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Today on KSR: The Mourning Continues

Still stings, doesn’t it? It’s really impossible to prepare for the end of basketball season, but alas, here we are, spit-balling potential rosters for next season while rooting hard for anyone but Duke to win it all. The grieving isn’t over, but we’ll get through it together.

Half of the Final Four is Set

The now infamously wide open South Region was, against all odds, won by Sister Jean and the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers, as they took down Kansas St. with relative ease, 78-62.

So shout out to the Ramblers for the revenge. I think we’re all hopping on the bandwagon for the next couple weeks.

In other news, the Michigan Wolverines claimed the 2nd spot in the Final Four with a 58-54 win over Leonard Hamilton and Florida State. The final two teams will be determined today, as Villanova and Texas Tech face off at 2:20, followed by a blue blood duel between Duke and Kansas at 5:05.

Louisville May Be Interested in Kenny Payne

Evan Daniels reported yesterday that Louisville’s athletic department has reached out to UK asking for permission to approach Kenny Payne regarding their head coaching vacancy. Xavier’s Chris Mack seems to be the leading candidate at this point, so here’s hoping that KP stays put, as he’s a big cog in the UK recruiting machine.

Eli Brown is Heading to WKU

The former UK linebacker has decided to remain in the Commonwealth, setting his sights on Western Kentucky. Head coach Mike Sanford seemed excited about Brown’s decision.

UK Baseball has a Double Header Today Against Auburn

Yesterday’s sub-par weather pushed UK baseball’s series with Auburn back a day, so today will see a doubleheader between the Wildcats and Tigers starting at 1 PM. 2 7-inning games versus a quality SEC opponent sounds like a good way to drown out all the March sadness.


Come out and support the Cats if you can, but if you’d rather stay at home and keep wallowing in your own self-pity… I can’t really blame you.


Article written by Jay Winkler

Avid fan of UK Athletics, WWE, and chicken wings. Preferably at the same time.

10 Comments for Today on KSR: The Mourning Continues

  1. 4everUKblue
    10:07 am March 25, 2018 Permalink

    I am so sick of Sister Jean!

  2. FunkyMonkey
    10:13 am March 25, 2018 Permalink

    You know, I absolutely love Cal. He is a great man. Truly. Thinks of others, all the charity work, I could go on and on. Greatest recruiter on earth. That being said,… sometimes I wonder if he wouldn’t benefit by having a strong X and O coach help him make in-game decisions and give up some of that responsibility?

    • RealCatsFan
      2:30 pm March 25, 2018 Permalink

      I agree to some extent. I thought we made some decent coaching decisions in the first two games. Team seemed to revert to old bad habits in the last game. We got behind early and their youth showed, as they panicked. I think the argument can be made that our football team needs more help with the x’s and o’s than the basketball team.

  3. Ben27
    10:15 am March 25, 2018 Permalink

    It is hard to watch how everything opened up for us and we dropped the ball. What a golden opportunity to reach the championship game! We could not have asked for an easier path than the one given to us. This puts this team right ahead of the NIT team, tied with the team that lost to IU.

    • RealCatsFan
      2:31 pm March 25, 2018 Permalink

      Again, same feel as what we were left with after football season. What might bave been…

  4. Blue Jesus
    10:27 am March 25, 2018 Permalink

    This isn’t a knock on Winkler or the morning post in general because I don’t really care, but it wasn’t that along ago that KSR announced the shift from a morning recap to a “look ahead” post (as the title suggests), but it seems the format has kind of reverted back.

  5. bluecrowe
    1:28 pm March 25, 2018 Permalink

    What I would love to hear from Cal is why Shai cannot or will not push the ball down the court. This is the only real question at this point. Loyola pushed the ball and made K State look like what they are, which is an NIT team. I love Cal and we are lucky to have him, but I do not understand what we saw on Thursday night. Yes we would have won if we made a couple of free throws, but from what I saw we should have won by 20 points easily. Yes the refs blew the whistle every 20 seconds, but even given that, if we push the ball we have more of a chance of Shai and Knox at the line not to mention better shots. We were not built to be a walk it up basketball team. We looked like we thought we were Virginia! When you are the far superior athletic team you need more possessions and not less. We slowed the game down even when we needed to be racing up and down. K State could not believe their luck! They knew they had no business even being in the game.

  6. 3 fan
    2:43 pm March 25, 2018 Permalink

    Still pissed Cal didn’t recruit better

    Still pissed Cal stuck with that starting lineup that gave KState start they needed

    Still pissed Vandy sat a month with a turned ankle that never had a limp, cast or boot on it.

    Still pissed that this team just was t that good and still choked an easy walk to the Final Four

    Still pissed

  7. Righteous1
    8:01 pm March 25, 2018 Permalink

    I would love for a reporter to ask the 8 million dollar man if he feels that Jay Wright and Roy Williams are underpaid based upon his own performance over the last 3 yrs. Wright and Williams each have 2 Final Fours out of the last 3 yrs. I would love to hear Calipari’s response.