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Rick Bozich has an opinion on cheerleading. It’s not the correct one.

Rick Bozich has entered the chat.

The longtime Louisville sports columnist offered his thoughts on Kentucky’s new cheerleading scandal and, oh boy, did he bring a scorching hot take out of left field. Bozich saw a debate between the gap wedge or the sand wedge, a little wind at our back, and he pulled out his driver and hit the ball onto another hole. No, he hit someone’s Lincoln in the parking lot.

Bozich has everyone on both sides of the UK cheer conversation wondering where the hell he came from with his, “Cheerleaders and dance teams are sideshows, not the main event. They’re along for the ride, not supplying the horsepower. They’re a prop, not essential.”


He’s also writing about some very serious allegations on a very serious Louisville news website and he says, “I didn’t know their names before Monday morning, and I’ll forget their names by Tuesday morning.”

The disrespect!

And this!

I’m also interested in asking why UK needed not one, not two, not three but four cheerleading coaches.

I’ll take a guess: Cheerleaders and dance teams have become over-publicized props in the big-time sports college entertainment complex.

They believe fans show up to watch them, not quarterbacks, point guards, halfbacks or power forwards.

They’re overexposed — and underdressed.

They exist to entertain — and to titillate. [WDRB]

Bozich pulled a seat up to the table and brought with him an unbelievably bad opinion of it all, so bad that you could put it on the Onion and it could pass as satire. I read it an hour ago and I’m still in disbelief.

Give this a read but don’t step on Bozich’s grass.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

32 Comments for Rick Bozich has an opinion on cheerleading. It’s not the correct one.

  1. mojo74
    5:46 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    But is he wrong?

    • Corder
      6:51 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

      I don’t like Rick at all but I’m with you. Don’t see anything wrong with what he said.

    • Bluenblood
      7:14 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

      Drew. Really? Are you a parent?? This is totally pathetic. Back in the day forgivable but today??? Take a day off….you have had too much quarantine

  2. Jesus H. Chrysler
    5:48 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Let’s see the video

  3. desertCard
    6:10 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    It’s kind of strange that only the coaches were disciplined on this. The students actually broke the law. While the coaches were chaperons, the students did the deeds

    • unbridled
      6:55 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

      This entire story is such a farce. All the allegations are largely mundane and no laws or collegiate rules were broken. These retreats have likely happened for decades. We just unfortunately live in an outrage society where everyone has to find some way to chastise others and something to complain about.

  4. TonyMontana
    6:23 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    It sounds like that guy was made fun of by a cheerleader. He’s way too anti-cheerleader. It’s strange. I feel like the games might get boring without them. The flips during free throws, the pushups for touchdowns, the chants, the cards they hold up, etc. Just think about commercial breaks and halftime. They offer entertainment for the audience. They motivate teams & fans. They do crazy gymnastic routines and inspire future gymnasts and cheerleaders. I dont really get why anybody would knock them. If I see someone do 20 flips & twists across the floor and then climb to the top of a human pyramid and do a crazy dismount… I’m giving a standing ovation. Disclaimer: I would probably dislocate my shoulder trying to do a cartwheel.

  5. CatfaninCinci
    6:25 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink


    Probably not the reactions Drew was expecting on here.

    I agree and disagree with Bozich. Yeah, Cheerleading isn’t a cash cow, and they aren’t bringing in the money. If you disagree, name the cheerleaders from the national title squad in any year… Do it. Without looking. You can’t. Which makes him correct.

    Now, Bozich is a blowhard, who probably shouldn’t say what he said. Even if you think it, the only thing its going to make you do is look sexist and silly. Yes they’re supremely talented. Yes what they can do, you can’t. So yes, they’ve earned their respect.

    • Corder
      6:55 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

      How is it sexist when both men and women are on the team. Sounds sexist to assume the other. Also why shouldn’t people tell the truth. Stop catering to people’s feelings and just tell the truth. As a society we have gone way past just being PC. Nothing he said was out of line or even false. They are what they are. Nothing more nothing less.

  6. Headhurts
    6:26 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Sports anchors are a sideshow too, their not the main event, we could manage sports info without local news/ sports piece, so kiss it Rick Bozo.

  7. dcforuk
    6:38 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Yes AND not yes BUT. YES, Cheerleading is entertainment at football and basketball games. AND YES, Cheerleading is also a legitimate competitive sport. I’m not sure there’s too many sports out there that are both entertainment and competitive sports but cheerleading is certainly both.

    • Corder
      6:56 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

      Every competitive sport is entertainment. If they weren’t people wouldn’t pay to see them or watch them on TV.

    • unbridled
      8:55 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

      Cheerleading is competitive yes….but it is not a sport. Judges determine score. “Judging” is very subjective and far different than officiating. Competitions that rely on a panel of judges are not sports.

    • Corder
      10:19 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

      So are boxing and mixed martial arts not sports?

    • unbridled
      10:36 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

      Corder, yes they are sports. The judges only come into play when a fight goes to full length. That is unfortunate. Fights that go to full length should be determined a draw, but instead we get highly contested and controversial decisions that are constantly debated and ridiculed. Decisions in mma and boxing cheapen the game.

  8. bbn606
    6:41 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Nothing wrong with what he said. They are just an added expense to the university.

  9. ukkatzfan
    6:53 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Guess he will be fired for his sexist comments

  10. Theymademesignup
    6:57 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Bozo was definitely rude with his comments but how exactly is he wrong? How are cheerleaders essential to the main two sports? They are literally on the sidelines and if you are watching at home, you only see them coming out of commercial breaks.I’m blown away by someone thinking this is an “Onion” like take. The only stupid take here is from the blogger that wrote this post.

  11. drock
    6:59 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Has anyone realized that Alison Lundergan Grimes‘ family owns the company Emergency Disaster Services that governor Beshear awarded the contract to build the makeshift hospital at Nutter Field House? Even more interesting fact is that company wasn’t the lowest bidder. You think shady politics aren’t at play here? This incident should be investigated.

    • Skooms
      7:38 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

      And that comment has what exactly in relation to the article??

    • unbridled
      8:57 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

      Andy Buttsmear learned very efficient corruption from his daddy. They are really really good at it.

  12. Lip Man 1
    7:24 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    I agree with him, don’t really see anything wrong with what he wrote.

    I go to the game for the game…not the music, not the cheerleaders, not the goofy promotions during every break in the action but for the game itself.

    That’s all I care about.

    Assuming this stuff really went on thats shameful, about as bad as Louisville’s “hookers”.

  13. Crushgroove
    7:34 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Lol, this site is one bad take after another these days.

    How disappointing…

    Drew, you don’t have to deep throat the big blue in every instance, hero.

  14. BoogieDMC
    7:44 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    You idiots that think the cheerleaders actually like cheering at games are disconnected. That’s the old days. Cheer is more of a sport now, much like gymnastics. UK is a National power that cheerleaders admire more than football players admire Alabama or basketball players admire Kentucky. I attended a National tournament at. Disney a few years back with my daughters and the place went from empty to standing room only when UK came out. This is a big deal even if you’re an old fart who doesn’t get it or a young guy who’s an insecure fool.

  15. Lip Man 1
    7:50 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Seems to me some people are more upset over the fact that a “UL guy” wrote a story critical over a “sport” (granted that has had a tremendous amount of success at UK) rather than express outrage over what actually took place among the team members.

    And I’m not knocking the people who go out for that “sport”, they work their rear end’s off and it has a certain amount of danger, but as I stated the LAST thing I care about at a game either in person, if I’m broadcasting it or watching on TV is the cheerleaders. and I’ve always been that way.

    Just my opinion.

  16. sprtphan
    8:18 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    I thought the same thing when I first read about it.

  17. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert
    8:46 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    People upset about this cheerleader deal would really be up in arms if they knew the stuff Doron Lamb and T Jones got away with. You can throw Noel in there as well.

  18. jaws2
    8:46 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Seriously Drew? The cheerleaders bring absolutely nothing to the football game. Nothing. Basketball? I wouldn’t care if they had the baby crawl races at every timeout! The so called UK cheerleaders, who hardly ever lead ‘cheers’, add zero to my interest at the games. They may as well have the UK gymnastic team perform during timeouts and let the Fireballs perform at every halftime.

  19. jaws2
    8:47 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Oh, and I’m really sorry if Bozich hurt your ‘feelings’.

  20. UKFanSC
    8:48 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    Normally Drew and I are in lock step, and his rant had me prepared for an outrage that never happened……was Rick a bit over the top ?? Yeah, but it got clicks.

  21. chrisblue
    9:46 pm May 18, 2020 Permalink

    This Clown/Looserville Homer is just reaching to take some light off of the armpit of a so called university that he supports. Not supporting any of the behavior that occurred, but I have seen no mention of prostitution, underaged prostitution, pay for play or sex on a restaurant table. If you’re gonna bluff, you better be holding more aces than just one. Crawl back in your hole, maybe someone will throw you a bottle of Crown from time to time; or maybe a Harry’s Razor when you decide to go all in and grow a line beard.

  22. OldSchool606
    8:52 am May 19, 2020 Permalink

    There’s a reason that they don’t sell season tickets for cheerleading…..