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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Sleep Outfitters’ Tuesday Recruiting Roundup

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It’s Tuesday, and that means basketball and football recruiting updates, brought to you by the good people at Sleep Outfitters…

Marques Bolden is reconsidering his visit to Big Blue Madness.

The nation’s top ranked center was scheduled to visit Big Blue Madness this weekend, but that’s no longer a sure thing, thanks to his visit to Kansas. He told, “I’m not sure if I’m going to visit Duke and Kentucky this weekend or not.”

It sounds like Bolden was blown away by his trip to Kansas — he said the new dorms are the nicest he’s seen — and his time in Lawrence may have the Jayhawks ahead of the pack. There is still a chance he follows through with his unofficial visit to Lexington on Friday, but he’s probably leaning toward relaxing and weighing his options.

“I’ve got some important decisions to make, so I need to sit back and think about what I’m going to do next,” he said.

Bolden has already taken on official visit to Kentucky.

With Bolden slipping, Bam becomes even more important.

If John Calipari can’t land Bolden or Harry Giles, Edrice “Bam’ Adebayo is the top pick to complete Kentucky’s 2016-17 frontcourt. He’s no second tier option, either. Adebayo would thrive in Cal’s offense. Take one look at his mixtape and you’ll see why:

Dunks on dunks on dunks on dunks.

Malik Monk is still coming to Madness.

We really need him to become best friends with De’Aaron Fox. Land those two and look out, college basketball.

Bad football recruiting news: Russ Yeast is done for year.

The UK commit, a three-star athlete ranked 19th overall in the state of Ohio, will sit out the remainder of his junior season with a high ankle sprain and ligament issues. He was having a big year playing for his dad, former UK great Craig Yeast, at Fremont Ross High School in Northern Ohio.

We wish him the best as he recovers.

Kash Daniel can’t wait to visit Thursday.

Speaking of Kash Daniel, did you see him suplex that poor ballcarrier over the weekend?

I think we’ll end it on that one.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

16 Comments for Sleep Outfitters’ Tuesday Recruiting Roundup

  1. Ulysses
    3:55 pm October 13, 2015 Permalink

    Kash is my type of dude. Next time he just needs to tear the player in half and throw each half in the stands.

  2. buzzard
    4:05 pm October 13, 2015 Permalink

    Kash is going to be a bad ass Wildcat! He’ll hit a dude so hard his head will fall off and roll down the field. GO CATS!!

  3. pithuahua
    4:06 pm October 13, 2015 Permalink

    On the football side of recruiting… I am hoping the Cats’ get in on 2018 Maryville Tn running back Isaiah Cobb. The 6’0″ 180lb stud is the nephew of Randall Cobb, and has shown flashes of being that same type of player. Sorry to hear about Russ Yeast. He will be ready to play next season.

  4. RealCatsFan
    4:18 pm October 13, 2015 Permalink

    Sounds like Ol’ Billy Self pulled something from under his hairpiece for Bolden. I hope we get Bam. It would be great to have a Bam in basketball and a Boom in football!

  5. What he said
    4:40 pm October 13, 2015 Permalink


  6. NCAA
    5:01 pm October 13, 2015 Permalink

    The NCAA is a joke the kid himself didn’t do any of this. I think if he is not cleared we should play him anyway, hell with the season someone needs to step up to the ignorance that is the NCAA.

  7. Old white guy
    5:18 pm October 13, 2015 Permalink

    Bolden, knock yourself out at KU. Ask Josh Selby and others how that worked out for them.

    5:20 pm October 13, 2015 Permalink

    BAM! He is REALLY LONG just like coach Cal likes. EXPLOSIVE too, I’d say he’s comparable to Harry. I heard he loved the trip, hope he signs then get Monk and Fox and guess what they will be saying before that season? 40-0 lol.

  9. Bluecat15
    8:05 pm October 13, 2015 Permalink

    Bam. Bam. Bam Bam

  10. Theodore Roosevelt
    8:08 pm October 13, 2015 Permalink

    …………………..”Bully for You”

  11. Love it
    11:03 pm October 13, 2015 Permalink

    Love it, Kash! I love it when a high school player almost breaks someone’s neck and I get to read on KSR and its writer brag about it! No really he could have broken his neck you as$…

    And I’m sure your simple minds will say card fan but I’m not. I’m a father who thinks that’s pretty poor coverage their KSR. But hey what ever keeps you in good with the lowest common denominator and let’s you kee your UK press Pass, huh!?

    • White Stripes
      9:05 am October 14, 2015 Permalink

      Technically, tackles like that should now be flagged for unnecessary roughness. But yes, the mouth-breathers love that sorta stuff.

    • Bumpy
      1:21 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

      At least you admitted you’re part of the lowest common dominator, kudos !

    • Joey Zazza
      9:59 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

      The lesson here is this, don’t be a running back if you don’t want to get hit or slammed into the turf by someone willing to mash you

  12. Tampa Satchel
    9:22 am October 15, 2015 Permalink

    Enjoyed the video, but that was clearly a 15 yard penalty.