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Two Kentucky high school football stars are beefing on Twitter

Matt Elam and Bowling Green wide receiver Nacarius Fant are exchanging pleasantries on Twitter for all to see, and it’s getting pretty ugly. I can’t find the root of the Twitter beef — and I really don’t care — but from what I can gather, Elam is taunting Fant, a WKU commit, for not getting an offer from Kentucky or Louisville while Fant retweets everyone he knows.

It’s all a confusing mess but here are some of the shots fired…

@FballIsLife69 (Elam): I Aint Never Been That Type How Does Our Mr Football From Ky Not Have A UofL Or UK Scholarship Well Just Look At Him Or His Film

@FballIsLife69 (Elam): Me And Drew Represented Ky Proud While You Was At Home Watching Us.. Real D1 Talent From KY Put In Work

@FballIsLife69 (Elam): Shouldnt Have Started Talking That Cash You Will Never Know What It Feels Like To Play Against Great Competition And Still Ball

@FballIsLife69 (Elam): All American Ha Bro Please Dont Do It To Yourself @D_Barker7 Said Your Weak And You Begged Him For A UK Offer 😰..😂😂😩😩😂 Your Weak

@FballIsLife69 (Elam): Talk And Back It Up Im Proven Thats Why I Have What I Have You On The Other Hand Just Need To Work Harder And Talk Less !!


@RegimeFant (Fant): Hahahaha what ?

@RegimeFant (Fant): he doesn’t pass out offers lol why beg him to offer me

@RegimeFant (Fant): so did you make that up or..still trying to figure out

I couldn’t be more lost if you dropped me in a Rick Pitino press conference and asked me to find some truth, but the point is Elam and Fant are causing quite the scene on social media this evening. Fant won Mr. Football in Kentucky last week, so there’s that.

Follow along if you want: @FballIsLife69 and @RegimeFANT

I think I hate Twitter.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

82 Comments for Two Kentucky high school football stars are beefing on Twitter

  1. This
    6:59 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    This does nothing but make Elam look bad. Im sure theres more to the story, and I still want Elam with all my heart, but taunting and jawing like this is just a dumb move. Live and let live. If you see him on the field, then show him you’re better, but leave the petty talking out of social media.

    • Malibuken
      7:06 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      Agreed. Im not gonna make to big deal out of it, but from those tweets Elam looks petty

    • Rixter
      9:26 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      the more I hear about Elam, the more I think he’d be a great fit at Alabama.

  2. Jomani
    7:01 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Elam is mad that Fant got Mr. Football and he didn’t so he tried to pick a fight with him on twitter. Insanely immature

    • TheRealHambone
      7:57 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      Elam is a THUG. I hope he goes to Bama.

    • Thanks
      10:19 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      Thanks, we were wondering what the Card fan thought.

    • UKfan
      11:19 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

      The card fan in defense mode after the Behanan ordeal.

  3. Bob Cobb
    7:04 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    The guy who weighs 375 lbs and is talking trash tells the 5’11” 180 lb wide receiver winner of Mr. Football he needs to work harder and talk less. Makes no sense.

  4. Cat Fan In Georgia
    7:06 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Anyone who follows 18-year-olds on Twitter needs to get a life.

    • ebell55
      7:46 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      Couldn’t agree more. Also my want to point out that Fant and Bowling Green ended Elams season the past 3.or 4 years!!

  5. Rise
    7:07 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    I hope he pulls a Kevin Ware and goes with the “hacked” excuse. That is uncalled for and embarrassing. KSR is making me dislike this kid. Seems like an attention whore and cry baby.

  6. Chris
    7:09 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Fant tweeted during the all American game that Elam was getting owned and was an overrated fat ass. Later deleted it. That’s what started it.

    • UKBigDaddy
      7:14 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      If true, don’t respond on social media.

    • RandyB
      7:52 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      That’s what they’re saying on CatsPause.
      Still, overreacting to that is juvenile. Oh, wait, they’re both juveniles.

    • Ray Charles
      8:02 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      It’s true. Why sugar coat it? Fant saw it, other members here and on other sites saw it, heck I saw it too.

  7. Jeff Combs
    7:09 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    This combined with the attention grabbing of not announcing is making me squeamish on Elam. Very immature.

  8. Shawn
    7:11 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Elam has turned Into a prima donna. Hes bitter because he didnt win Mr. Football. He didnt win It because Fant Is actually athletic and Elam Is just good because hes fat enough to lay down on top of opposing competition that Isnt all that good In our state. I think the recruiting process has gotten to him and hes gotten a little too big for his own britches. Wherever he goes to school hes gonna get a quick wake up call.

  9. UKBigDaddy
    7:11 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    I agree with Rise, it’s getting hard for me to like Elam…… Surely there is more to the story, but social media is no place to be airing that crap out. I hope Drew Barker doesn’t chime in on this!

  10. DP
    7:13 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Elam sees more like a Louisville type player to me. Maybe if he didn’t take 60% of his plays off he would’ve won Mr. Football. Fant was the best player on 3 straight state-Championship teams. He deserved Mr. Football and a UK Scholarship!

    • Umm
      1:43 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

      Yeah right. That’s why exactly zero Louisville fans are wanting Elam. Meanwhile, the entire yut fan base has been riding his nutz so hard, you would have thought he was the missing Harrison triplet.

  11. Cat Fan in England
    7:14 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    They are eighteen year olds on Twitter. It is untelling where or who started the trash talking. It doesn’t look worse for either player, just not good for either. Everyone is so quick to jump on Elam. Both are jacking their jaws. Both deserve equal criticism.

  12. BillyG
    7:14 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    A prime example of how out of control social media is. It leads to kids making dumb decisions that will later haunt them. These kids need to be educated on the dangers of speaking out recklessly on social media.

  13. kes
    7:17 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    seems mr.elam has a lot to learn

  14. Why
    7:18 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    There is also a twitter rant between 2 15yr old girls calling each other fat and ugly, since it seems important to keep up with teenagers on twitter.

  15. Joshua
    7:18 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Elam is going to Alabama. These tweets are trying to get BBN to dislike him so when he makes the decision to go to Bama he will already be hated.

    Actually I’m not sure about that, but it’s pretty outrageous behavior, Fant won 3 state championships, is an All American and is going to a D1 school. Let Bama have this kid.

    • Joe
      12:54 pm January 7, 2014 Permalink

      You give Elam too much credit and actually think he was bright enough to come up with that. The truth is Elam is a punk and I hope he goes to Alabama. He was out played by a ton of High School defensive players this year and should not of even been a finalist for Mr Football. He was a finalsit simply because of his name and because he went to camps and got noticed for being big. Hedidn’t do much this year and wherever he goes with his lazy work ethic will be lucky to break, the starting lineup before his senior year.
      Fant on the other hand is class all the way.

  16. C8ts
    7:19 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    I want Elam at UK.

    30-40 year old fans following kids on twitter and then posting how they don’t like the kid is just stupid. Elam is a good kid and would be a stud at UK.

    He is mad because of the politics involved with the award. Same thing in basketball. The best players don’t get the award half the time. You would be mad too if you were cheated and than had your “rival” act like he was better and more deserving.

    • BillyG
      7:29 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      Cheated? This is moronic. Mr. Football is about high school achievements and accolades. Barker and Elam don’t even compare to Fant in that scenario. 3-time state champion that holds unreal statistics for the history books.

    • Josh
      7:31 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      You think Elam was cheated? Fant hasn’t lost a game in 3 years, was an All-American, the best WR in the state and is playing at WKU(who’s beaten UK 2 years in a row.) Of course, Elam is a great player. But to say Fant didn’t deserve it is stupid.

    • Wayne
      9:49 am January 9, 2014 Permalink

      Do you know C8TS would be pronounced ‘Ceights’? You should stop commenting on things you clearly know nothing about. Also, you are making society worse by talking. A little advice, less is more. Go to work, pay your bills, drink your beer and try not to give your opinion on anything. As far as high school, Fant has worked hard and achieved a lot. Elam has been lazy and accomplished very little. There is no question that Fant deserved the award.

  17. SocialMedia_is_Evil
    7:21 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    OMG!!! thats s0 kool.

  18. RWB
    7:21 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    The only reason Elam hasn’t committed yet is because he loves all of the attention. It’s down to 2 choices and he’s milking it. He wants both schools to beg him and stroke his ego. I say let Bama have him. He will never finish either school.

    • UKfan
      11:25 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

      thanks card fan for your input. now move along to your dirty bird website where you can get updates on behanan’s progress in rehab.

  19. C8ts
    7:22 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink




  20. DP
    7:23 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    #16 How was Elam cheated? Fant had better stats, was on the state Champions team, and beat Elam’s team in the playoffs. Recruit rankings measure how good a player is going to be. Mr. Football awards the best player. How did a WKU commit win an award by politics over a UK recruit???

  21. Catlogic15
    7:25 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Perhaps he was taking up for his friend Barker not receiving POY.

  22. areyouserious???
    7:26 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    You people amaze me. Insulting an 18 year old for talking trash on Twitter to a rival and to someone who started this fight. You all call him a [email protected]$$ and say you don’t want him now, newsflash Nick Saban wants him pretty bad, kelly at Notre dame wants him as well so obviously the kid has talent and potential. Ill take their word over you idiots anyday. He is an all american which is more than any of you keyboad tough guys can say about yourself. Its fans like you who make us look bad and why most other fan bases make fun of us for talking crap about A KID! Only idiotic UK fans would say they didn’t want an all american. Get real, get a life

    • I am serious
      7:50 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      I won’t speak about Elam specifically because I don’t know him. But no, I really don’t want a kid that is an All American if he is a punk. I would rather take the 3* Wesley Woodyard or a 2* Randall Cobb, both with loads of character, than I would take a 5* punk. Again, not speaking of Elam, but character counts MORE than stars by your name or being an AA.

      On a side note, I bet Drew Barker loves this guy throwing his name into the middle of this stupid girl fight!

    • UKfan
      11:27 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

      “I am serious”, you are in the minority so sit down and shut up.

  23. 9-asty
    7:27 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    I bet those people who were defending Matt’s character before feel pretty dumb.

  24. WeWantElam
    7:28 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Yes…Fant did start it. Elam needs to rise above it though. Glad Fant didn’t receive the scholarship offer from UK he was lobbying for.

  25. Get over yourselves
    7:29 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    You people saying that we’re losers for talking about kids on twitter realize you not only had enough interest to click into the comments, but put in a username and email, then comment on something you “think is stupid”. Get a life

    • hahareally?
      7:34 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      Does going off on 18 yr old kids make you feel better about yourself? Kid is a boss, wouldn’t have anboffer from bama if he wasn’t. If you honestly don’t want him you are a fool

  26. Charlie Walker
    7:32 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Wow Elam is a clown. This sucks to read.
    WKU has beat uk 2 straight years & Elam says Fant will not play any competition?! He knows that would include himself right?
    Bad look.

  27. Costa Rica
    7:36 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    How is this even newsworthy? This kind of stuff is irrelevant.
    “Let’s go check out KSR to see what the latest breaking news is! Oh… the only thing posted is a twitter fuss between two immature high school kids who aren’t going to UK.”
    “How is this news?”
    “Because Jerry Springer is working the desk tonight.”

  28. Awesome recruit
    7:36 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    UK football just plain su**s. Players know not to tweet once they are on the team.

    The current staff has allowed Barker to do whatever he wants, and now an immature lineman posts stuff like this.

    Hey Elam, I know you read this stuff. Take a hike son, go represent Alabama this way. Act like you have been there. Shut the he** up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The UK coaches need to wake up also. This is not what I want representing the BBN.

    • Brad
      5:47 pm January 7, 2014 Permalink

      Why don’t you shut up you Poser. U are obviously a Cards fan.
      If Fant was so good why didn’t he get ANY big time offers? ???

      You suck, the Cards suck..Matt is smart enough to KNow you guys hatin are NOT UK fans.

  29. elams fat gut
    7:40 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    I hope Elam takes his fat ass to bama. He’s overrated anyway.

    • behanan's drug problem
      12:13 pm January 7, 2014 Permalink

      what’s up fellow tard fan?

  30. Huntin chickens
    7:41 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Hey good job psychoanalyzing the kid. Hey guess what!? Kids talk trash. Always have, always will. Just because he doesn’t back down doesn’t mean he’s a bad kid. All us old people need to find something better to do than to creep these young men.

  31. Cat Fan
    7:49 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    I’m completely embarrassed for Drew for being such a loser to follow and then repost what teenagers post on twitter. ugh

    • Umm
      1:47 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

      He had to post something – the bachelor hadn’t concluded yet but, drew was still hoping to get a rose.

  32. It's_a_problem
    7:53 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    I want to start by saying thank you too areyouserious???? for making a great point and speaking like they have some sense. I am a huge BBN fan, I travel with the team, I follow KSR daily, and it amazes me how damn entitled this fan base becomes. If he had committed to UK Saturday everyone on here would be defending Elams actions, discussing how Fant would have a target on his back, and how Elam/Barker were obviously cheated by local writers. Get off the high horse and get behind a team that needs support especially as young as they’re is going to be. This is the best recruiting class we have possibly ever seen at UK, and we are complaining because we didn’t get a top tier defensive player “yet.” If he commits that is great-26 top notch players (most who would’ve looked the other way 2 years ago), Yes-Elam needs time to work on his skills and a training program before I think he is SEC ready but as mentioned if Saban and his talent evaluators and other coaches around the country want him I think they’re much better talent evaluators than anyone on this site. Back off the kid, and I’ll put some blame on KSR. They’ve kept this kids every move in the spotlight, kids do this stuff every day on twitter and Facebook. It’s not that he’s a bad kid, it’s that we live in a society that can monitor your every move, watch you, and scrutinize any indiscretion. People want to constantly place blame on someone else and if we are not immediately gratified then those who don’t comply are against us and incompetent. I’m sure I’ll be ripped by people but I don’t care, I just want you to think before attacking an 18 year old. I know I made some dumb decisions at 18, I just didn’t have social media to archive my every action.

  33. chris
    7:54 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Drew, this is really what you want us to read about on KSR.

    • NCAA
      8:08 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      Drew Franklin is a LYING LITTLE BITCH. He wants to be the antagonist that stirs up attention whether there is merit to the story or not. His mom even told me the same thing last night.

  34. WeWantElam
    8:03 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Amen @ 32! Well said! Anyway, I think most commenting on here are trolls anyway. We need kids with an edge. Hope we do get Elam!

  35. Billy from the Hill
    8:04 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Fant is going to the 2nd best program in the Commonwealth (WKU). Elam is thinking about going to the 4th best program in the Commonwealth (UK). That’s why Elam is so mad. By the way, yes, EKU is the 3rd best program.

    • tard fan
      12:16 pm January 7, 2014 Permalink

      west side liquors is calling your name “billy”

  36. UKBIRD
    8:21 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    No point of KSR even posting this crap. Now just going to have more fans putting them both down.

  37. JBCat
    8:21 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink


    Please don’t pay any attention to crap comments on message boards. Anybody can pass themselves off as a UK fan..
    Looks like there are plenty of trolls and fake homers commenting on this thread.

    True UK fans want you–a highly touted, native son with a ton of potential– to help turn its football program around.

    Block out all the noise and negativity and take your time to make the best decision you can for your future!

    Good luck and thanks for considering UK. Go Big Blue!!

  38. KYJ
    8:22 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Assuming these two chaps are heterosexual, methinks this twitter fight is over a woman.

  39. HackRichards
    8:39 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Fant may have started it but he did delete what he started. In my book that meant he knew he made a mistake and was sorry. Both BOYS need to grow up, and most fans as well!

  40. Dumb and dumber
    8:41 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    I think I lost about 10 IQ points reading the string of posts above. After reading this, any outsider would think we have the dumbest fan base in America. I have read a lot of stupid comments on this website but I believe this takes the cake!

    • HackRichards
      8:46 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink


    • Jamie
      10:52 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink


  41. wewantElam
    8:52 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Fant started this all, so lets not just act like Elam said this out of nowhere. If Fant was good enough, he wouldnt be playing at WKU or sitting out home during All-American games. And lets not act like winning Mr football in KY is a huge deal. I still want Elam.

  42. James
    10:17 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Elam, is nothing but typical Hardin County trash. For those of you not. Familiar with Hardin County culture (yes that includes you too e’town) this is the same as trailer trash culture in the rest of central Kentucky.

    • tard fan
      12:18 pm January 7, 2014 Permalink

      As compared to the projects in the dirty river town?

  43. Jamie
    10:28 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    I can’t believe these two highschool kids are acting immature! Thank god NONE of us ever called someone a name or did something foolish! LIKE going on a mesg board to judge what a couple 17 yr olds said 30 minutes before. SERIOUSLY FOLKS?

  44. 9-asty
    11:11 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    The thing that bothers me the most about this is Elam capitalizing every word in his tweets.

  45. smit jaja
    11:42 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

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    • Wow
      8:16 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

      Don’t know what you’re pitching but I like your gumption, chief.

  46. TexasRob
    12:57 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

    Anyone who knows anything about football knows the best player in the state, by far, is Damien Harris at Madison Southern. Sure he’s only a junior, but at least he’s smart enough to play somewhere else besides this pile of rubbish you all call a football program.

    • Bigcatelswick
      1:21 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

      And Michigan has done what? Yeah, Kansas State and their old man mopped that up.

  47. UK Fan
    1:03 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

    Couldnt Agree more with 37 and a few others…If you read this board Matt, keep in mind that most of these post are trolls and posers trying to push you away from UK. Make the best decision for you. But keep in mind that Big Blue Nation wants you here to build something SPECIAL.

    That said, Drew Franklin has GOT to have something better to write about. If you are going to post crap like this have the integrity and work ethic to at least understand the details around how it started. As many have posted…Fant started the exchange by trashing Elam unprevoked. So instead of saying you “don’t care how it started” when you are faning the flames of trashing one of our recruits with incomplete information, why don’t you find something mature and tangible to write about and stop contributing to this stupidity by making it an issue! You do realize you aren’t helping the team you profess to cheer for by writing about his crap don’t you? Oh wait…you’re just following your “journalistic” duty…now run back to twitter for your next “article”

    • Mind over Matter
      7:45 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

      This isn’t trolls bashing the kid. It’s called “class” and the kid does not have any.

      Even Joker made his players write classy on twitter.

      This is the garbage that players from Louisville post!

      UK doesn’t need someone who won’t even commit to them writing about how WKU is a second class school to UK, a school that Elam juked this past Saturday by his failure to decide on anything.

      And to any fan of the BBN, we all know that WKU has beat UK two years in a row now, so having some kid from John Hardin bash WKU on the behalf of UK is plain dumb.

      Maybe WKU is smarter that UK. They didn’t recruite Elam and who can blame them.

      Barker is now on the team, he needs to shut down twitter, and completely shut it down to Elam.
      The UK coaches allow this to happen, what a joke.

      By the way, Randy Sanders was the QB coach last night for Florida State. Write about something meaningful on KSR.

      Writing about Elam is just plain wrong. Show some spunk UK coaches, take away his scholarship offer and give it to a kid that wants to be a Wildcat. Set precedent for the future. Have some brains and represent the Commonwealth right. Tell Elam to take a hike.

  48. Turd Ferguson
    9:13 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

    Who really cares about the trash talk on Twitter? Seriously, you guys are ridiculous. They are kids for pete’s sake. UK football needs all the help they can get. So, Matt Elam, please come to UK.

  49. wildthang
    11:25 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

    I’ve read numerous posts over the last year or so by Matt Elam that were extremely inappropriate. I hope wherever the kid chooses to go someone teaches him manners. He has ZERO class. Twitter or not, the kid is representing himself and he sounds like a classless idiot 1/2 the time.

  50. NottMattJones
    11:25 am January 7, 2014 Permalink

    I have never been an Elam fan. He’s an attention whore on social media. Not the most well spoken kid. He might be bad for the UK Locker room too if he can’t even get along on Twitter.Pathetic.

  51. BadToothJones
    12:12 pm January 7, 2014 Permalink

    Fant and Bowling Green have had Elam and John Hardin’s number for three straight years. There’s no lost love between the two teams and Elam consistently trashes Bowling Green through social media. Someone’s salty.

  52. Billy
    3:27 pm January 7, 2014 Permalink

    I have been around both players several different times. I take Fant with a broken leg over Elam on character alone

  53. Brad
    5:42 pm January 7, 2014 Permalink

    Nick Saban don’t recruit DT’s that cant play. Elam’s quickness and agility is RARE for his size. YOu guys amaze me with your trash talking of a 18 year old kid. Fant started this whole mess by saying Elam was Fat and got killed at the AA Game. Which is untrue.