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Top UofL boosters are pushing for Tom Jurich to return as Athletic Director

Despite every reason in the world to let Tom Jurich ride off into the sunset with Rick Pitino, several big-name UofL boosters are hoping Dr. Greg Postel brings Jurich back as the school’s athletic director.

James A. Patterson, founder of Rally’s and Long John Silver’s, and massive donor to the university, penned this eloquent letter voicing his support for Jurich:

So essentially, the school’s success in other sports outweigh Jurich’s full support of Rick Pitino following an affair/abortion/extortion scandal, allowing stripper parties in dorm rooms, and being part of an FBI investigation of the biggest NCAA scandal in history.

Again, Rick Pitino is the face of the school’s biggest and most prestigious sport, yet participated in scandal after scandal and embarrassed the university. Jurich whole-heartedly supported that, yet boosters are pushing for his return.

Back in 2015, Patterson, along with two other major UofL boosters, also wrote a letter in support of former president James Ramsey, giving the following examples of leadership his time with the school:

– More Fulbright scholars than Harvard.
– Record ACT scores.
– 5,000 students living on campus.
– Admission into the exclusive Atlantic Coast Conference.
– A vastly expanded campus.
– A foundation worth $1 billion.

Here was an excerpt from the letter:

“Jim Ramsey has been the driving force behind this record growth of the most meaningful asset in our community, our hometown university,” they wrote, while acknowledging the university has some issues, as does “any complex organization with thousands of employees and hundreds of departments.”

You can read the entire letter supporting Ramsey here.

That obviously didn’t help Ramsey’s case much, as he was eventually ousted as president and seen as a joke throughout the state of Kentucky.

We’ll see how it works with support for Jurich.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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19 Comments for Top UofL boosters are pushing for Tom Jurich to return as Athletic Director

  1. IAmTheDanger
    9:51 pm October 1, 2017 Permalink

    UL has only to ask them themselves one question–how committed are you to shedding your current image?

  2. jahanc2uky
    10:02 pm October 1, 2017 Permalink

    To answer the comments question, I beleive the boosters who support Jurich think Tom should be president of the university. I mean 83%, wow. lol

  3. sprtphan
    10:10 pm October 1, 2017 Permalink

    This is exactly why I have no sympathy for U of L or it’s fans. Can’t tell you how many people I talked to this weekend with the same sentiment. They have no intention of cleaning house. How addicted can you be to corruption. They deserve everything that’s coming to them.

  4. maximumscott
    10:14 pm October 1, 2017 Permalink

    Laughable. Since they are requesting, then Postel has the ultimate say so. Id be worried if I were Postel about the repercussions. If he stays to his word and fires him. How much “economic sanction” he would receive as an individual living in the city.

  5. terwilliger
    10:16 pm October 1, 2017 Permalink

    Lmao Mr. Patterson… you don’t have a “top men’s basketball program” you stupid f*ing moron… you have a corrupt, criminal, SHAMEFUL men’s basketball program that is about to get wiped off the face of the earth by the Feds and by the NCAA for years of blatant and unmitigated cheating.

    You may be a multi-millionaire, but obviously money can’t buy intelligence or class. By the way Long John Silvers sucks balls. Have another deep fried Twinkie, “Jim”.

    • LegggoooCats
      1:00 am October 2, 2017 Permalink

      I myself prefer Captain D’s over greasy ass LJS any day.

  6. dballrb
    10:24 pm October 1, 2017 Permalink

    83% committed to a ticking💣💣

  7. jahanc2uky
    10:53 pm October 1, 2017 Permalink

    based on this article Tom is 1% above average.

    11:49 pm October 1, 2017 Permalink

    The prevailing theme in the comments from Card Chronicle state that Jurich is the only captain that can see the Athletic department through these stormy seas and right the ship back to greatness. He is seen by these people as a man of great integrity – yet they all seem to finally see through the Pitino facade.
    Oh, the irony!

  9. UKinIN
    12:30 am October 2, 2017 Permalink

    I hope none of these boosters are oncologists with their “We’re going to only remove half of the cancer.” philosophy.

  10. katmandue2you
    1:21 am October 2, 2017 Permalink

    This entire U of L saga is the ultimate example of winning at any cost. And you have to wonder what is going, on or has gone on, in other sports…particularly football where U of L has ascended and has done many shady things on the surface to get there. Of course the rehiring of a low character “character” in Bobby Petrino and the repeated accepting of outstanding athletes that have run afoul of the law and appropriate behavior at other major SEC football schools is well documented. One has to wonder what has gone on behind the scenes and below the surface of legality and compliance. And just think about it….there has to be things within the U of L basketball program that hasn’t been revealed or uncovered. It just makes sense that there are. And let’s be real…none of this goes on, certainly not much of it, without the full knowledge of Tom Jurich. To me he’s more the culprit than Rick Pitino. It would only make sense that much of what was done by Pitino was done because he knew he had Jurich’s blessing or full backing. When you rehire a scoundrel coach that was previously fired for an affair with a student and giving her employment. When your football program continually takes problem makers that were discarded by the Georgia’s and Auburn’s of the world. When your basketball coach has a sex scandal that was aired out in the media and courts, and when your basketball program has a hookers for hire scandal for player and recruits and then becomes the center piece in an FBI investigation….well to think that Tom Jurich not only had full knowledge but actually approved of much of what I just mentioned is….well….stupid as hell. Tom Jurich is a great AD because he is a win at all cost bully bastard. He is a jerk….plain and simple. It’s sad what has happened at U of L. Admittedly there is a lot that is unhealthy about the UK and UofL rivalry. But UK fans can honestly say from day one it was U of L that came looking for this fight. They wanted UK….they called UK out. It was legitimate for U of L and Denny Crum and others to do so. But now that we look at this entire U of L saga I personally believe it’s completely legitimate to say that it was U of L’s obsession with trying to be the equal or to surpass UK that got it in the cesspool it finds itself in. Way to go little brother!

  11. katmandue2you
    1:33 am October 2, 2017 Permalink

    As far as Jim Patterson’s letter….it screams one thing “WIN AT ANY COSTS”. I’m sure many U of L people think it can’t get any worse at this point as far as bad PR….so why not keep Tom. This freakin country has become so devoid of character and integrity on many fronts. The University of Louisville rides shotgun on that stagecoach. Come to think of it go on and keep Tom. We love “The Ville” being incapable of getting out of it’s own way.

  12. Professor
    7:37 am October 2, 2017 Permalink

    Terrible!!! What a poorly written defense. I could rip this to shreds in so many regards but t let’s face several facts: the basketball scandals are enough to warrant his removal, you MUST apply title IX standards without bias, and this letter lacks any substance that reflects TJ. It only states “facts” for which he cannot take full credit.

    I’d personally throw this “letter” away and not look back. UofL needs to hit the reset button asap and Jurich needs to go. It’s time for heads to roll. No more excuses.

    We are talking about Louisville, however, who seems to not care about such things.

    Go CATS.

  13. Sentient Third Eye
    8:11 am October 2, 2017 Permalink

    Good for them! Let’s make that death penalty a certainty! (rolls eyes)

  14. Mathlete
    8:20 am October 2, 2017 Permalink

    BBN-centric counterpoint: We finished in the top 10 of the Directors Cup standings last year (well ahead of Louisville), and didn’t have to pay our players in cash or prostitutes to get there, thanks to Mitch Barnhart.

    • Eazy
      5:13 pm October 2, 2017 Permalink

      Exactly! UL has a good program but UK consistently finishes ahead of them. And we do it with one of the cleanest, most respected ADs in the country.

  15. Billy Mays Here
    8:20 am October 2, 2017 Permalink

    I think there is a less than 1% chance that Jurich is fired. They haven’t gotten rid of him yet, even after the revelation this past week that his daughter works for Adidas and despite all of the scandals under his watch to this point including the misappropriations of $800,000 to his son for no reason. The man is entirely unethical evidenced from his hiring (and contract) of Petrino, UofL football being “Second Chance U” the wayward home for felons and expelled ‘student’-athletes, his standing by Pitino up to and including these federal crimes, and his overseeing of the crime syndicate that is UofL athletics.

    He hasn’t been fired yet, he won’t be fired. It is simply amazing and indicative of the entire culture of the University of Louisville. They are amoral and have no interest in rules, regulations, and laws.

    At this point both Uof the school and the athletic department are clearly out of control. They are an embarrassment to both higher education let alone the NCAA. In my lifetime, I cannot recall so many serious scandals in such a short amount of time from a single university. Very wealthy, well-connected are working diligently to find a way keep Jurich. That tells you all you need to know.

  16. Eazy
    5:19 pm October 2, 2017 Permalink

    Most of those claims are bogus. UK is better than them in most sports. We own them in track, golf and basketball…and they claim to have a top program. UK has also won 7 straight in volleyball…5 in softball. The only sport UL is better in consistently is baseball and even that’s changing. We are out recruiting them in football and baseball currently. UL claims to have a top football program with ZERO titles?! That’s laughable. UK is way ahead overall…just look at the directors cup each year. We just finished in the top 10. Louisville has never even made it into the top 25. The facts speak for themselves. Too bad U6 fans are too ignorant to know any better.

  17. Eazy
    5:21 pm October 2, 2017 Permalink

    Oh, and the academic part is hilarious. Louisville is the worst school in the power 5 by far. Their enrollment is shrinking. UK is ascending and growing every semester. Our act scores are above 27 now. UL is at 22.