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Rick Pitino wonders why Andre McGee got involved with “that woman”


Rick Pitino was a guest on the Ramsey & Rutherford Show earlier this week, and like everyone else within the show’s reach, I’m sure you weren’t listening.

So let me tell you: Pitino spoke a lot about a lot of things, but the juicy stuff came when he opened up about Andre McGee. Pitino called McGee a son, and still insists he’ll never understand why it all went down.

Knowing what you do know now, do you think this is all essentially in the rearview mirror?

“I do, I do. If you look at the history of what goes on. I don’t concern myself with that. Tom felt the same way. We did all the right things. We feel it’s going to end. It’s unfortunate what people did to embarrass and humiliate our program. But, we’re going to do the right things to clean it up. There are certain things you’re not going to know about or believe. Somebody said the other day to me, ‘I cannot believe that my son did what he did. He’s just the greatest kid.’ And I said, ‘You know what, Andre McGee was like a son to me, who I believed in, who I trusted. No different than Damion (Lee), no different than Trey (Lewis). Gave him the breaks of his life. Our paths will probably never cross again. The only thing I will say, I’ve said it over and over, I don’t know why he did it. There’s no advantage, there’s no benefit. I don’t know why. And someday, I hope we do cross, because I would like to know, why you’d do such a disgraceful thing, and why you got involved with that woman anyway? I don’t understand any of it.”

A couple of thoughts here:

— If Andre McGee was like a son, how does Pitino not know his son is throwing sex parties under his own roof? I couldn’t keep a Playboy under my bed without getting caught.

— Rick, you’re a hornball. You know exactly why a young man would do such disgraceful things.

— “That woman” has a name. It’s Katina Powell.

— The photo at the top of the page is hilarious.

Read the entire transcript of Rick on Ramsey & Rutherford over at Card Chronicle.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

3 Comments for Rick Pitino wonders why Andre McGee got involved with “that woman”

  1. 25OR624
    7:39 pm May 13, 2016 Permalink

    Pitino quote: “It’s unfortunate what people did to embarrass and humiliate our program.”

    Is he serious? Deflect much? Aren’t you, Rick Pitino, and TomJurich, and EL Presidente Ramsay ultimately accountable?

    This happened under your watch.

    What is unfortunate to uavel is that your people, players, and program embarrassed and humiliated itself.

    • Bobbum Man
      10:28 pm May 13, 2016 Permalink

      If he cared about any of that he would have resigned. He doesn’t however and just wanted to keep his job. Flip side is we get to continue to watch him crash and burn over the next few years

  2. kramer
    9:54 pm May 13, 2016 Permalink

    That picture…omg! Pitino is a hypocrite, Jurich is a pompus a**hole….