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Today on KSR: Wrapping up the Weekend

Good morning friends! Despite the bye week, it’s been a busy weekend full of basketball, dancing, Drake, and some unexpected football losses. So, grab your morning beverage of choice and sit back while I recap the goings on of the weekend for ya!

Some Madness leftovers

ICYMI: here are a few of the things that happened down at Rupp on Friday night:

Drake and Cal are my new friendship goals.

This man can FLY.

Can we please please please swag surf in Rupp all year long?

My hope is my players don’t just listen to his songs, but they adopt his drive for excellence, his mentality and his overall goodness.

– John Calipari (@UKCoachCalipari) October 14, 2017

Cal’s “state of the BBN” speech at Madness this year was arguably the best one since his first year here. In it, he told his players to “emulate Drake” which if I’m a recruit, that sentence sells me.

And of course, this instant classic of a picture. Drake announced he wanted to do a free concert at Rupp for students and if this happens – I’m digging out my old ID and will be first in line.

In football news…

We had some losses and excitement yesterday! Florida lost to A&M 19-17 in those hideous greyscale uniforms (maybe it’s time to retire those). The more Florida loses, the more it helps our standing in the East. Tennessee lost to South Carolina 15-9 and, if you watched that game, I’m impressed. It was just bad football all around. Auburn was up 20-0 on LSU until Ed Oregon made a comeback that might’ve saved his coaching career. LSU ended up winning 27-23 and hey, you know what that means? Let’s all start making “Auburn blew a 20 point lead” a thing and move on from the Falcons (please?).

The key to LSU’s win?

My man Les Miles came back and did what makes him great – he ate the grass again.

I love him so much.

The Boston College Athletics Twitter is straight SAVAGE

Another team that lost yesterday? Our good friend Bobby Petrino and the outstanding and morally upright Louisville Cardinals lost to Boston College 45-42. No one could possibly be more happy about this loss than our own Patty Ice. The way Boston College reacted would put even BBN’s biggest Louisville trollers to shame.

I’m mad I didn’t think of this, but also I love this and it may or may not be my lock screen background for the foreseeable future.

Will Butch Jones have a job tomorrow? 

Remember when Tennessee used to be good? Me either. I’ve woken up every Monday for the past couple of weeks thinking “today’s the day Butch Jones get fired,” but that man keeps surviving bad loss after bad loss. After the ugly loss to South Carolina, I really think tomorrow might be the day. Everyone seems to want him out but these guys.

Where can I get one?

We’re second in the SEC East

We’re going into week 8 and we’re second in the SEC East. Yep. That’s a real correct fact. Looking ahead, we very well could keep that ranking until the end of the season. Florida loss? Hmm…I don’t remember that.

Throwback Sunday

@KYPhotoArchive gave us a little throwback on Twitter this morning of Commonwealth (RIP) Stadium in the early days.

Can we bring that Wildcat back instead of the new one?

Some more Matthew Mitchell appreciation

Please enjoy  Matthew Mitchell dancing on this Sunday morning.

I would 100% take a dance class taught by Matthew Mitchell.

And on that note, enjoy your Sunday and Go Cats!



Article written by Savannah Patton

My first words were Go Big Blue. Follow me on twitter:@savannahpattKSR

4 Comments for Today on KSR: Wrapping up the Weekend

  1. reedwizard
    10:13 am October 15, 2017 Permalink

    is there not a replay of the scrimmage from Madness?

  2. ColoradoCat3
    11:08 am October 15, 2017 Permalink

    If we win 3 of the next 4, we will likely be playing Georgia for the East title.

  3. krautdog
    1:25 pm October 15, 2017 Permalink

    Who cares about bye week-basketball season has finally arrived!

  4. BBBD
    11:55 am October 16, 2017 Permalink

    “We’re going into week 8 and we’re second in the SEC East. Yep. That’s a real correct fact. Looking ahead, we very well could keep that ranking until the end of the season.”

    Or, you know, we could run the table and BETTER our ranking by finishing first. Good Lord, maybe take time from “can’t blaming” kids for choosing other schools than UK to actually pay attention to what is happening with the football program.