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The U of L Silos Bite the Dust




Today the University of Louisville began the demolition process on the infamous silos that line I-65 near the fairgrounds.  They were an eyesore for many, but as a kid I always thought it was the coolest thing on campus.

No word on whether or not a DJ was hired (but probably).

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

39 Comments for The U of L Silos Bite the Dust

  1. LEE
    4:11 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    Thanks for the free advertising suckers!!!

    • Le Dúde
      4:17 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      Advertising that your commuter school is a shithole? No problem!

  2. gordonm
    4:16 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    grain silos in a populated area is not a good thing.

  3. Artie Faxx
    4:18 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    Building a new in-patient facility for their junkies and dealers.

  4. Mxyzptlk
    4:18 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    But with no grain silos, what will the Cardinal cheerleaders eat during winter months when grass doesn’t grow?

  5. UKfanNKY
    4:35 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    Still the coolest thing on campus cause everything else Looserville SUCKS!!!

  6. gordonm
    4:38 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    That’s not funny. Not that I know funny but that’s not funny.

  7. Ankle Grabber
    4:39 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    All the above may be true. But doesn’t change the fact that the guy who runs this site is a known [email protected] Mr. Bath house himself.

    • Bobby Neck Brace and Rick "The Amazing Abortionist" Pitino
      4:45 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      I didn’t know this, but it doesn’t surprise me that you do.

    • Rei
      4:51 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      I dunno why but these comments always make me laugh. I’m guessing because there’s really no basis for them.

    • Buckets
      11:32 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      Typical Louisville troll: “Yeah, well Matt Jones is gay!”

      They seriously can’t come up with anything better than that. It’s like they’re all third graders and that’s the best insult they can come up with.

  8. gordonm
    4:41 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    ^ comment was meant for the Mxyzptlk comment.

  9. gordonm
    4:43 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    what is wrong here. I post a comment meant for a previous comment and it gets bumped to another comment?

    • gordonm
      5:39 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      Will the pauley pavilion floor end up in dumpster?

  10. Back to you Sandy
    4:43 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    And in other news, the University of Florida mowed the grass on their football field today, and the UCLA Bruins had water pumped out of Pauley Pavilion.

  11. Macho Man Girth
    5:28 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    Get the taxpayers – UK and UofL fans alike to buy a new arena: CHECK.

    Drop millions to tear down some outdated silos: CHECK.

  12. The Real Matt Jones
    5:36 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    Where will they store all of the ignorance and bull shit that Louisville fans are full of?

  13. schmowzow
    6:17 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    If only you guys could know how much joy and laughter i get out of reading your posts. You realize that the major UofL sites similar to ksr don’t post any tiny article about UK like this one does. You do understand that articles like this are posted on here because they know you people will spew hate and ignorance just for hits…right? Rhis is how they make money obviously. They know how you guys are. You are what daytime television lawyer commercials are aimed at. You are the Maury show. The ignorant. They know that they give you your opinion because you’re far too weak minded to form one yourselves. Wake up. Stop being so cheap.

    • ChicagoCat
      6:27 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!

    • Catlogic15
      9:00 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      Check out Howie Lindsay’s post, on his own site, regarding Korem’s quote, and how he made it a paranoid UL attack.

    • L1C6
      9:00 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      Yeah moron, make fun of us for giving them hits spewing hate and ignorance when you just did THE EXACT SAME THING! lol that’s Tard logic at its finest.

    • CorntuckyJoe
      9:42 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      Maybe you can win one of the next 7 tries? Yeah, I doubt it too. What rivaly? Easy W.

    • Rick
      1:08 am August 1, 2014 Permalink

      They , they don’t comment on UK. And, they don’t have a website titled “KY Shame” either. UL fans have the market on ignorance. UL fans , One Brain, Many Heads.”

  14. schmowzow
    6:33 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    Allow me to give you backgroung on my way of thinking not that you care. I get the fact that pitino and petrino are not morally sound or weren’t depending on if the crap they did changed them for the better maybe maybe not. Isee how many of my people rock hideous line beards and swig crown royal i know lol. My fanbase has it’s flaws. I acknowledge it and rip on it with my UK friends but they can’t do the same. Why? The above post wasn’t meant to be mean but to open your eyes to what ksr does to you guys. I get it it’s a rivalry the best one but the UofL sites i go on don’t bring everything back around to UK hating.

    • Bobbum man
      7:49 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      Well I don’t see how this post is to entice hate towards UL, what you fail to mention is how there are far far more UK fans in louisville than there are louisville fans in Lexington so we may take an interest in the city itself a bit more than you Lexington. To be fair lots of people hate how much they post about UL though

    • Travis
      8:53 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      Just want to add….. I’ve never once been on a UL fan forum or website.

    • L1C6
      9:11 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      The funny thing is that you think you are opening our eyes to something and you’re slightly off. Let me open your eyes to the fact that they are doing the same thing to you as you claim they are doing to us. They post these things knowing Tard trolls will come here and comment, we will argue back, and all the while they get hits. So, it’s not just us they are using, silly. I’ve never been to a UofL site so I don’t know if they are posting things abt us. But you Tards always know what’s posted on here. Hmm…. Think on it.

    • Michael
      9:46 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      I routinely go to the CardinalAuthority to get my UK news. Mostly, because I enjoy getting my UK news with a side of laughter thanks to the delusional fan base which is UL. Cal is a cheating scumbag and Pitino (and Petrino for that matter) does things the right way. Because a man with the moral fortitude of Pitino would never cheat right? (Tell that to his wife with a straight face).

      You guys are actually STILL crying about officiating from a game that took place in March. It’s priceless!

  15. bob
    9:11 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    Now everyone can see the best campus and facilites in the state!

    • L1C6
      9:17 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      You can smell it a mile away, might as well be able to see where that urine stench is coming from.

    • OldUKFan
      9:31 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

      I had cruised through most of the comments with no emotion but L1C6 made me laugh out loud for some reason….and just to comment on the the schmow …I do not go to UL sites.
      I’m surprised Jurdick didn’t have them paint the silos blue before the tore them down or turn it into some money grubbing contest for UL fans.

  16. BlueFins
    9:27 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    Are they putting another intramural field there? Already looks like a damn YMCA next to 65.

  17. bob
    9:55 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    Dude…no comparasion in UL facilities vs. UK…Baseball, soccer, Field Hockey, Football, Basketball stadiums not even close….UL by far.

  18. CorntuckyJoe
    9:55 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    A bunch of old eyessores down and three to go ( Quick shot, Neck Brace, and The Mob boss)

  19. unboltedharp
    9:58 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    Urban renewal, why stop there keep the bulldozers moving west!

  20. Mike Gillespie
    10:01 pm July 31, 2014 Permalink

    I went to another college in Louisville back when the silos belonged to Ralston Purina. A similar set somewhere in Ohio was converted into a fancy hotel – and then torn down. Maybe they could have been converted into a dorm?!

  21. Rick and Bobby had no idea they were silos. They thought they were tick marks for the numbers of bimbos that they had nailed.

  22. Louisville Fans Suck
    8:22 am August 1, 2014 Permalink

    Does this mean we can’t call them U of Smell anymore???

  23. TPACAT
    7:49 pm August 1, 2014 Permalink

    Why didn’t they just paint ’em up like Schlitz Malt Liquor cans & leave ’em there?