came to mine was Ryan Harrow. Then I read the comments and feel even better about my initial thoughts. I think Ryan is even smoother and quicker and bigger than this kid. I am a 6′, 39 year old pick up game b-ball player and I promise I could guard this kid. If anyone thinks this kid will ever play PG at UK they are wrong. If Andrew H. Leaves this year we will be in desperate need of a pg. I have faith in Cal and I realize he missed out on a few pg that he wanted and this kid was the best of what was still out there. Hope he finds a juco between now and then.

    • Chuck Norris
      4:30 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

      I know you height and age, but how much do you weigh? Because it would give me a better idea of how full of s**t you really are?

    • PhilUK18
      4:32 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

      Tyler Ulis would light you up at your old, fat dude church league, grandpa. Have some respect for the kid and at least give him a chance.

  25. NashCatsFan
    3:45 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    I know this is way too early to make judgments of the players coming in, but I am really excited for this incoming class. Just from what I have seen with the games on TV, mixtapes, etc it looks like this incoming class can really pass the ball and seem very unselfish. I think this class is a lot better than people are giving them credit for. I think it could possibly a very easy transition with the guys coming back. I think it’s just different than the past years, which is why there already is some doubt casted on some of these guys.

  26. Get over yourselves
    4:30 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Of the 30+ comments on this page, about 25 of them are by the UK fans i cant even stand. I bleed blue but find it funny that I sometimes have a bigger problem with our own fans more than i do other fanbases. The ones who think we deserve and should be given everything, get over yourselves. We like all other schools dont get every recruit we want. It happens. To the fans who try to judge a kid still in high school and other than mixtapes, you know nothing about, there is a reason Cal gets the players he does. Perhaps he knows the recruits better than you? Maybe he knows his team better than you? Maybe he knows what hes trying to do with the personel he has better than you? And Tim, no way on this earth your 39 year old pickup b-baller skill set could guard him. Haha. But you did give me a good laugh for today.

    • Plenty
      9:49 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

      I agree. I laugh and get annoyed at these ridulous comments all the time. Some of these fans don’t know a thing about what they are talking about. They need to stick to their day job, because they sound ridiculous. This guy may not be a John Wall, but he will stick around for some years and help our team down the road. You can tell Cal is trying to get some guys that will do that to add that experience factor to the talent. This is to avoid a season like last. I don’t think UK will have as many guys go in the draft this season as people think either. I see us being a contender again next year, with more experience and less of a learning curve. May be a little less talent, but they will make up for it in other areas.

  27. Chuck Norris
    5:50 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The amount of ignorance combined with arrogance in the KSR comments section is unbelievable most times.

  28. CatsBBN
    6:10 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Yup, to many people think they know better than Cal. Cal is the coach for a reason. They are not, for an obvious good reason. Haha

  29. Blue To The Bone..
    7:41 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Watching this mix is nice , but really!!!…There was probably not one other kid in that mix tape that will be a D1 player…Time will tell if he is the real deal

  30. Ben
    10:23 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    When my wife and I had our 1st year anniversary, I went all out. Now, every anniversary we’ve had since is compared to the 1st one. That’s the same reason people on here aren’t drooling over this mixtape. It’s not that we don’t trust the coaching staff, or that we don’t think Ulis is a good player. It’s that we’ve seen this: Yes, I realize that every class won’t have the next “best player ever”, just like I know that going on an expensive romantic trip across the world can’t happen every year. But the bar has been raised when it comes to mixtapes that make us drool. Just sayin.

  31. CatsBBN
    10:44 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    Buts it’s not about the mixtape itself. It’s people acting like they know a player by just mixtapes. I’m sure getting on this site and bashing recruits is a great way to get the players we want. *sarcasm* I believe you may be spoiled by mixtapes but by reading some of the above comments it is far worse than that for some people. I love seeing crazy mixtapes, I’m no different. But for some people to think they know a player by these mixtapes is completely irrational. When you watch OJ Mayo and Patrick Pattersons mixtapes they weren’t “John Wall-esqe” mixtapes but I saw them play Lex-Cath at memorial back in 2007 or 2008 and they were unbelievable in person. Had to see them to believe them. Same with a lot of these guys. Wait until they get here and then make your criticisms is all I’m saying

  32. Brandon
    9:03 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    I have seen Tyler play a whole lot. He is an awesome guard. Calipri has the right idea of building the team around him. People don’t know that he is a dynamic 3 point shooter. He will spread many defenses out. He can score when he wants to. He will be able to do a lot on the offensive end. People totally over look his defense, simlpy because of his size. He is not a liability on defense. He can guard good players. I can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of the Kentucky fans when they watch him play. Tyler Ulis is going to be a heck of a ballplayer at Kentucky.

    • CatsBBN
      1:52 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

      Good post and I haven’t seen him play in person but can’t wait to see what he can do when he gets here.