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Sunday Morning Links



Good morning, Big Blue Nation. I don’t know about you, but I woke up still basking in the glory of yesterday’s win over the Dirty Birds down the road at Louisville. Kentucky owns Louisville. More specifically, John Calipari owns Rick Pitino. The names on the back of the uniforms may change from year to year, either due to being drafted in the NBA or being kicked off the team… but the end result is almost always the same. Cats > Cards and that’s all there is to it. Take a few minutes this morning to settle in with a ton of great articles following yesterday’s battle of top-5 teams in the country. Go Cats. Go Krogering.


Often times in a team’s first true road trip, you expect the veterans to carry the load. You expect freshmen to play like, well, freshmen. John Calipari said after the game “I like my freshmen.” And rightfully so. As Mark Story of the Herald Leader put it, Kentucky’s freshmen came to the rescue in the toughest of environments yesterday. 


Myron Medcalf (who can maybe only be trusted so much considering he didn’t put Tyler Ulis or Andrew Harrison on his Top-10 point guard list) of ESPN wrote a column in which he described Kentucky as America’s most hated (and loved) team. In his words, “The train is rolling. So get on or stay off.” Medcalf no longer believes that the talk of chasing history is simply just talk. He says not only could the Wildcats run the table, but they might “smash the table.”


—- Many feel as if Kentucky’s running down of history can only culminate in an undefeated season. Mike DeCourcy of Sporting News sees it differently though. DeCourcy believes that undefeated or not, Kentucky will challenge history. 


—- You know a Kentucky team is really, really good when Pat Forde can’t help but jump on the train. With the final non-conference challenge met by Kentucky yesterday, Forde fully believes that Kentucky should enter the March  Madness sweepstakes riding an undefeated streak. Forde proclaims, “Next stop, 34-0.”


—- Tyler Ulis put on such a show yesterday in front of a national audience that many are now clamoring for the pint-sized point guard to take on a larger role for the Cats moving forward. Tim Sullivan of the Courier-Journal is among those chattering for such a move. The situation is very tender though with a sophomore point guard in Andrew Harrison on the team as well. Sullivan describes the situation caused by Ulis’ performance yesterday by saying, “Tyler Ulis gives Kentucky its best chance and its most awkward issue.”



Article written by Ally Tucker

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11 Comments for Sunday Morning Links

  1. Rixter
    10:31 am December 28, 2014 Permalink

    If we haven’t learned anything over the past 5 years, surely we have learned this one thing: In Cal We Trust.
    Second-guess who gets more minutes at PG? I think not. Cal is with these guys day in, day out. He not only knows their strengths on the court and within his system better than ANY of us do, but he also knows their personalities and what motivates each of the players.
    Please, let’s just let Cal do his thing, and stop second-guessing. haven’t we learned our lesson??

  2. btowncatfan
    10:54 am December 28, 2014 Permalink

    UK basking in the morning after glow, and the dirty birds taking the walk of shame. All is right with the world, college basketball world anyway.

  3. sylvar
    11:00 am December 28, 2014 Permalink

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  4. Time Expired
    11:16 am December 28, 2014 Permalink

    Andrew Harrison had a terrible game against UL. Andrew is better than that and we all know it. The Harrison twins at times do not realize that they have an advantage over most every back court they play. They have size and strength. Yesterday they did not use that advantage, Still the UL guards day was not so great either. Season is less than a third over and Adrew and Aaron will have great days ahead and enjoy victory after victory. Cal’s got this and in Cal we trust.

    • blubo
      11:35 am December 28, 2014 Permalink

      mostly true. but if you watch the last ten minutes or so aaron and andrew were very steady, made good passes and defended well. take away the dumb foul of course by aaron on the 3pt shot with 8 seconds left. i think they do get frustated at times when they go up against teams with a lot of quickness.

  5. ClutchCargo
    11:27 am December 28, 2014 Permalink

    The haters in the media love to create controversy where there is none. Move along, nothing to see here.

  6. UKfaninLou
    11:32 am December 28, 2014 Permalink

    Yeah, let’s trust Coach Cal and the twins and not feed this madness the Louisville press is trying to start. Jay Bilas predicted this would happen way back in the Bahamas. We are blessed with FOUR of the very best guards in the college game today. I, for one, plan to just sit back and savor the season! I doubt we ever see another quite like this one.
    Happy New Year BBN!
    Go Cats!

  7. Ken Grizzle
    11:58 am December 28, 2014 Permalink

    Note to all assistant coaches: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!!!

  8. gottodoit
    12:01 pm December 28, 2014 Permalink

    Chris Jones (that his name?) is the poster boy for Louisville basketball.

    • 25OR624
      12:29 pm December 28, 2014 Permalink

      I’d agree to an extent; uavel is all about fouling the opponent into submission – fouls from which they can magically escape. And, attempting to get players ejected. It is all a part of uavel’s smoke and mirrors strategy. Trezlillian is also part of that poster bird campaign.

  9. david8577
    12:01 pm December 28, 2014 Permalink

    We have two great point guards. Deal with it media.