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Richie Leonard De-commits from Kentucky


Kentucky’s 2020 recruiting class has lost another offensive lineman.

A week after visiting Lexington for the annual Blue/White Game, Richie Leonard announced he has re-opened his recruitment.

Leonard was the Cats’ first commitment in the 2020 class. Recruited by Darin Hinshaw and John Schlarman, he joins Gerald Mincey as the second Florida offensive lineman to de-commit once Florida’s Big Three schools got more involved.

Since committing last October, Leonard picked offers from Florida State, Miami and Tennessee. He visited the latter on his way home from Lexington. Two weeks ago he explained why he kept his recruiting options opened.

“This is probably the only time in my life that I’ll ever get recruited like this to do something,” Leonard said. “I think it’s important to be able to enjoy the recruiting process that you’ve worked hard enough and been blessed to put in that situation.”

Without Leonard in the fold, four-star defensive tackle Lamar Goods is UK’s only commitment in the 2020 class. That could change when four-star offensive tackle John Young announces his decision April 29.


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

26 Comments for Richie Leonard De-commits from Kentucky

  1. mashman 93
    5:41 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

    Football recruiting is a joke until they sign. I honestly don’t remember this kid.

    • bigblue98
      5:59 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

      Agreed – this is getting ridiculous as it seems 2 out of every 3 decommit. Why bother and commit in the first place? I’m gonna rant and get blasted, but so be it. This is typical of the younger generation where it has to be all about them. They have to be bigger than the team. I’m gonna transfer because I don’t want to work hard and put in the time. I should get a raise because I’m entitled to it, not because I developed additional skills. The sense of entitlement with the younger generation is awful. Work hard, earn it, and then be proud of your accomplishments. One need only look at Josh Allen as a perfect example of that.

    • peaches76
      6:38 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

      Fact. Also, it’s NOT the only time he can get recruited like this. All he has to do is go into the transfer portal after a year or two!

    • CatsfaninFL
      6:52 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

      Football recruiting has been like this for years. Stop being the Get Off My Lawn Guy. I hate it as much as the next, but this is nothing new.

    • IndianaSucks
      7:38 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

      Isn’t Josh Allen, as you mentioned, part of that younger generation you speak of? Don’t blanket statement a generation my man. There are lazy and selfish people in every generation.

    • Miller45
      8:15 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

      ^^^^ THANK YOU SIR

    • iBleedBlueKY
      4:09 am April 20, 2019 Permalink

      This kid is committing to FSU I can almost guarantee. following recruits on Twitter always gives you a huge look into what they think like. This kid has been liking and retweeting other recruits tweets about visiting and committing to FSU for months. There was even a video posted a couple months ago of him dunking a basketball while he was wearing a FSU warm-up jacket…

  2. kentuckybackupplayer
    6:11 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

    didn’t the last “Richie” we had on a team go to prison?

  3. Wade
    7:05 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink


  4. makeitstop
    7:38 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

    These kids are idiots. WTF is the point of “committing?” It’s to stop the recruiting so u can focus on school, the season ahead, whatever. Attention girls who might date this idiot: his “commitment” is good until he wants attention from someone else. Run, don’t walk. I know these are 18-19 year old kids, but u know what a commitment is when ur 10 years old. Look, get recruited all u want, wait til the last minute if u want but don’t “commit” until ur “committed.”

    • makeitstop
      7:42 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

      And btw what a hypocritical load of gibberish. Thank ur Lord and Savior bc u can break a Covenant. Hey dummy, pretty sure Jesus didn’t say, wow, re-thinking my commitment, it’s WIDE OPEN, let me down now. Jackass.

    • Miller45
      8:23 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

      I hear ya. Im personally not religious or anti-religious, i wouldn’t say full on hypocrisy but saying something like I would like to thank my family, friends, teammates, coaches etc is plenty sufficient in my opinion. For what its worth. Which isn’t much

  5. J. Did
    9:12 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

    Ridiculous as it seems, it is what it is.

    Which is all a part of the game to most of the these young men.

  6. notFromhere
    9:19 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

    Some kids committ to get attention and get their name out there, just like in state kids do to help with the Mr Football thing. It sucks but may not change anytime soon. Coaches might we want to think about not letting them committ publicly until closer to early signing period.

    Still wont mean much even then

    • makeitstop
      9:52 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

      I understand (without condoning) committing to help ur “Mr Football” campaign. It’s mercenary and cynical but there is at least an underlying rationale…. but these guys who “commit” when they don’t have to, and clearly aren’t committed, is mystifying. I also get committing as a junior then u hv a great year and all of a sudden a whole different class of suitors shows up, like Josh Allen and Monmouth. I don’t think anyone blames u for that. But this kind of nonsense where u hv a lot of D1 schools offering, u commit then a few weeks or days later u say “ehhhhh just kidding” is a poor commentary on the people involved. IMO. Red Flag.

  7. cats646
    9:40 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink


    • J. Did
      9:59 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

      Agreed. Why give the fella press? I coached BASEBALL for years. We had rules. I don’t care what your color or preference or religion is. Rule # ! = cut your hair. Rule # 2 = cut your hair and shut your mouth. Rule # 3 = Listen to me; to the coaches. Unity rules.

  8. 1611Cat
    9:57 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

    This is the part of college football recruiting that is very frustrating. I have to hold off on any excitement until they are signed. We are seeing a positive change in recruiting so hopefully this will happen less and less to us.

    • mashburnfan1
      11:06 pm April 19, 2019 Permalink

      Is a great problem to have, in the past we did not get many kids the power teams wanted and our record showed that. Now alot of the kids we get the power guys want, good problem to have.

  9. SaltyGoat
    1:23 am April 20, 2019 Permalink

    Lol makeitstop

  10. SGD
    7:18 am April 20, 2019 Permalink

    It is always a kid that KY gets on early, he commits and then “bigger” schools come knocking. He is going to get all his free trips. It is what it is.

  11. zoupman
    10:18 am April 20, 2019 Permalink

    Not impressed with the lord and savior bit. People think they can say that and then anything they say after is ok.
    Pound sand kid.

    • notFromhere
      11:20 am April 20, 2019 Permalink

      Yeah, wth is that? Pretty sure he tells people “let your “yes” be yes, and your “no” be no. Not let your “yes” be maybe and your “no” be “tell me more…”

      Maybe we should be recruiting more atheists? Lol

  12. UKInsider
    11:00 am April 20, 2019 Permalink

    What’s that floating around in the punch bowl? Oh, another turd known as college football recruiting.

  13. notFromhere
    8:45 pm April 20, 2019 Permalink

    Anyone else getting this when they read these decommit posts on twitter-

    “I want to thank Tiny Jesus, in his golden fleece diapers with his tiny, little fat balled up fists… for my ability and decision to decommit from the school and coaches that trusted me when I committed to them…”