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Two students sue University of Kentucky for not offering more women’s sports

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Two University of Kentucky students are suing the school for not offering enough women’s varsity sports.

According to a federal lawsuit filed today, Elizabeth Niblock and Meredith Newman claim UK needs to add 183 women to its athletics programs to comply with Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination in federally funded educational programs. UK’s student body is 55% female, but only 41% of the student athletes that participate in varsity sports are women, hence the discrepancy.

Niblock, a lacrosse and field hockey player, and Newman, a triathlete, claim UK refused to add field hockey, lacrosse and triathlon varsity programs when the club teams approached the athletics department.

“These women are not asking for special treatment,” said Jill Zwagerman, the lawyer representing the students. “They are merely asking to receive the same opportunities to be able to play, receive scholarships and all the benefits that come along with being a Division-I student athlete at Kentucky.”

Both UK President Eli Capilouto and Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart were named in the lawsuit, which accuses Barnhart of not adding a women’s varsity program during his tenure despite a 2004 self-study that suggested the athletics department should offer more opportunities for women. UK Spokesman Jay Blanton released this statement on behalf of the university.

“The University of Kentucky fully complies with Title IX and its regulations concerning participation in intercollegiate athletics. As a campus community, we care deeply about these issues. With 22 sports, UK has the broadest based athletics program in the Southeastern Conference. Based on our surveys of our students, the current sports offerings fully accommodate the interests and abilities of our undergraduate students.”

You can read the entire lawsuit here.


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21 Comments for Two students sue University of Kentucky for not offering more women’s sports

  1. a21CATSfan
    2:47 pm September 25, 2019 Permalink

    Feel the Bern, America!

    • satcheluk
      5:02 am September 26, 2019 Permalink

      He or anyone would be a fine salve for the infection we are dealing with right now.

  2. Wilfred Smith
    3:15 pm September 25, 2019 Permalink

    Let basketball and football pay the bills.

    Triathlon as a varsity sport? I have huge respect for it, but how about cross country and leave out the other two parts?

  3. mothandras
    3:25 pm September 25, 2019 Permalink

    Might as well add Badminton and Croquet while they are at it.

  4. lexslamman
    3:49 pm September 25, 2019 Permalink

    It is past time to repeal Title IX.

    • Wilfred Smith
      4:42 pm September 25, 2019 Permalink

      They use Title IX for sexual harassment and other non-discrimination based training as well. I’ve taught long enough that I’ve memorized most training, etc – but if it helps any victim, it’s worthwhile.

    • satcheluk
      5:03 am September 26, 2019 Permalink

      You don’t have a daughter it would seem or care about any women.

  5. Ridge Runner
    3:55 pm September 25, 2019 Permalink

    Doggone it, I’m suing someone because well.. umm.. well… uh… I’m mad about all this suing. Coming for ya all dang it.

  6. tncatrn
    4:16 pm September 25, 2019 Permalink

    Exactly…what a load of crap…what kinda moron goes to a school they know doesnt have the sports they want to play? If they were good enough to play division 1 in either of those sports they would have had scholarships to schools that had them and gone there

    • satcheluk
      5:04 am September 26, 2019 Permalink

      You angry?

  7. CahillsCrossingNT
    4:55 pm September 25, 2019 Permalink

    They aren’t “federally funded.” Its taxpayer funded. Why does everybody think it’s the government’s money?

    • ClutchCargo
      12:59 am September 26, 2019 Permalink

      The money comes from the federal government, which collects it from taxpayers. It’s not that difficult to understand.

  8. wadmalawcat
    5:55 pm September 25, 2019 Permalink


  9. ukcamel
    9:48 pm September 25, 2019 Permalink

    Funny that it is wrong that more athletes are men but ok that more students overall are women. If you are blindly looking for “equality” then shouldn’t both numbers be 50/50? If you are willing to consider nuance, both rates are probably ok (representations of interest, aptitude, etc. of the sexes).

  10. eyebleedblue
    12:06 pm September 26, 2019 Permalink

    Imagine being so triggered by differing opinions online, you have to delete them so others can’t see them. That’s KSR writers in 2019.

  11. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
    6:35 am September 27, 2019 Permalink

    These will probably get deleted due to it being true but this lawsuit should be dropped because those men’s sports that take so many students are what pays for everything.

    The reason this may get deleted is because with liberals you’re only as important as the darkness of your skin, the LGBTQ+ness of your lifestyle, and the lack of maleness of your birth. Which is just as racist and sexist as any pig headed person out there.

    Trolls haunt these post with no moderating done at all. All male Louisville fans sue the NCAA and moderators do nothing. But any joke or counterpoint made on here gets deleted, and I know you’re smart enough to know a joke and a counterpoint vs a down right attack(although the post deletion says other wise).

  12. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
    6:50 am September 27, 2019 Permalink

    Not title 9 itself but the manipulation of it. The fact their sueing a school that they chose to go to knowing it didn’t have these sports available, and then got told no. Either they went here fully expecting to sue or they’re pissed that the school made money on the Krog deal and spent it on making things better for students, and upgrading outdated facilities instead of their sport.

  13. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
    6:59 am September 27, 2019 Permalink

    This would be like me going to a school knowing they don’t do veterinary classes and then sueing them and claiming it’s due to the fact 55% of their population is of the opposite sex and thus they need to add the discrepancy so veterinary classes would magically appear.

    • Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
      7:03 am September 27, 2019 Permalink

      Actually these is worse because vets are needed and no one likes lacrosse or soccer golf.