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Reliving an unforgettable night (Monday Show Thread)

(Photo: USA Today/Kim Klement)

(Photo: USA Today/Kim Klement)

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the Monday edition of Kentucky Sports Radio. Today, the gang will relive Kentucky’s unforgettable, streak-busting win over Florida and all the fun that followed. Turn on you radio or streaming device and settle in for two hours of glee.

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Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

61 Comments for Reliving an unforgettable night (Monday Show Thread)

  1. runningunnin.454
    9:59 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    Favorite quote from the game. The referee,
    “After review, the fumble is confirmed,
    Result of the play is a Kentucky touchdown… over”

    • That was totally bizarre. Stoops has gotten much criticism that was deserved about the uncover 2 defense last year, but he was the one yelling to Robinson to score.

      Thank goodness Robinson was there first, and that he didn’t put the ball on the ground. I don’t think I could have watched UK football again if that had happened and a UF player had taken it 95 yards the other way. The guys on Sunday Morning Sports Talk were saying that he almost tossed the ball to the ref, but if he had it would have hit the ground.

      Anyway, enough about that. WE BEAT FLORIDA!!!

      And TT is my quarterback!!!

    • Iamheasyouarehe
      10:08 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • runningunnin.454
      10:14 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      That was a crazy play. Robinson standing at the 5 yd line with the ball, and the Florida guy just standing there beside him, and Stoops yelling Go, go, go.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:26 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      Mrs. RCF and I were watching it in Louisville, AND THE FRIGGIN’ DTV SATELLITE WENT OUT from the heavy rain we were getting. Our younger daughter was quite entertained listening to her mom swearing at the TV and her dad swearing at Mother Nature. Time to assess some alternatives for TV content. Had to wait until the next morning to actually see the play. Thank the Lord for Tom Leach!

    • Realme
      10:26 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      I have rewatched that SO many times. He was just meandering around and then so close to tossing it at the ref. Then he realizes what’s happening and manages to just get the ball accross the line.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:29 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      So would it have been possible if he tried to toss it to the ref for a Florida player to intercept that toss and run it back for a game winning TD? If that had happened, we would have had to just cancel the series with them.

    • CATandMONKEY
      10:29 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      Hearing Tom call “TOUCHDOWN KENTUCKY…THE STREAK IS OVER!” On the radio. . .


    • runningunnin.454
      10:35 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      RCF, Fla player wouldn’t have to intercept it; he could just scoop it up off the ground. I don’t believe I would have lived through that.

    • Booby Petrino
      10:47 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      I watched the game at a friend’s house and had it dvr’d at home. I was so excited to watch the ending and the interviews at home without the stress. Pulled it up, none of it recorded bc the storm knocked my satellite out. I would’ve been so pissed if I were watching it at home and missed the end! Tho I prob could’ve pulled it up on my phone.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:55 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      Gotta give Stoops credit for having the presence of mind to realize it was a fumble and to tell his player to run it in.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:56 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      The funniest part of it was the big boy Florida player walking around next to him like his new friend. Never tried to tackle him until it was too late. 🙂

  2. Ding, dong, the streak is dead…FINALLY!!!

    And you can add the QB controversy to the list too.

  3. runningunnin.454
    10:07 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    Another good quote, the announcer,
    “Listen to the crowd get loud on 3rd and 16” Terry to Lynn for 54 yard TD.
    “You may never hear a crowd get that loud, then that quiet…..THAT FAST”. Ha ha ha ha.

  4. secrick
    10:09 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES and Josh Allen is goooooood.

  5. Iamheasyouarehe
    10:10 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    And the football Gods smiled on the Bluegrass…

  6. Iamheasyouarehe
    10:13 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    I never thought we should change the QB! Nothing against Gunnar but Terry did things Hoak could not.

    • And they’re talking mainly about his running ability. From what we’ve been told, Gunnar is pretty accurate but doesn’t have a very strong arm, so I don’t think he could have made the throw for that TD to Bowden. That was a rocket.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:27 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      That pass to Bowden eliminated any concerns I had that he could get the job done. All he needs is more experience to help eliminate some rookie mistakes. Dude has a TON of potential.

  7. Iamheasyouarehe
    10:15 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    And now let’s review the KSR staff’s predictions…..

  8. runningunnin.454
    10:27 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    Read the live blog from UL’s game Saturday night; evidently they had several weather delays, and some of the Card fans were watching our game.
    Favorite quote, “That Benny Snell is a beast…he’s going to F us up”.
    Evidently they don’t have a moderation thing because they can just spell it out. ha ha.

  9. Realme
    10:29 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    Can’t stay but Go Freakin Cats! So happy for the players and former players, who clearly did care about the streak also.

    • runningunnin.454
      10:33 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      The TV announcers will just have to talk about the game next year…they won’t have that damn streak to talk about.

  10. RealCatsFan
    10:31 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    My neighbor across the circle is a BIG Florida fan – I think he may have actually played for them back in the day. So early Sunday morning, Mrs. RCF and I snuck over there and taped a UK Football poster up on his front door. We even circled the Florida game on the schedule and wrote “W” with the score next to it. 😀 Drove by this morning and it is still proudly displayed!

    • runningunnin.454
      11:10 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      Don’t know any Florida fans; but, that is just…savage. LOL.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:23 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      He is a really nice guy, so I’m sure he will understand that it’s just in jest. 😉

  11. secrick
    10:32 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    This game was not a fluke, Ky was the better team, had a better QB and had better players all around in my opinion.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:46 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      We dominated Florida in the trenches. How long has it been since we could say that?

    • runningunnin.454
      11:08 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      OL was great. One thing…We were up 21-10 and they were backed up 3rd and 28. Why go to a prevent defense and allow their big slow QB ramble for 19 yards? Then they went 17yd on a pass play.
      Why not just play them straight up…it worked the whole game, and I don’t like prevent defenses.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:22 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      Yeah, I hate that we went conservative, but considering the way we had been burned on freaky big plays in the past against UF, can’t really blame Stoops for trying to prevent that.

  12. CATandMONKEY
    10:33 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    It was fantastic to watch us make some great plays, shoot ourselves in the foot but NOT collapse, as in years past.

  13. RealCatsFan
    10:46 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    Chester on a tear! I kind of expected him to get choked up. I really need to hire that guy to come and give our HS volleyball team a pep talk. He yells with the ardor of an evangelist. Love it.

  14. Tyler Thompson, if you’re monitoring this, please post links (if available) to Matt’s 2 ESPN Radio interviews he talked about. I didn’t hear them and it would be a great listen!

  15. RealCatsFan
    11:02 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    Flipping the car was completely ignorant and redneck – especially when it belongs to someone you don’t know. Now if it was an old beater that belonged to a bunch of frat buddies playing a prank on each other, it’s a little different, but destroying the property of a random stranger is simply a crime, and should be prosecuted.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:03 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      And keep in mind that it is quite possible for a person to be badly hurt or even killed with a stunt like this. If someone fell in the way of the car as it rolled over, they could be crushed. And there were plenty of stumbling drunks around for that to happen.

    • 100% agree. It’s a punk move unless it’s your own car and you don’t care (or an old beater like you said, and the owner doesn’t care), but even that doesn’t take away the danger factor.

  16. CatsfaninFL
    11:22 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    One of the best nights of my life. My wife (UF alum) really wanted to go to the game. I was hesitant after last year but really only get a chance to see us play FB every couple years. Absolutely amazing night, despite being about the only UK fan in my section… and my wife said I was only obnoxious once (when calling incomplete on 2 pt conversion right in front of us).

    • RealCatsFan
      11:28 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      That had to have been epic! Did you hang around when the band was playing the fight song and they were running the flag all over the field? That was the best “in your face” to the Gators fans since Fitch and Bogans were popping their jerseys at them in the O’Donnell Center.

    • CatsfaninFL
      12:07 pm September 10, 2018 Permalink

      Yes I stayed around but I was in that opposite corner as the uk fan section. The 2pt conversion was right in front of us.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:32 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      That had to have been FUN. I probably couldn’t limit myself to only one obnoxious outburst, though.

    • BluKudzu
      12:23 pm September 10, 2018 Permalink

      Way to go…..they have been obnoxious to us for the last 31 years. They deserved it.

  17. RealCatsFan
    11:26 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    The thought ot Stoops coming into KSBar after the game and getting up on the bar with Ryan with his shirt off is just too much.

  18. ClutchCargo
    11:26 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    Why is every. single. one. of my completely innocuous comments awaiting moderation??

    • RealCatsFan
      11:51 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

      Because the Russians are controlling the modbot. 😀

    • ClutchCargo
      12:07 pm September 10, 2018 Permalink

      And this one is the only one that has gotten through. lol

  19. I’m still amazed that ESPN hired Matt to cohost an NFL show. NBA or NCAA bball I could understand, but NFL? He’s obvs a talented host, but did they not know his lack of pro football knowledge? I guess they don’t care as long as you can talk about SOMETHING.

  20. “You think this is the plane that Ted Danson gets?”

  21. DrSayre
    11:56 am September 10, 2018 Permalink

    I wonder how much of this call is fiction?

  22. RealCatsFan
    12:00 pm September 10, 2018 Permalink

    And in the end, Charlie Brown (UK) finally kicked that wench Lucy (UF) right in the chops!