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Stevie Johnson is going home

Stevie Johnson is having the best Friday ever today because reports are surfacing that he will be going home to San Francisco to play for the 49ers next season. ESPN NFL guru Adam Schefter reports Buffalo is shipping Fly Guy to San Fran for a fourth-round pick in 2015.

Stevie is very proud to be from the Bay and I can’t imagine how excited he is to play for his hometown team. That, and he gets to leave Buffalo for a Super Bowl contender.

And of course I’m going to post the Stevie Got Loose video below:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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23 Comments for Stevie Johnson is going home

  1. Musehobo
    3:18 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Why in the hell would you trade him for a fourth round pick?

    • Some Things Never Change
      3:57 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

      One of the most lopsided trades of the decade. Then again this is the same organization that signed a backup quarterback with nearly a 1-1 touchdown to interception ratio to a $59 million quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick. You honestly can’t explain away this kind of dumb. For more examples see Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel. If you or I made similar decisions in ANY other setting we would be out of work.

    • Mc
      4:03 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

      I believe Randy Moss was also traded for a 4th round pick to the Pats.

      I don’t think the Manziel deal was that dumb. They essentially got him for Trent Richardson, and a third round pick. They’ve already seen a jump in season ticket sales, and jerseys will sell like crazy. At some point they’ll breakeven, and if he doesn’t pan out it’s not a loss. They didn’t lose a first round pick or anything this year, or in future years to get him.

      They have a stud WR, brought in a decent back, and bringing in Manziel fired up a fan base that needed it. If he pans out, it was a great move. If not, it wasn’t too much risk.

      I am not a Browns fan either.

    • Some Things Never Change
      4:07 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

      Oh wait. You meant the other way around. Agree to disagree.

  2. Casper
    3:23 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    How did we get a kid from San Fran to play football at UK?
    We have a tough time with west coast basketball players.

    • MK
      3:42 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

      Coach Brooks, west coast……….?

    • BillDozer
      4:24 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

      We a few guys on staff back then with great CA connections and we hit the JUCO circuit hard then. Both Ortmayer and Ron Caragher are CA guys.

  3. Hulkamania
    3:24 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Dat 240p video quality tho.

  4. Ray in Paducah
    3:28 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Richard Sherman officially has his hands full twice a year.

  5. Big Mike In The Wood
    3:36 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    So happy for Stevie to finally get on a team with a chance! Buffalo that was the dumbest move I’ve ever seen. They’re gonna love his run blocking in SF as much as his receiving.

  6. EK
    3:39 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Hell Yes….. GO NINER!!

  7. EK
    3:39 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Sorry NINERS!!

  8. MK
    3:41 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Well, I have a very strong dislike towards the 49ers, see ya later favorite UK reciever of all time.

  9. David M
    3:46 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Still bothers me that UK didn’t go for two to go up 7 🙂

    • I like the way you think
      4:36 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

      You’re my kind of fan. You’re also right.

    • soggyUKgrad
      4:37 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

      I 100% agree with you….how do you not go for 2 in that situation?!?

    • Shocklee
      5:18 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

      Didn’t read this before my post but total agree. Could’ve been bad.

  10. schwing
    3:46 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    this is why i won’t follow pro sports. hated players coming to your favorite team, and favorite players going to your most hated team. no thanks.

  11. Niner Fan in Kentucky
    5:01 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Boldin, Johnson, and that sorry receiver Crabtree? That’s a great trio of receivers. As a Niners fan, I am super excited to Stevie get loose in San Fran this year.

  12. Shocklee
    5:17 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    This question is about the Louisville in the Video, why the heck didn’t we go for 2? That way we would have went up by 7 instead 6. Just realized that. Anyways got CATS! I’m happy for Stevie!

  13. Not Bill Curry
    7:19 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    I can’t believe so many people think that the Cats should’ve gone for 2 after Johnson’s touchdown. Here’s why Brooks was right to kick:

    1) After the TD, the Cats led by 5 points, so if they go for two and fail (a 50% likelihood, lets say), a Louisville TD (one play) beats them.

    2) Instead, Brooks decides to kick (with the 99% likelihood of success) in order to go up by 6. Then a Louisville score merely ties them.

    Basically, Brooks opted to require U of L to complete two successful plays to win instead of one.

  14. WayneChismsHeadBand
    7:59 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Brooks didn’t go for two for the same reason he decided it was best to settle for a subpar inconsistent Lones Seiber attempt at beating a Tennessee team we hadn’t beat in 20 plus years. Brooks was old school and played to not lose his whole tenure here. Only problem I ever had with him as a coach. Old school guys are like that though. That mentality carried over to Joker. Problem was, Joker’s recruits didn’t pan out.

  15. katfantoo
    12:05 am May 10, 2014 Permalink

    HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STEVIE , GONNA GET SOME! Make friends wit Quan and the res of the recievers and the Kap gone get ready to put a li’l air unner it !!!!!!!!!!! We ALL gonna git sum this year
    GET PAID !