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Two Pictures to End the Night


It’s been a long day and there is a lot to say, but I will probably save most of it for tomorrow night. For now, two quick things…first is the picture above from Damien Harris’s visit tonight to Alabama for the Iron Bowl. One has to think the kid was impressed and after the game he tweeted this:

Even with that comment, I still think UK is in this and people shouldn’t give up…but today certainly didn’t help with their win and great environment.

So how do we cheer ourselves up? Well Kentucky plays basketball tomorrow (which is always good) and John Wall wore this hat tonight. Wall wants you to know that only you can prevent forest fires


Have a good night kids

Article written by Matt Jones

12 Comments for Two Pictures to End the Night

  1. DC Cat
    12:36 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

    I want Harris to be a Cat…but, at the end of the day, why would he want that after what the “fans” have contributed? Evidence:

    1. Having to beg fans to sell out a diminished capacity CWS. Bama – no need to beg even when playing cupcakes.
    2. Fans who turn on players and coaches – even home grown ones. Too many “fans” interact on social media with the players. Bama fans do it too, but the team U.S. always good so there is likely less bitching at players. As for coaches – we have idiots who are NOT in the mix of the actual issues and circumstances basically telling coach brown to bot let the door hit him where the good lord split him en route to Troy.

    If I’m DH, I might be pushed to say “screw this negativity”.

    • memphis wildcat
      8:37 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

      Agree on wanting DH but I have to slightly disagree with you on the other points. After Bama lost there was a pretty vocal crowd complaining about Kiffin and had he left for Troy or anywhere else there would have been an even stronger “don’t let the door hit you” reaction than we have seen with Brown. Also, Saban was complaining about Bama attendance and it’s impression on recruits….he even said if you are not going to stay give your ticket away. Admitedly they still average close to 100k but selling out and filling out a stadium is not just a CWS issue. And it’s not just a football issue. Rupp is not packed for cupcakes any more as all the games are on TV. That being said, I thought Ohio State was more likely than Bama to get him….

    • blubo
      9:13 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

      sorry, but bad analogy. we have no football tradition whereas bama is football—like uk basketball is college basketball, j. calipari 2009. if our football team was competitive each year then fans would fill cws. considering our football history i think uk fans should be commended for their support over the past 65+ years of mediocrity. fans are not to blame.

  2. KYStout
    4:43 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

    That top picture is a little depressing.

  3. Rixter
    8:26 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

    John Wall rocking the Urban Sombrero!!

  4. jay2101
    8:26 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

    people said same thing about elam last year too

  5. WillySpankit
    9:23 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

    I think we’re in it more than ever now. Bama just offered another runningback this week and Harris decided to take a visit here the weekend he’s supposed to announce (though it may get pushed back.) I think he just wanted to go there because who would turn down a free VIP trip to the Iron Bowl? Things are still looking to be in our favor unless we get a complete dud for an OC.

  6. Time Expired
    10:10 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

    Dreamers just keep on dreaming huh. UK has four running backs next year so why would he come here. The only plus for the Cats is the fact we are to get a new OC which could mean a whole new scheme in the attack. Fans just need to get used to the idea that he is Bama bound. Besides that this team needs defensive players much more than offensive ones.

    • keiths
      12:03 pm November 30, 2014 Permalink

      Every division one school has 4 running backs for next year. really great insight….

    • Rob.Foushee
      4:50 pm November 30, 2014 Permalink

      Alabama’s Running backs next year

      TJ Yeldon (SR) 5 star recruit class of 2011 #1 Running Back
      Derrick Henry (JR) 5 star recruit class of 2012 #1 Athlete
      Kenyan Drake (SR) 4 star recruit class of 2011 #4 Running Back
      Tyren Jones (SO) 4 star recruit class of 2013 #6 Running Back
      Altee Tenpenny (JR) 4 star recruit class of 2012 #5 Running Back

      But our four are going to scare him down to Alabama where he will have less competition?

  7. cats paw
    11:07 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

    For a little perspective.. We hired a coach that had zero head coaching experience. We are giving him $600,000 for every win (UTM, OHIO, ULM) and $428,000 for every loss. Next time you pick up your $1,500 check think about that for a minute….yes, I do have a few expectations when a man receives that type salary.
    He was hired for his defensive mind and yet the team has given up an avg of 40+ points over the last half of the season. Fans want to think he made the Florida St. Defense yet the team he left hasn’t lost a game in the two yrs since he left!
    Until this program can pull off a Calipari type hire (yes, Petrino would have worked) the fans will be stuck painting the lipstick on the pig. The players, recruiting and fanbase are just as capable of being competitive in the SEC as any team around us!! If Stoops can turn this around in 5 yrs then great, pay him like it in 5 years!

  8. Hermes
    2:09 pm November 30, 2014 Permalink

    Hey Cat’s Paw, don’t let jealously over salary cause you to get down on Stoops. Your criticisms of the defensive coaching may turn out to be valid but it is too early to tell. The talent level on our defense is far below other SEC defenses. Our defensive ends and safeties are good, our corners are average, at best, our defensive tackles are average to solid, and our linebackers are too few and too inexperienced. Overall, the talent level is average with not enough depth at certain positions. Neither Stoops nor the defensive coordinator can be expected to have a top flight defense with average talent overall. The recruiting has been much better and next year’s team will have more depth and more talent than this one. Although this year turned out to be disappointing, it is only because of the solid start, with a win over USC and a near-win over UF. Most people predicted 3 wins for UK, so 5 is not bad. Next year, we should win at least 6, maybe 7 or 8. As for Harris, I would love to have him but running back is not our biggest need. Everyone on the offense will look better with more talent on the OL. I think that need has been addressed and we will see improvement in the running game next year, regardless of whether or not Harris picks UK.