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Today on KSR: Inauguration in the Bluegrass


The Commonwealth has a new Governor.

As Monday turned into Tuesday, Matt Bevin’s tenure ended as Kentucky’s Governor. Shortly after Andy Beshear swore not to participate in a duel, the former attorney general became the Commonwealth’s 63rd Governor.

The private ceremony will turn into a public celebration in the streets of Frankfort. After a breakfast and prayer service, the inaugural parade will march through the town beginning at 10 a.m. ET. Road closures will be in effect until about 2 p.m. Here are the areas you should avoid if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic:

For those who aren’t fans of parades or politics, Mark Stoops’ staff is parading through the country visiting prospective football recruits. I’ll have more on that later. Until then, catch up on the latest on UK’s top targets and see what else we’ve got cooking on KSR.


Lynn Bowden’s Future is Clear

Kentucky’s superstar jack of all trades announced Monday afternoon that he has played his final game at Kroger Field. He will forego his final season of eligibility to enter the 2020 NFL Draft, but first he’s got a Belk Bowl to win.

Before Bowden made his announcement, the AP named him first team All-SEC as an all-purpose player, one of four Wildcats to earn first team All-SEC honors. Logan Stenberg earned the nod at offensive guard, Drake Jackson at center and Max Duffy at punter. It’s only the third time in school history four Wildcats were named first team All-SEC by the AP. The other two seasons, 1951 and 1977, were high-water marks for the program.

A New KSR Football Podcast

After a slight scheduling snafu, the KSR Football Podcast will return with a guy you haven’t heard over the airwaves in a while. Smash that subscribe button and prepare to hear the Panther’s thoughts on this year’s wild UK football season this afternoon.

Stephen Johnson Sighting

It’s in an unusual place. The former UK quarterback ran into a fan while making a pilgrimage to Bethlehem ahead of Christmas. The BBN is everywhere.

Utah Adds Jake Bentley

The quarterback that loved to lose to Kentucky at South Carolina will play for a team that loves to lose in the Pac-12 Championship Game. Jake Bentley announced on Twitter Tuesday that he will be taking his talents to Salt Lake City for his final season of eligibility. Asked to be the Gamecocks’ superhero, Utah is actually a nice fit for him in the run-first offense.

WKU Loses Charles Bassey

The Hilltoppers’ brightest star is done for the season. A one-time projected lottery pick, WKU announced sophomore Charles Bassey suffered a┬átibial plateau fracture in his left knee during the second half of this weekend’s game against Arkansas. The injury’s recovery time is 6-9 months. Hopefully it’s only a slight setback for a player who has such a promising professional career.

Beuhler is Back in Lexington

After a couple of incredible outings in the postseason, the Dodgers’ ace returned to his Old Kentucky Home. The Dodgers’ 11-minute feature highlights many of the places you’re familiar with around Lexington.

The Jimmy V Classic is in NYC

The brief break in football gives a nice night of basketball action. No. 1 Louisville takes on Texas Tech in a battle of future UK foes at 7 p.m. ET, before UConn and Indiana hit the hardwood at MSG.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

10 Comments for Today on KSR: Inauguration in the Bluegrass

  1. BluemanGreen
    9:39 am December 10, 2019 Permalink


    • DelrayCat
      9:48 am December 10, 2019 Permalink

      It goes far beyond Donald Trump and election interference. The most disturbing fact is that they just absolutely refuse to cooperate in any way shape or form and would not provide any documents or allow anyone to honor subpoenas. This fundamentally goes against our constitution and the idea of separation of powers, checks and balances. Not to mention how the Mueller report spelled out specifically that any other person would have been charged with a crime except for a sitting president. In effect, he is like an autocratic king without any ability for Congress to check his power…thereby defying the fundamental characteristic of our constitution. And if it is allowed to happen now, then every single president going forward will try to do the same thing. Even Nixon and Clinton cooperated with investigation and oversight-oriented subpoenas and demand for documentation. Heck, even Clinton gave a videoed deposition. Meanwhile Trump meets with the Russians for the 16th time today of all days, while Rudy is still over in Ukraine trying to dig up dirt on Biden…smh.

    • Ben27
      10:01 am December 10, 2019 Permalink

      It goes beyond cooperation. What about due process under the law. Everything congress has brought forth so far would not have been allowed in our constitutional court system. You cannot convict a person on hearsay and speculation. If this had been a fair process, Trump would have cooperated and won easily. All this kangaroo court is accomplishing is that every President of the opposite party in congress will be impeached in the future. Congress need to get their work done for the benefit of all the citizens of the United States. There is no place for vengeful politics by either side.

    • Han
      10:32 am December 10, 2019 Permalink

      No matter how many times Trump supporters call it a Witch Hunt, a Kangaroo Court, illegal, treasonous, fake, or any other White House or Fox News talking point, it won’t change the facts. Donald Trump, Mulvaney, Giuliani, and others have admitted to soliciting foreign interference in our elections and worse. Thus we can’t leave it to the elections because Trump and everyone enabling him are undermining our elections. You’re worried about a precedent of impeaching any opposite party president? What about the precedents already being set by a chief executive and his administration that ignore the Constitution?

      If Bill Clinton committing perjury and obstruction to cover up his affair was impeachable, what Trump has done over and over should already have him out of office and in a cell.

      I’m a Republican, and I guess the Name Caller in Chief would call me a Never Trumper because I’ve always felt electing a conman narcissist “billionaire” is both moronic and a tragedy for this country.

    • DelrayCat
      10:47 am December 10, 2019 Permalink

      The reality is that both of us are correct. But Congress is not a court, and therefore doesn’t afford the same “rights” and procedures as a criminal matter in the judicial system might. Essentially, what is happening is unprecedented in this nation, and lawmakers are unsure how to handle such a lawless administration that fundamentally refuses to cooperate in any manner whatsoever with constitutional oversight. Therefore, impeachment is the only remedy. Sure they can try to use the courts to force suppeonas to be honored, and would likely be successful. But this admin knows that process is tainted and painfully slow. And any objective person needs to take a step back and realize that if Congress has absolutely no authority to hold the executive branch accountable for anything … such as even if the sitting president decides to shoot someone on 5th avenue … then we as a nation are in deep trouble.

  2. Ben27
    9:49 am December 10, 2019 Permalink

    What is strange besides BluemanGreen, The Attorney General becomes Governor today and the new Attorney General does not take office until January 2020. Is Andy both Governor and Attorney General until then or is there an interim one appointed? I think this is something the Legislature need to address in the near future. Good luck Andy working with all those Republicans! We will see if they can truly work together for the benefit of all Kentuckians. It is the way it should be. We will see if both sides are mature enough to put their pride aside.

    • ClutchCargo
      3:17 pm December 10, 2019 Permalink

      An interim AG was appointed by Beshear a couple of days ago. In this instance, it is Daniel Cameron, who would have taken office in January anyway

  3. Rod Crandler
    10:18 am December 10, 2019 Permalink

    Trump won’t get impeached
    No one is taking away anyone’s gun
    Healthcare will remain private
    Abortion will remain legal
    *** Politicians on both sides will continue to use the above issues to fire up their base while wasting more money and making themselves richer

    • Ben27
      1:39 pm December 10, 2019 Permalink

      So True Rod. Do you know that every federal politician gets there salary for life for each and every office or position they hold. Nancy will receive over 800,000.00 per year for the rest of her life. You want to know why this country is so screwed up, the politicians get constant pay raises while cutting the amount people on Social Security get. The big difference is that your average citizen pays for his pension his whole life, while politicians pay nothing at all.

    • Megan
      8:44 pm December 10, 2019 Permalink

      The House Judiciary Committee just this morning introduced two articles of impeachment against Trump. The committee is scheduled to vote on the articles Thursday. Then it will go to the floor of the House for passage. Keep in mind that Democrats are the majority party in the House. A few stragglers aside, these votes will be along party lines. Which means … Trump will certainly be impeached. Guaranteed. No one seriously thinks otherwise, Rod. (I agree largely with your other points.) He will just as certainly not be convicted by the Republican Senate. But the stain of impeachment, only the third in presidential history, will remain with Trump forever. It will be one of the first lines in his bio.

      As for Ben27’s odd remarks, the Speaker’s annual salary is $223,500. So it would be passing strange if she were somehow to receive $800k every year for the rest of her life. Hell, the President’s salary is $400k (up from $200k under Clinton). Where the hell do you get your numbers? And no, no one gets their salary for life. Jesus, you believe that?

      I was a federal employee in DC for over a quarter-century, and I’m covered by the same pension and retirement (and health care) plans that cover members of Congress. So listen up: I and every member of Congress contributes to those benefits. We contribute to our pensions, to our retirement plans, to Social Security and Medicare. It all comes out of our salaries. Health care premiums now come out of my pension. Yes, we get cost-of-living increases to protect against inflation, but if you’ve been around a while, you have to wait 3 years for an actual salary increase, and then your salary tops out. There’s a ceiling.

      The average salary of members of Congress is about $174k. A total of 276 Members who retired with service under the current retirement system were receiving an average annual pension of $41,076 in 2016, according to Wiki Congressional pension (mine’s less than half that). That’s not nothing, but it’s nothing like what you’re saying. And yes, deductions are made for federal and state taxes and healthcare premiums. It’s not bad — pensions have disappeared from a lot of the private sector — but please, don’t blindly accept what you must be reading on fringe websites or hearing on State Television.

      Tell us, if you would, when has Congress ever cut Social Security benefits? Once during the Depression, but I can’t think of another instance. So what are you talking about? Proposals? I don’t know how we can have an intelligent discussion if we can’t agree on basic facts. None of what you said is true. None of it. There are good reasons to hate Congress. But we don’t need to make them up.