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The UK Football Coaching Staff takes over KSR (Thursday Show Thread)

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the Thursday edition of Kentucky Sports Radio. Matt’s still on vacation, and while Jay Bilas killed it yesterday as guest host, we may be able to top it today with the UK Football coaching staff. Tune in to hear DJ Eliot, Shannon Dawson, and Vince Marrow discuss the topics of the day with Ryan Lemond alongside to help out.

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33 Comments for The UK Football Coaching Staff takes over KSR (Thursday Show Thread)

  1. UK_JB
    9:55 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Another great show yesterday. So is Matt really in italy?

  2. realme
    10:13 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Coach Elliott giving Matthew Mitchell some competition for best coach substitute host.

  3. inside info2
    10:25 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Guys, I have some terrible news–I saw Coach Robic this morning and he no longer has his glowing, blonde locks. He has gone to natural gray. With a beard. I hope this is just a summer thing and he gets back to blonde before the start of the season.

  4. wu slang
    10:26 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Like to hear the justification for the Southern Miss home-at-home since UAB reinstated football.

    • J-Dub421
      10:53 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

      UAB has reinstated football, but do they even have a team yet? Most, if not all of their players went elsewhere.They have to start over from scratch, and according to their press release hope to have a team again by 2016.

    • wu slang
      11:09 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

      That’s right J-Dub, but I bet a ‘brand new’ UAB would still beat Austin Peay who is also on an upcoming KY schedule. Just my opinion. Playing Southern Miss in Hattiesburg seems insane to me.

    • J-Dub421
      12:59 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

      You’re missing the point. UAB may not even have a team by then. We can’t take the chance of not scheduling someone else when UAB might not have a team to play us. They have no timetable for when they’ll actually have a team again.

  5. Ebell55
    10:37 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Really enjoying the show and I think this staff will get it done!!! Love the way Elliot “educated” the caller on our defensive pressure we did have two D ends drafted!!

  6. J-Dub421
    10:56 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Vince Marrow’s voice is awesome. He sounds exactly like you’d expect him to.

    • bigbluecoop
      11:05 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

      I think he sounds, at times, like Dave “Buzz” Baker.

  7. wu slang
    11:14 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Seems a little strange that Cal is doing this press conference during a KSR football show. Go Cats

  8. Daniel
    11:32 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    I would like to know if there is going to be any surprises when it comes to the uniforms this season. I love what they have done to this point and I’m anxious to see whats next.

  9. d_hunt08
    11:33 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    We saw Patrick Towles lead the team in rushing in a few games last year. Are we gonna see his legs utilized? Or just focus on his arm?

  10. Toby
    11:33 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Are you guys ready for us to rush the field and pay the fines four times this year? Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, Louisville

  11. JD
    11:33 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Ask the coaches have they thought about a Chrome Power K helmet, And did the upper class-men step in and take command during the whole Easter Kentucky debacle?

  12. Jeremy
    11:33 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    How confident is everyone about getting to a bowl game?

  13. UKWileyCat
    11:34 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Ryan, can you ask them if they were surprised that Drew Barker’s teammates didn’t stick up for him after he got suckered punch?

  14. Eric
    11:34 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    I want to ask about JoJo Kemp. I love watching him run, he plays with a lot of passion and emotion. Why does it seem like he is only used in the wildcat formation, especially last year. He doesnt seem to get much run in the “normal” offense.

  15. ajp40505
    11:34 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Ask Coach Dawson how our talent on offense compares to what he left at West Virginia

  16. Nicholas
    11:34 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Coach Elliot, With safety being a deeper position than cornerback, have you given any thought to moving A.J. Stamps to cornerback? He was a corner in Junior College?

  17. Chris
    11:35 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Great show. Can you talk about the High Performance Program and does it help with recruiting?

  18. ATXCat
    11:36 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    D.J Could you comment on the D-line’s transition to the 3-4 and and explain the progress of the players’ 3-technique and 4-technique. Also Do you think Melvin Lewis, or Matt Elam could be 2-gap players?

  19. Pete
    11:36 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Is Courtney Love eligible?

  20. Bob Ed Thom
    11:40 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Do you see any chance for Matt Elam & Melvin Lewis out on the field at the same time?
    Both of them had moments where they looked UNBLOCKABLE, but may not be able to cover enough ground.

    Offensively, do you see the maturation of last year’s freshmen WR and getting Badet & Montgomery back, making this group more of a strength of the offense?

  21. Jacob
    11:43 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Would like the coaches opinion on what’s the best place to eat in Lexington

  22. c dap
    11:45 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Which game are the coaches looking forward to most?

  23. Donnie
    11:48 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    be honest, Coach Stoops is out looking for Coach Marrow’s dog

  24. Jamie
    11:48 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Coach Dawson, I’m a former OLine so I like to hear about the big guys. I understand you want to emphasize a more physical running game. Are there any differences in the blocking schemes in your flavor of the Air Raid than what was used last year? And has it been a smooth transition in the players learning your different nuances of the Air Raid?

  25. houndstooth
    11:56 am June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Could you have ask them what do they drink soda or pop? do they go to the creek or crek?

  26. Basteballer
    12:10 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    So, that happened.

    I tried to listen. I really did. I bet they’re really nice guys. And I really, really want them to do well. But I just couldn’t maintain even a smidgeon of interest in this one.

    I will watch the football games, but I do not care to talk about it. Or listen to other people talk about it.

    It was unfortunate for these guys to follow Jay Bilas. He’s a consummate professional and very entertaining.

    Call me when they are actually playing football games. But, until then… I. Do. Not. Care.

  27. Neilbert
    1:43 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    So you are not a football fan, who cares? Gets old hearing basketball talk in the off season every single fay. I enjoyed hearing their insight and take on the game.

    • Basteballer
      8:47 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink


      I am not alone.

  28. Neilbert
    1:44 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    fay= day