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The Bachelor’s Monday News and Views


It is that time of year again folks! No, not just the time that the temperature falls to sub-Arctic levels and we all go raiding our local grocery store for milk and bread (neither of which I buy otherwise). It is also time for the start of KSR’s fifth favorite sport (behind basketball, football, tennis and Kentucky media fighting), “The Bachelor!” If you have read KSR over the years, you know we love the Bachelor because it combines some of our favorite things…beautiful women, silly competition, unnecessary drama and intense crying. What pops out of that tremendous mixture is a level of enjoyment that can’t truly be put into words. Over the years, our love of the Bachelor has been controversial on KSR. This culminated last year when Aaron Flener’s “Bachelor” recaps became stuff of comment section fight legend (and yes, they will be back again…be ready), and helped that intellectual wasteland move from UK/UL namecalling, diatribes over how much our writing sucks and comments about how gay I am to sassy girl namecalling, rants about how this isn’t about UK sports and comments about how gay Aaron Flener is. It was a tremendous improvement. For those of you that are inclined to dismiss The Bachelor, don’t. The girls reading already know why it is amazing, but guys should like it do. Imagine all the crazy women you knew in college that were really hot, but also slightly psycho, and now put them in one house and have them compete over a guy who can barely speak English…it is amazing. If you don’t believe me, give the first episode a shot (Lucy looks particularly crazy). It is on Monday night during the BCS Title game, so DVR it, watch on Tuesday and then thank me later. No television show gives me more mindless enjoyment and there is nothing that isn’t unbelievably depressing that will cause more tears on television. Plus, you can score brownie points with your girl for watching and be entertained. Thank me later and get ready for Flener’s recap coming soon.

To the three big stories of the weekend:


I took the drive to Lexington on Saturday and used the rare weekend day off to watch the Kentucky basketball team practice for the first time since late November. Over the course of 2 1/2 hours, the team went full speed and produced one of the best practices of the season (Calipari said as much afterwards). While I can’t talk about specific things that went on (beyond Dominique Hawkins dunking on Marcus Lee), I can say that my two biggest concerns about the team seem to be showing great improvement. First, the effort of the team is so much better than what it was just a month ago. Early season practices saw much of the time used by Calipari to focus exclusively on competing. He would yell, “PLAYYYY” loudly throughout the gym and the loafing up and down the court was a constant issue. That mindset showcased itself on the court as well, most famously during the Baylor game. The practice Saturday was the exact opposite. While mistakes were still plenty and the guys are still trying to learn all the intricacies of how Calipari wants them to play, the effort was 100% nearly throughout. With most of the practice focusing on 5 on 5 action, players went full bore and never stopped. They subbed themselves out when tired, but I never saw gaps of effort like plagued the team early. More than anything else, this gives me optimism.

Second, I really like steps of improvement on the defensive side of the ball that showcased themselves during the practice. I am not sure this team will ever be great defensively, but they are learning how better to cover up some of the problems and force teams to play to UK’s strengths. Much has to do with positioning and guys look much more comfortable on that end. Early in the year, many people (myself included) watched practice and were amazed at how good these guys looked in a scrimmage setting on offense. In hindsight, a big part of that was how bad these guys were defensively. Now the practices look more like big time basketball and UK’s defensive effort is much better. The Cats’ two best defensive games of the year (in my opinion) were against Belmont (at least in the last 30 minutes) and Louisville. That also showcased in practice and was a very encouraging sign.

Finally, one can see in practice that this is a team that likes to be coached. When a team struggles, often a look at practice shows guys that arent necessarily loving the coaching being given. That isn’t happening here and all the players are attentive, asking questions and trying to get better. That is a huge positive. There is still much improvement that needs to be made and to be fair, this team is not at the level of the January practices in 2012. But, the improvement is vast and my optimism was rekindled. I think when Kentucky gets on the court in SEC play versus Miss State and Vandy to start the league, we will see continued growth from a group that is hungry and eager to learn.


I am telling you, they squint…I am not saying they need contacts, but I am just saying…


I won’t go into great detail on this as I already wrote extensively on the subject on a post earlier Sunday night (scroll down and you can read). But suffice to say that Saturday was a bit of a disappointment when Matt Elam did not pull the trigger for Kentucky. I still as of now think that Elam will end up at Kentucky. UK fans that have totally abandoned hope and make ludicrous statements such as “move on” have no idea how big time football recruiting works. This is how it goes sometimes and Kentucky has never been in these spots in the past. This isn’t like basketball where only a few guys are recruited and few ever waver. This happens all the time in football and we have to get used to it as Kentucky recruits the higher level players. Elam has a lot of interest in Kentucky and he is much closer to the staff and recruits at UK than Alabama. As Signing Day gets closer, those relationships are what I think push him to Lexington. But it could change, one never knows. I was genuinely surprised by Elam’s postponement and am no sure what the future holds. I do know that Kentucky is still going to finish with a few more commitments and Louisville’s losing of a coach (more on that later) provides at least one or two new outlets for potential pickups. (For more on UK’s recruiting status post-Elam, check out this discussion thread on CatsPause). Mark Stoops has had few disappointing days as a recruiter since coming to Lexington. Saturday will hopefully be the last for a while.


The UK Cheerleaders and Dance Team are close to the National Championship Finals. The Cheerleaders nearly always win and the Dance Team is a consistent top finisher…here is the dance team posing in their holiday socks


The drama in Louisville this weekend all ended late Saturday night as Charlie Strong said he was leaving Tom Jurich and friends and heading to Austin. It is a great move for Strong, but I question how well he will do there (but that is a discussion for another day). What matters now is who Louisville will hire and what direction they go. I think their #1 target is Rich Rodriguez, the former West Virginia coach who is now at Arizona. Whether he makes the move is anyone’s guess, but I think that is who Jurich favors. Many Louisville fans want Bobby Petrino back (although many others dont) and it will be interesting to see if Jurich would pull the trigger on that move. If he does, then I would argue that UL will have the sleaziest combo of coaches in the United States (seriously find me a school with two sleazier) and will give us some good talking points over the next few years. If Bobby does come however, the pressure will be on in Lexington as Mark Stoops was hired over Petrino, and the strong number of fans who wanted him at UK. If he takes the UL job, that battle will be on. Still, from a UK perspective, Strong leaving is good news…he had done well there and had made them a viable power. Now uncertainty gives a chance to take away some recruits and the possibility of a poor hire (a la Kragthorpe). In that respect, Strong leaving isnt the worst news for a UK fan.


The Courier Journal ran this picture of a UL fan proposing to his woman at Phoenix Hill Tavern on New Years Eve…I love it

With that, stay warm tonight and tomorrow and get ready for a fun week. Cats get back to action in basketball and we will have a big show in the morning from 10-noon. See you good folks then…

Article written by Matt Jones

46 Comments for The Bachelor’s Monday News and Views

  1. jaws2
    10:41 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Matt, please, “he had done well there and had made them a viable power.” Surely you jest. He coached in a nothing league against nothing teams his entire tenure. A good coach against piss poor teams. Congrats.

  2. ShagariObrzut
    10:53 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Does anyone know where I can find and watch the Men of March segment that aired on CBS?

  3. Uvel blows!!!
    10:55 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Talkin bout hirin petrino back?? Does jurich have ne class??? He has made uvel more of a joke than they already were.

    • kycatfl1
      9:13 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

      If they hire Petrino back they are nuts. Major scandal at WKU right now. If they had been invited to a bowl 19 players were going to be ineligible. Petrino is scum.

  4. Parsley
    11:07 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    What’s ludicrous to you may not be ludicrous to others.

    If you live in Kentucky and you patsy around with the BBN then we don’t need you. Outside of the Louisville area, what kid would not give a treasured body part to play at UK. That is what P Os me!
    Nothing ludicrous, just a factual statement.

    • Parsley......
      11:23 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink


      Sage, Rosemary and Wine !

    • David Austin
      12:28 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

      I guess if you have a sports radio and a blog that makes you the utmost authority on what people should feel about Elam screwing with the chance of Kentucky landing a few extra recruits. You speak as if you know all about big time football. where did you play your ball at?

  5. Rob
    11:11 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Matt is getting at Seth Davis for dropping us in the poll three spots after not playing this week. I’m impressed.

  6. No...not "TheBachelor"
    11:16 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Matt, I generally enjoy reading your posts and often times skip the silly intro.However, I just could not skip this one.

    There are many programs on TV that I do not like but I can half way understand why someone would watch them. Then there are programs that I do not like and do not understand why anyone would watch them, yet I can give benefit of the doubt to those that do watch….but not The Bachelor. I have a good sense of humor and I can’t even find enough humor in it to cause me to watch, let alone a plot of any kind. It defies all logic, in fact, it is the epitome of space cadets, otherwise know as “Numb Nuts.”

    I bet someone high jacked your computer and wrote that portion of the post, cause you are far too much of an intellectual to watch The Bachelor. Lol !!!

  7. Matt Elam
    11:23 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    If Matt or any of his flunkies write about the Bachelor this month I will sign with Bama! Real dudes don’t watch that friggin butt pirate shit. Do you accept this rose?

    • RJ
      11:35 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

      Amen. I’d much rather this site promote something interesting that is coming back to television (Banshee, on Cinemax, if you need real guidance) than something like the Bachelor, which has milked the udders of reality television dry over the last decade.

  8. Jock Sutherland
    11:32 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    My money is on Chantel.

    • the realest
      5:10 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

      i will win the lotto before she wins…1st one gone

  9. Sock Order
    11:45 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    I was going to order some of the dance team socks but couldn’t find my color !

  10. Chicago Chris
    11:56 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

    I know we bag on Pitino but, wow, MJ seems to some extra distaste for him.

  11. jk
    12:02 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Are the rumors true? The bachelor really?.sugar in your pants man

  12. cats42301
    12:16 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    The twins do squint. Surely they’ve been given vision tests at some point? Maybe it’s just a habit because it seems like they do it when looking at something at a distance as well as up close.

  13. JVice
    1:09 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Matt et al.,

    I find it very contradictory, given the piece in the LHL about “giving people what they want”, that you would again choose to irritate your readers with such an unwanted series as your Bachelor recaps. I know the majority opinion of your readers evidently doesn’t matter to you guys on this issue. You’re going to have Flener blog about the Bachelor if it harelips the nation, but could you at least entertain the simple request of relegating these unwanted intrusions into the flow of KSR to the Funkhouser section?


  14. North Hardin Student
    1:17 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Look, Matt Jones is getting info from 24/7 Sports. Nothing wrong with that. However, they (24/7), are wrong more than they are right. While he will get some info from Cal about B-ball, he has no clue about Football. His radio show is entertaining but his knowledge about UK sports goes back to the mid 90s.

  15. Matt Jones
    1:37 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    The Bachelor posts are some of the most read on the site and bring a whole new audience to KSR. They do give many readers “what they want” and that is why they do them. And many also get a kick out of reading people being silly angry in the comment section (they are the most clicked comment sections we have). It is one post and many like it or like how mad it makes people

    On the “Matt doesn’t know football”…if folks still want to believe we have no relationships with the FB staff, so be it. Whatever makes things make sense for you. Neal Brown is coming on the show this week.

    • Chester
      2:10 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

      Why do you take posts made at night seriously, dude? 90% of them are made by trolls. Hell, I could be a troll. Or maybe we’re Gremlins — don’t feed after midnight.

    • symphonist41169
      8:11 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

      The reason “The Bachelor” posts receive some of the most clicks on the comment section is because so many people hate these asinine wastes of space & can’t believe they’re actually taking up space on a blog about UK sports. I agree with JVice’s idea of putting The Bachelor blogs in the Funkhouser section so if there are people who actually want to read it they can find it there and the rest of us (I would guess the VAST majority) who think it’s idiotic don’t have to waste part of our day scrolling past it.

    • Do you accept this rose symphoinst?
      9:10 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

      Is it really that hard to scroll past a post? Geez, I probably won’t read the Bachelor posts but I dont understand this need to complain about it. It takes less than 2 seconds to move past a post, I’m really sorry you will never get that 2 seconds back.

  16. Casper
    2:37 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    I really hope our defense has turned the corner.

  17. asdf
    8:11 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Have to give Louisville credit where they deserve it. They have again firmly established themselves as the #1 stepping-stone school for young coaches who want to have a few hot seasons and skip to a big program.

    • Cats all day!
      9:06 am January 6, 2014 Permalink


    • IBe4UL
      9:46 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

      Every coach that has left UL for a bigger job has failed, and been fired.

  18. Jim
    8:59 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Jaws2, so what your saying is since UK did not beat Loserville the entire time that Strong was there that UK is also a “piss poor” football team?

    At least someone agrees with me….

    UK should ave hired Petrino if we truly wanted to win. We are not gonna win with what we got now. We just got a double dose of Joker….

    • Wrong
      10:05 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

      The Cats beat Louisville the first year Charlie was there.

    • Wrong
      10:08 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

      But yes, UK has been a piss poor football team, no one is arguing that. But we will argue that we’re about to get better. What did you expect stoops to do in his first year w mainly Joker’s players?

  19. dshwildcats
    9:18 am January 6, 2014 Permalink


    I have to agree with you about Strong, brother. Although I think Strong is a good coach, I don’t believe he was the great coach that many Cardinal fans thought he was. In 4 seasons at Louisville, he really only had two “signature” wins: the Sugar Bowl against Florida; and, the RAB win against Miami last week. Yes, those were two very good wins. But, they also came in bowl games in which he had several weeks to prepare. During the 12 game regular season in which he didn’t have the extra time to perfect a game plan, his teams often didn’t look as well prepared as they were in bowl games. They often struggled to beat some very bad teams. They had numerous “narrow escapes” during the 2012 season. And, they lost games in his 4 year reign that they never should have lost (FIU, Marshall and UConn quickly come to mind). Had Louisville already been competing in the ACC during Strong’s tenure, his record would not be nearly as impressive; and, he probably would not have been a candidate for the Texas job.

    Also, it probably didn’t hurt that he had a QB like Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater turned out to be one of those “once in a lifetime” players who really carried that program for 3 seasons. If Bridgewater chooses to stick with his commitment to Miami instead of coming to Louisville, the Cards are probably a .500 team at best during Strong’s tenure.

    I think we would’ve found out either way just how good of a coach Charlie Strong is. If he had stayed at Louisville, the move to the ACC would’ve given Louisville a much tougher “row to hoe” than the Big East or AAC. By taking the Texas job, Strong will face much tougher competition each week. You need look no further than West Virginia’s plight to see what happens when a school takes a step up in competition. The Mountaineers were “top dogs” in the Big East. Since moving to the Big 12, they haven’t looked so hot. I think Charlie’s going to learn the hard way that playing quality competition week in and week out makes a world of difference.

  20. Beavis
    9:24 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Jim,,,,you are of course entitled to your opinion. And yes,,for the most part UK was a piss poor team the whole time Strong was at Louisville. Thats why Strong lobbied so hard for Joker to stay at UK. However,,I am glad we did not hire that sleaze bag Petrino. Would have only used UK as a steeping stone to a higher paycheck. In two years we would have been looking for another coach. Also,,I am not sure he can recruit as well as Stoops. Reserve your opinion on Stoops until you have a chance to see what he can do with this team the next couple of years. If he is not successful,,,I will jump right in there with you on your assessment but it just makes sense to give the man a chance.

  21. Brink
    9:29 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    18. Don’t let facts get in your way or anything. UK beat loserville strongs first year. And petrino was one whole game better than willie taggert was last year. Except petrino didn’t make a bowl game and finished 5th in the sunbelt

  22. Megan
    9:42 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    It’s lost on Matt that some of us watch KSR for exactly the same reasons he watches The Bachelor.

    And the fact that he doesn’t get it makes it all the more absurd.

  23. UKBlue1!
    9:46 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Rich Rod? I don’t think so. He failed majorly at Michigan. I think it will Petrino. Jurich’s time as the AD is coming to a close. IF Petrino is hired its a different situation than the one he left in 2007. He is NOT going back to the NFL. He can play for a National Title at UL. Brainfart should have hired him.

  24. Jim
    9:48 am January 6, 2014 Permalink


    I should probably give Stoops a couple of years but this has been a constant 30+ year battle for the UK football program. Its always the same except for the Brooks latter years and he barely got things turned around, then retired.

    UK is a Basketball school, thats easy to see and always will be however if UK wants to play with the “big boys” or at the very least be a middle of the road SEC football team then UK is gonna have to put up or shut and pay up the money for a good proven coach and many would come if the money was there. Most fans and me included would be perfectly happy if UK could win 6 games a year go to a small bowl game and then get ready for basketball season but its never gonna work out that way as long as we have Barnfart running the show.

    I closed the curtain on the UK Football show this past year and Im done. I could care less if they ever win another game because im no longer a supporter, believer of the hype or a fan for that matter anymore but yes I am entitled to my opinion.

    “Brink”- My bad yes we did, but havent won against Loserville since.

    • Beavis
      5:32 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

      Jim,,,,I feel your pain. Don’t know how many times I got sucked into that hype when a new coach came to town. At times we could compete but long term,,,no way. The commitment just was not there. However remember,,most of the coaches in the NFL and College ranks were assistant coaches before they became head coaches. Maybe I am getting sucked in again but I believe Stoops will be successful here.

  25. kybigblue
    9:58 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Elam certainly didn’t take the easy way out if he is headed to Alabama. Now he has to make the announcement at home in front of many who are UK fans. Hopefully it will be UK.

  26. Bald Guy
    10:10 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Lamar Dawson was a stud coming out of Danville and went to USC…. forgotten. The infamous Robey traitor’s son…. went to play for the Gators. I know he played but he cannot be a politician in KY because of his exposure in FL, or even a well respected real estate agent like his daddy.

    Matt is better than both of these dudes IMO but my point is that when Dennis Johnson walks through CWS most people greet him with a smile and seem starstruck, still. The dude would never want for anything as long as he lived in KY. This state will not turn on you if you leave, but obviously it is a little easier to be forgotten and the benefits are infinite for the hometown heroes.

  27. Brink
    10:41 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Jim your right we haven’t won since, but in the last 7 we are in 4-3. Joker was our kragthorpe. And the jury is out on stoops. If there isn’t massive improvement next season ill join you on the done forever train.

  28. asdf
    11:14 am January 6, 2014 Permalink

    UK and UofL have been alternating good coach/bad coach for a while now. It’s their turn to suck for a while…

  29. dshwildcats
    11:30 am January 6, 2014 Permalink


    I’d say you’re right on the money about Rich Rod and the Louisville job, brother! Jurich and Louisville’s “We do it better and cleaner than anyone else” image has taken a big hit the past few months. First, they welcome Michael Dyer to be a member of their football team, a player who had been shown the door at Auburn and Arkansas State. Then, they retain an assistant football coach who was found to have received impermissible benefits; provided impermissible benefits to recruits at Miami; and, then lied about everything when questioned by the NCAA. Then there’s the whole “Chane Behanan drama”! I’m guessing this kid would’ve been kicked off the team by most coaches months ago. But, Rick “I believe in a 100 chances” Pitino just suspends him “indefinitely”. Of course at Louisville, that means you’re gone until we really need you.

    The NCAA went snooping around at WVU and Michigan after Rodriquez left both schools and found he wasn’t the most ethical coach in the neighborhood. Louisville needs to find a squeaky clean “Mr. Rogers” type of coach with this hire!

  30. STEVE!
    2:19 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    To those of you who are critical of UL’s choices for head football coaches, when was the last time we had a coach that gave us a reason to worry that some big time school would steal him away? Never. There are still people here who think Rich Brooks was a great coach, even though in 7 years at UK he was 2-26 against SEC East teams not named Vanderbilt. As long as Barnhart is here hiring coaches and making decisons such as spending $110 million to eliminate 6,000 seats from the stadium, we will continue to fuss about teams like UL and Vandy hiring coaches that whip us every year.

  31. Beavis
    5:40 pm January 6, 2014 Permalink

    Dshwildcats,,,Mr Jurich has shown he will support a win at all costs position. After all,, he kept 15 second Rick on after completely embarrassing the city and the University with his table top fling.