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Article written by Nick Roush

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36 responses to “Tre Jones will return to Duke for sophomore season”

  1. maximumscott

    Duke wont be nearly as good next year. Still top 5 but Zion And RJ was that team.

    1. IndianaSucks

      I think top 5 is a stretch at this point

    2. Lip Man 1

      Did NIke say it was OK for him to return? LOL.

    3. Miller45

      BAHAHAHA tell em

  2. BigJohnC

    As long as their other 3 as in Zion, Reddish and rj are gone…

  3. addyjaxlarkin

    Who cares, this dude’s not even that good offensively… if him returning to school next year for Duke scares any team in the country they must not have watched him play last season. Zion Barrett and reddish will all go pro and you tell me where the shooting is going to come from on their team next season yeah they’re going to have bigs and they may get Matthew hurt but you have to have scoring guards to win a national championship.

    1. Miller45

      He is a shadow of his brother

  4. Ridge Runner

    He’s ok. But hell.. giving anything to Zion will make the worst PG better in “distributions”. But another year for him as with the majority, is better.

  5. kenny


    1. catsarerunnin


    2. IndianaSucks

      You’re not wrong. Who cares about tre Jones, the dude ain’t that good.

    3. catsarerunnin

      Because him staying may help our recruiting. Or is that too hard to follow?

    4. IndianaSucks

      It’s too hard. Please tell me more…. Our guards aren’t going anywhere. Even with Jones staying they still have more spots than we do. Did I speak slowly enough for you?

  6. Catcasey1

    Good maybe we get Hamilton this year when cal hopefully so Hagan’s the door. The young man just can’t shoot.

    1. addyjaxlarkin

      Your an idiot… congrats

    2. IndianaSucks

      I second that idiot notion.

    3. henderblue

      Lol, addy..indy…

    4. henderblue

      Nothing says haha like “your an idiot”. Right rg??

    5. makeitstop

      I feel like Apple should write an algorithm to fix that based on context… that way, kids don’t need to learn English and can focus on re-writing history and telling us what they believe, not what they can prove. Hey, it happens, we’ve all missed typos, but that one keeps popping up!

    6. StillBP

      A lot of mess going on here. Nice possessive “Hagan’s” in the original comment. And “so” him the door. Sometimes people get in such a hurry to troll the board that they don’t even read what they typed.

    7. Han

      So many fools are always getting down on our guys (Hagans) and looking to the next guy as some surefire better option. Then at the same time, the same fools will complain that we don’t have multiple-year stars like Virginia or Texas Tech. Guess what, if you want to show every freshman the door unless they’re an All American, you’re never going to have good upperclassmen.

    8. makeitstop

      Han, very true. “So him the door” morphs to “no veterin” leadership.

  7. terwilliger

    Jones may not be a good shooter, but he is light years ahead of Hagans in terms of protecting (I.e., not turning over) the basketball. If Ashton was half as careful with the ball this season as Jones was, it wouldn’t have mattered that he can’t hit the broad side of a barn. We’d still be dancing.

    1. Alex90

      Hagans May have played bad but he is not the reason they lost

  8. Truman Claytor

    You guys missed the point of this article. Him staying as the point guard in Durham can affect where undecided players may want to go (ie Hurt & Hampton)

    1. StuckinLville

      Yeah but Hampton hasnt even reclassified and i don’t see how it affects Hurt.

    2. IndianaSucks

      I doubt our guards are going anywhere this year

    3. Han

      Supposedly he’s friends with Hurt, and a lot of people in recruiting think that Hampton is basing his decision whether or not to reclassify on who comes back to certain teams (like us and Duke).

    4. friendsofcoal

      I didn’t think Hurt was a PG???

  9. lindamyers56

    As if we don’t hear enough about Duke, let’s put on KY site.

  10. NextMattJonesNoCap

    This helps for rj Hampton

  11. TimLH

    I would like to see Tyler Herro come back and work on PG skills possibly be top 5 pick nest year but you can’t blame them for taking the money

    1. TheMaxCat

      I would love for Cal to have experienced guards next year. Herro could follow the PJ Washington recipe of coming back and moving from a lower first round pick to somewhere closer to a lottery pick. A little work on his handle, strength, and being able to free himself up off the bounce and he could have a great year as could the team next year, but as was said, its hard to pass up that first round cash if/when its available.

  12. bwise

    “Star” lmao. Worst shooting duke guard ever. You’re literally a moron nick.

  13. mikep

    He’s returning because he won’t get drafted. Not good enough to play in the nba. He is an over sea player without a doubt. Better learn a second language if you want to know what the coach is saying..

  14. Jiminy Crickets

    Great defender, good distributor (to 3 best players in country) but struggled to score and had bad outside shot, decided to come back.
    Now, what will Hagans do? The exact description fits him except he wasn’t passing to RJ and Zion