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The Matt Jones Podcast: E17 Jonathan Martin & Vanetti


Today’s podcast features a couple of returning guests.  Tony Vanetti and Matt have another typical good time talking about whatever comes to mind, followed by 30 more minutes with New York Times political reporter, Jonathan Martin.  Highlights include:

—   Vanetti dives into all of the updates from the UofL Scandal.

—  What it’s like to meet Rusty Troutman.

—  Martin’s experience at the UK/South Carolina game.

—  How Justice Scalia’s death will affect the Presidential race.

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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

2 Comments for The Matt Jones Podcast: E17 Jonathan Martin & Vanetti

  1. scwhite9
    8:09 pm February 16, 2016 Permalink

    Matt’s podcasts are outstanding. I sometimes sit next to my husband with my earplugs in, laughing so loud he thinks I have lost my mind.

    PS I’m not quite 89 years old, but I am closer to 70 than I am to 60. There are some things I know for sure – Jerry Tipton is a horse’s rear; he is grasping for straws when writing a story with obscure characters (except for Jay Bilas) that no one cares about; and, if he wants to call me, I will tell him Cal did lose it – but, I thought it was funny. (I’m with Matt – the best part was that Cal buttoned his coat before he left. I had a flashback to college where she got halfway dressed and thought no one would know you had just had too much to drink.)

  2. Gerald Hench
    8:32 pm February 16, 2016 Permalink

    If I may comment on the Louisville scandal………

    I’ve been a Louisville fan since the early 1970’s. As I have aged I lost interest in the back and forth zingers of a rivalry. Rather I focus on my side.
    And my side now needs to drop, completely drop, the pretense of moral superiority. The insufferable holier than thou. I’ve never been comfortable with the relentless blanket accusations about full-time-all-the-time corruption at UK. I have always rejected the claim of purity and right of judgement by anyone in any field, because it’s always a fraud.
    In brief, we deserve it. After checking out our main message boards it appears we have a contingent that will continue on like pathetic parrots, despite looking plainly asinine to any rational, nonpartisan observer.
    I would also like to condemn the talk and the posts about conspiracy. Like rejecting the asinine, I dismiss the paranoid. Who are the leaking moles? Who is behind it all? She is a lying frontwoman for some malignant anti-cardinal force. I swear I half expect someone to start talking about Jack Ruby eventually.
    I also regret to report being witness to multiple instances of some rather thinly veiled racist remarks (and even threats) toward the accuser. Another grenade that elements of our side have consistently lobbed at UK as a whole. There’s racists everywhere. No one has a moral monopoly there either.
    Sorry. Time to try and grow up for some of our fans. Try for one second at least.