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Thursday’s Top 10 8: Because 10 Is Too Many Today

I have to get on the road to Louisville for today’s show, so let’s do this…


1. It’s Master’s time!!!!

Take a moment to watch the opening ceremony, the first without Arnold Palmer:


2. Bam Adebayo left open the option to return.

As expected, Bam Adebayo announced his plans to enter the NBA draft yesterday; HOWEVER, he will not hire an agent, leaving the option of returning to school for a sophomore season. He has until May 24 to pull out of the draft, should he decide to do so after the combine.

“I feel I’m making the right step in declaring for the draft, but I want to be absolutely sure that I’m making the right decision for me and my mom,” he said in a statement through UK. “I’m looking forward to the process and I appreciate the support of the coaches, my teammates and the fans. No matter what happens, it’s been an unbelievable ride.”

I’m of the belief Adebayo is still long gone, but those holding out hope for another year are ecstatic by the news.

3. Listen to Malik Monk’s interview on KSR:

Monk isn’t the chattiest player we’ve ever had on the show, but we do appreciate him stopping by the studio to talk to us about his time at UK.

You can listen in the second hour below:

4. Harvard coming to Rupp Arena next season.

According to’s Jon Rothstein, Kentucky will play host to Harvard in Rupp Arena during the 2017-18 college basketball season. The Crimson should be a pretty good Ivy League team next season as Tommy Amaker is all set to return four of his five top scorers from this year’s team that went 18-10.

If the report is true, it will be the first ever meeting between the two programs.

5. Consider me stunned by the Orlando Antigua to Illinois news.

I thought for sure we would see Coach O back in Lexington in his old seat on the UK bench. The news of him going to Illinois tells me every assistant coach will be back for another year because I think he would’ve waited it out for an opening if there were any chance one would come available. Maybe he’ll be a one-and-done with Illinois and then come back.

6. Today marks the beginning of April recruiting period.

Beginning today at noon, NCAA basketball coaches can hit the road to recruit players or bring players to them as part of the April recruiting or “contact” period. John Calipari is all set to visit Jemarl Baker on Friday and he’ll keep fighting the good fight for Mohamed Bamba and Kevin Knox, too. It should be a busy two weeks until the calendar shifts to the “quiet” and “evaluation” periods, which is all very complicated in what can and can’t be done. We’ll save that conversation for another time. Just know Cal can go out and recruit today at noon.

7. Devin Booker got up close with an official last night.

Booker and Tyler Ulis went for 21 and 20 against the Golden State Warriors. (Steph Curry outscored them by himself, but still.)

8. A Kentucky fan wrote an apology letter to John Higgins.

The letter, submitted to the Omaha World-Herald, reads:

On behalf of the good people of Kentucky, I would like to apologize to Omaha referee John Higgins and the employees of his company for the appalling actions of a few University of Kentucky basketball fans following the loss to North Carolina (“After madness, Omaha ref says he’s lost ‘a little faith in people,’ ” April 5 World-Herald).

Unfortunately, a small percentage of UK fans persist in acting like idiots during March Madness, burning couches and setting cars on fire in the UK neighborhoods following major hoops victories (or losses). This has been going on for years – you can watch the disturbing videos on YouTube. But death threats to a referee are a new low for UK basketball fans… Read more

Thank you, David Cooper from Lexington.



Gotta run if I’m going to make this radio show. Tune in at 10 am!

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

25 Comments for Thursday’s Top 10 8: Because 10 Is Too Many Today

  1. evilcarl
    9:24 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    That doesn’t read like a letter from a UK fan. It goes way out of the way to make U.K. Fans seems even worse than this incident portrayed us.

  2. inside info2
    9:25 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    Would Sandy Bell let Coach O come back after what happened under his watch? We don’t think he knew what his brother was doing?

    I’m really surprised Coach Payne hasn’t been lured away yet. I think he’s going to make a good head coach and sooner rather than later.

  3. runningunnin.454
    9:29 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    Well, who elected Mr. Cooper to speak for the people of Kentucky?
    How about an apology from HIggins for his obvious bias and hatred for Cal and UK?
    I’ll be waiting for his heartfelt mea culpa.

  4. jboy
    9:32 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    David Cooper ,thanks for your letter. I think it was on point. Our fans are our biggest asset most of the top, but can also be our biggest embarrassment . Such a letter was overdue. Would have been good if our KSR leaders would have spoken up for our more rational fans.

  5. jboy
    9:35 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    How on earth could this incident portrayed us any worse. Death threats, really??

  6. Howdy Doody
    9:36 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    This is serious folks. The FBI and Federal Prosecutors will and are going after 100’s of e-mails and phone calls. Are people so stupid they do not know EVERY email and phone can be traced back to the original source??
    Here is one 63 years old fan who will be proud to see the moron crown hauled off in shackles for making this mans life a living hell over a childs game.
    UK can not win every game. Move on. Or face incarceration…

    • BlueGrass
      9:56 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

      Yeah, it’s on the FBI’s list just below spying on innocent American’s communications and using investigations for political purposes.

    • Booby Petrino
      10:37 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

      bahahahahaha you think someone is going to be incarcerated over this? bahahahahaha

  7. TheNewOriginal
    9:47 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    Unsolved murders,rapes,robberies all over the country, and the FBI is going to go after some upset fans making phone calls. ALL phone calls can be traced to the original source? “We have traced this to a Trac phone bought at Walmart. Pull all of Walmart corporate records, confiscate all security camera footage within the triangulated cell area at the time, and review all video.” Effort required?
    “Estimated 4000 man hours at a cost to the taxpayers of $400,000, but by gawd, we’ll have enough evidence to at least start an investigation into one of these dangerous UK fans.” At 63 years old, you should have learned a little bit more about how the world works.

    • Howdy Doody
      10:19 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

      36 years as an FBI Investigator….yes, they are and will go after and prosecute these individuals. You may want to speak to an Attorney and a Law Enforcement Agency about exactly how phone records and e-mails never disappear….ever. I will wager the cast majority of the perps did not have enough sense to know that. Give it 90-120 days, you will see arrest reports. I guarantee you.
      Have a nice day.

    • Booby Petrino
      10:40 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

      Oh goodness, he is serious about this prosecution/incarceration talk. Everyone knows phone records and emails don’t disappear, this is no revelation, Mr. 36 Year FBI Investigator. Come back in 90-120 days so we can talk about this again lol

    • RexRox
      5:35 pm April 6, 2017 Permalink

      Kind of like Madonna went to jail for threatening to blow up the White House, huh?

  8. BlueGrass
    9:56 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    Someone should send David Cooper a …. oh nevermind.

  9. Bill the Cat
    10:10 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    I love the internet and message boards for giving everyone a voice.
    I hate the internet and message boards for giving everyone a voice.

  10. Howdy Doody
    10:47 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    “Barrall said he has identified the persons who made 450 phone calls or messages and another 200-300 messages on social media or in emails that were “of a threatening nature.”

    Some of those met the criteria to be considered terroristic threats under Nebraska,and Federal law. Barrall said he wouldn’t disclose how many until after he reviews all the messages. Under Nebraska law, making terroristic threats is a felony punishable by up to three years in prison.

    “This case offers up a lot of potential offenders, most of whom made a stupid decision in joining in on a prank, but serious injuries are possible and we should draw the line at the law,” Sarpy County Attorney Lee Polikov wrote in an email to The Associated Press.”

    About 3,000 phone calls came into Higgins’ office in the two days after the game, Barrall said. He estimated 75 percent were from Kentucky area codes.

  11. Howdy Doody
    10:56 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    This is serious folks. I just hope all of you are not implicated…
    Barrall said he also has been listening to about five hours of audio from Kentucky sports radio shows with an ear for threatening comments toward Higgins, whether by hosts or callers. Barrall also continues to monitor Kentucky fan websites.

    Barrall said he suspected a video showing contact information for Higgins and posted on fan website Kentucky Sports Radio sparked the harassment. That video has been removed, he said.

    “There is a lot of mass anonymity once something like that goes viral,” Barrall said. “People that on their own wouldn’t do something, their social values change when a lot of other people do it, and they decide to join in. This is the 21st-century version of a mob mentality because of social media.”
    “Barrall said he has identified the persons who made 450 phone calls or messages and another 200-300 messages on social media or in emails that were “of a threatening nature.”

    Laugh away.

  12. BGrassKY
    10:57 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    Is Booker still alive?

  13. hal9944
    11:12 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    Why would you write a letter and pen the entire fan base to it, when less than 0.1% of the fan base was involved. This crap happenes at every school, wake up. The letters a joke, tim huggins is a joke and they aint doing nothing.. I guarantee not one person is arrested. What a waste of time.

    • Howdy Doody
      12:44 pm April 6, 2017 Permalink

      The FBI and Law Enforcement beg to differ…..slander, liable and death threats are serious charges.Ask anyone in the Penitentiary System…they thought they were cute too, until the $100K Legal bills came due and the jury came back in 10 minutes with a guilty verdict.

      How much would you care to wager “not one person is arrested?”
      Probably more like 50-60.

    • hal9944
      4:56 pm April 6, 2017 Permalink

      Keyboard warriors exist in every message board, and every comment section out there ( and i agree it’s pathetic) The fbi and law enforcement dont have the manpower or hours to worry about a few basketball fans calling someone names. I would say they are more worried about actual criminals! Come on. Make sure you post the first UK fan arrested, because i dont see it happening, lot more important things for the fbi to worry about.

  14. Boardwalk45
    11:50 am April 6, 2017 Permalink

    David Cooper is full of it. I have never seen people out burning cars. Couches have been burned and ONE car was flipped in 2012, but his portrayal is so inaccurate. He’s probably one of the old people that loves to complain about Calipari

  15. Howdy Doody
    7:56 am April 7, 2017 Permalink

    The next phase of the investigation likely would require subpoenas to be issued for phone and other records of those suspected of making terroristic threats.

    “It was not that long ago where courts were reluctant to convict when offense was not initiated in our jurisdiction, but we do not face that anymore,” Polikov wrote. “Also, depending on the facts, we would collaborate with the local authorities where the offenses were initiated. I have not studied the federal options, but would consider turning to the FCC if in fact a talk show created the environment for harassment.”

    The sheriff’s department has provided extra patrols around Higgins’ office, and Omaha police have done the same near Higgins’ residence.