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Twitter might be ruining the draft for some


Professional drafts might not have the highest ratings. In a world full of distractions it is hard to sit down and watch it from start to finish, especially the 3-day spread of the NFL draft. However, I am one of those people that somehow sits through this tedious task just to see where my favorite players are going. For obvious reasons, the NBA draft is a lot easier to sit through than others.

These days you don’t have to worry about watching the draft with the information Twitter provides. In fact, it’s probably more beneficial to just go through your day and just follow on Twitter thanks to writers like Adrian Wojnarowski and Adam Schefter who tweet picks and trades minutes before we see it on TV.

But is that ruining the draft? More beneficial doesn’t mean better.

Does finding it out on twitter two seconds before ruin the mystery? A little bit. These days, reporters seem to be more worried about getting the scoop (rather it be right or wrong), than to let a person have their moment.  This is especially true when players find out they are being traded on twitter rather than by their team.

The argument against this ‘rant’ is simple: Stay off Twitter. 

That’s not as easy as it sounds. Besides that fact that most of us have phone dependency issues, Twitter is hilarious during the draft and I don’t want to miss out on the sarcasm and insults it has to offer with every pick made.  Let’s not event get started on how boring the commentary is on the broadcast every year.

I guess, like most things, you have to take what you get how you get it. Schefter, Wojnarowski and all. After all I am pretty sure there are bigger issues than twitter out there in the world than this little nuisance.

Does it annoy you any?


Article written by Courtney Hessler

Ashley Judd is my spirit animal. Follow me on twitter at: @Hessler_KSR

1 Comment for Twitter might be ruining the draft for some

  1. Mixxy
    8:20 am July 8, 2015 Permalink

    Unless you are a teenage girl getting histrionic about boys or Tom Cream gushing at pedophiles, then you ought to be embarrassed to even be on Twitter…