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Soulja Boy Wants News and Views

Without Soulja Boy, the world would have never learned how to crank that superman.

Without Soulja Boy, the world would have never learned how to crank that superman.

Without Soulja Boy, the world would have never learned how to crank that superman.

There have been many dances that have defined eras in music over time.  The best dances have been the most embarrassing, from the hustle to the macarena to the electric slide.  In 2007, the entire world learned how to “Crank That,” Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em style.  At only 16 years old, Soulja Boy had the biggest song in the country, with kids Supermanning in schools around America (sadly, I was one of them).  Seven years later on his 24th birthday, Soulja has long surpassed his Limewire and Myspace fame but will never return to the level of stardom he once had.  Soulja Boy was never the same after he kissed his girl through the phone, but there will always be a place in America’s heart for the colorfully-clothed Soulja.

In case you forgot…

Now that we’ve all “YOOOOOUUUUUUUU’D”, on to the news from Monday.

Practice for the Big Blue Bahamas is in full force.  

With less than two weeks until Kentucky tips off against Puerto Rico in the Bahamas, Coach Cal is turning up the heat up in practice.  Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports and KSR guest hosting fame was Tweeting live from practice today, giving the world some interesting insight on the team’s improvement.  The most revealing tidbit?  Rothstein believed Marcus Lee should be the starter at power forward (the 4 spot).  The BBN didn’t get the chance to see much of Marcus until he let his colors shine in the NCAA Tournament after Willie Cauley-Stein injured his ankle.  Maintaining momentum from last year’s run is exactly what Coach Cal is looking for.

Rothstein also said Cal will have a day next week solely dedicated to working on a zone defense.  Will see if the zone d’s arch nemesis changes his mind about the zone with his lengthy team.

Antonio Blakeney trims his list; includes the Cats and Cards.

After competing in AAU Super Showcase in Louisville last week, Antonio Blakeney cut his list to Kentucky, Louisville, Mizzou, Florida State, Oregon, LSU, and USC.  According to the 247 Crystal Ball, Kentucky holds a slight advantage over Louisville (38% to UL’s 33%) but there is still plenty of time before the 3rd ranked shooting guard in the class of 2015 decides his future.

Get your tickets to the 2014 Alumni Game. 

Coach Cal’s annual fantasy camp will once again come to a close with a game in Rupp Arena featuring Cats in the Pros vs. Non-UK Pros.  You can purchase tickets for the August 24th game (6:00 PM tip-off) at the Rupp Arena box office, online at, at any Ticketmaster Outlet or by phone at 1-800-745-3000

There isn’t another place in the country that can do this every year, let’s make it a huge success once again.

Go away 40-0.  



Neal Brown spoke with KSR this morning.

Entering the final week of the offseason, Neal Brown talked about the past and how the Cats are moving forward into 2014 on KSR this morning.  Brown is excited to see the development of Javess Blue and Ryan Timmons after a rough year with the receivers in 2013, calling it the worst he’s ever had to work with in football.  No offense to those guys, but they were young and there weren’t enough of them.

You can listen to the entire interview here.  Try to not get excited for football season, I dare you.

Don’t forget to vote for a Finalist in UK’s Kickoff Playoff.

The players are relying on you to choose the song that gets them pumped before kickoff.  You still have time to vote for either Bud Dupree’s “Knuck if you Buck” or Braylon Heard’s “Who Run It.”

I’m still knuckin’ and buckin’, but it’s difficult for me to ever disagree with Bud Dupree.

Cordia High School, coached by former Wildcat Rod Rhodes, received one of the worst penalties ever levied by the KHSAA.  

The day ended with some bad news.  After taking over Cordia’s basketball program in 2011, Rod Rhodes’ Cordia program was sanctioned by the KHSAA after uncovering a number of infractions.  Many of the infractions revolved around transfer students Rhodes brought in, receiving illegal housing benefits and falsifying records.

You can the read the entire report here, which Commissioner Julian Tackett described the situation as, “the most wanton and blatant disregard for Association rules in its 97 year history.”

Before I go, here’s a reminder of why Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place. 

From Gainesway Farm in Paris, KY.

From Gainesway Farm in Paris, KY.


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

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  1. Biff Switters
    11:24 pm July 28, 2014 Permalink

    thanks for that last bit!!! I needed a taste of home!

    Washington is awesome, but Kentucky is home!


    • KentuckyGirl
      11:38 pm July 28, 2014 Permalink

      OMG!!! That was just what I needed too! Love it!!! I live in Florida, but I’ll always have my heart in Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Peter
    11:55 pm July 28, 2014 Permalink

    In the last picture II thought I was looking at one of Warren and Betty Rosenthal’s rare white horses at the top of the hill. A great picture by the way! Then I looked at the bottom of the picture and it noted Gainesway Farm was located in Paris Kentucky. Sorry Nick. It’s actually in Lexington – Fayette County. I have visited Gainesway Farm many times over the years and you are right, it is truly a place like Heaven.

    Hey Nick, and to the rest of the staff at KSR, keeps entertaining the Big Blue Nation. Thanks.

  3. James K
    12:12 am July 29, 2014 Permalink

    Man, the Rod Rhodes thing seemed obvious. Really good players transferring from New York to Cordia? Seriously? Pretty sure Mr. Magoo could’ve cracked that case.

    • TooFunny!!!
      7:50 am July 29, 2014 Permalink


  4. The real meaning
    1:48 am July 29, 2014 Permalink

    I’ll just leave you with the real meaning behind everyone “cranking that superman”.

  5. Jughead
    6:46 am July 29, 2014 Permalink

    Classy, KSR. Pay homage to vulgar chimp-talk about dumpin a load on some beocth’s back.


    • Putting The Ass In Class
      8:31 am July 29, 2014 Permalink

      Because clearly you are the authority on class.

    • Jughead
      10:34 am July 29, 2014 Permalink

      @Putting yur azz in clazz: Go sit in the corner and try to matter.

  6. Jughead
    6:53 am July 29, 2014 Permalink

    “To superman a hoe is to ejaculate on her back, while she is sleeping, and then attach the sheet to her back. In such a manner, when she awakes, the semen will have dried and she will have a cape, like superman. It is generally not considered a very classy sort of thing to do.”

    Classy, KSR.

    • arlo
      9:04 am July 29, 2014 Permalink

      agree. who would consider this cool, even music?

  7. What?
    7:49 am July 29, 2014 Permalink

    I have no idea what 4, 5, & 6 are talking about, but if they’re right …. that’s disgusting! Why would you put that on this web site???

  8. lexslamman
    9:38 am July 29, 2014 Permalink

    Yeah, just clutch your pearls you beta weaklings. Pulling the “Superman” is so 200-late anyway.

  9. Biglaw Dawgin'
    10:09 am July 29, 2014 Permalink

    50 to 1, for going undefeated? That’s it? For something that’s never been done in the modern area (Indiana went 32-0), those are some pretty poor odds. 500:1 should be the minimum starting point for something like that.

  10. Brian
    3:54 pm July 29, 2014 Permalink

    If you want it to go away, don’t put a picture up about it.