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PODCAST: Your most embarrassing moments as a Kentucky fan


It was a packed house at Hudson Toyota in Madisonville for today’s show, and Matt and Drew entertained the crowd by talking about the latest practice report, 2015 recruiting, and their most embarrassing moments as Kentucky fans. The latter topic took over the show, with callers sharing their most cringe-worthy moments in UK blue, ranging from a woman falling on her face in front of Derek Abney after a big loss to someone asking Bernadette Locke-Mattox if she was a UK cheerleader.

Mine may be back in college, when Kentucky’s own Nappy Roots performed at Davidson. In the middle of UNC/Duke country, I felt the need to connect with my fellow Kentuckians, and wore UK gear to the concert, and afterwards, slyly took off with one of the rappers’ UK hats. Not a proud moment, but how many of those do we really get in college?

Here are a few of the best you guys submitted via Twitter:

This isn’t really embarrassing, just funny:

Share yours in the comments.

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Hour 2:

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13 Comments for PODCAST: Your most embarrassing moments as a Kentucky fan

  1. Were You Calling From a Walkie-Talkie
    3:26 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    It’s a calm Friday night at the Stonybrook Cinemas, Hurstbourne Lane in Louisville, summer 1998. I’m there with my girlfriend (now my wife), and I’d like to say we were there to see something respectable like The Truman Show, but unfortunately memory tells me it was The Mask of Zorro. In any case, we are standing there in the lobby, I am looking as cool as possible trying to impress her (failing fairly miserably at this point, but nothing in comparison to what’s coming), and who walks in the front door? None other than Scott Padgett. There is a fleeting moment when a small voice in my head says “be cool, just because it’s a UK player doesn’t mean you need to morph into a blubbering 7-year-old”. Sadly, I instantly destroy that quiet voice with the violent hammer of uber-fanhood, and I am reduced to a starry-eyed fan waiting on his hero to pass by. My girlfriend-now-wife is sort of staring at me to see what I will do when he approaches us, and boy I do not disappoint.

    At this point of the story I’d like to point out that I could have said any number of things to Mr. Padgett, and approximately 99.985% of them would have been better than what I actually said. But my mind didn’t work like that at the time, being cripplingly paralyzed by fanhood and all. So as he walked by us, I stared and simply said in a shaky-yet-much-too-loud-voice… “HI SCOTT PADGETT.” He sort of glanced over and gave a half-hearted grin and gave a slight nod, not slowing down one bit (which, to be clear, I do not blame him for whatsoever).

    It is amazing that girlfriend became my wife. She still makes fun of me over this incident… which I don’t hold against her.

  2. James K
    3:29 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    a) Pretty sure it was Bernadette Locke-Mattox.
    b) The Shagari one seems like a lie, also that’s not embarrassing.

    • Mrs. Tyler Thompson
      3:30 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

      You’re right, my bad. Either way, hilarious.

    • James K
      3:32 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

      All good, all good. I guess I am being hypercritical because I shared a scarring moment on Twitter in hopes of a chance to win and I’ve heard all these stories that weren’t nearly as close, haha. I pulled that story out of the deep, dark shame vault of humiliation. Such is life.

  3. dave
    3:49 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    apparently hanging out with shagari is now embarrassing…..

  4. One of Many
    3:54 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Having to climb back over the wall after the LSU last second win. Luckily I had not ran out on the field as I was in the endzone he scored in….but I did have to climb back over the wall!

  5. Imnotthefiveo
    4:18 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Funniest personal one was myself, fiancé, and another friend were at tolly ho. We walked in and the fiancé sees WCS standing in line in front of us. She’s from Michigan and doesn’t follow basketball says very loudly, “Wow! He’s really tall! He should play basketball!” To which I inform her that he does. He was incredibly nice though.

  6. gordonm
    4:58 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    It escapes me why A. Bailey pic of her jacket on the front page of HL would be embarrassing. The only thing wrong in that pic is that she needs a hair trim. Must be my redneck roots.

  7. Paul
    5:23 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Bumped into my brother in the crowd exiting Rupp one night and didn’t recognize him. Realized it was his son beside him.

  8. The Tubby Years
    6:03 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Well, since you asked:

    Pretty much knowing you had no shot whatsoever at winning a championship during the Tubby years, or at least the latter part of them, was pretty embarrassing. Even the die-hard fans came to realize we were not legitimate contenders.

    The Kentucky brand took a pretty big hit during that time. Only Cal could have turned it around as quickly as he did.

  9. Gary
    8:22 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    I was 21 back in 1977. A good female friend of mine who I worked with knew I was a huge UK basketball fan. She offered to get me some student tickets after hearing I had never been to a game. No way i was turning that down! She gave 4 student tickets and 4 student ID’s to myself and 3 other co-workers to get into the arena. One of the student ID’s last name was the same as mine… I took that one. The ticket-taker looked at the student ID and my drivers license and let me in. My 3 friends (one male and two female) got stopped, had the student ID’s confiscated, and werent let in. They told me to stay and watch the game, and they would find a bar or sports bar and watch it on tv. Well they didnt have to tell me twice. I went inside to the student section and heard a voice call my name. It was an old girlfriend of mine, and we sat together and had a helluva time. After the game I met my 3 friends back where we parked the car, and I started feeling bad they were left out, so I bought them dinner at a steakhouse. It was a long ride back home to Louisville, feeling like I shouldnt have attended the game. I also had to tell my friend who got me the ID’s that 3 of the 4 were confiscated. She let me live.

  10. Howard
    4:07 pm July 24, 2014 Permalink

    I was standing in line waiting to get Jules Camaras autograph and when I got twenty feet from the table, he and the crew he was with decide to take a ten minute break. I was young and excited, so I wait. Twenty-five minutes later I’m not as excited, and getting mouthy. I’m running my mouth talking trash about the very player I wanted to see and little did I know he was standing behind me. Obviously I did not get an autograph and had to walk away embarrassed as people pointed and laughed.

  11. Vickie Russo
    7:35 am July 25, 2014 Permalink

    I really wish I had known about this blog earlier, but I’d like to share my most embarrassing moment as a UK fan. It was a few years after Jack “Goose” Givens had led KY to the NCAA championship in 1978. While on a shopping trip, my best friend’s mother wanted to stop by Goose’s athletic store in Victorian Square in the hopes of seeing him. My friend and I were convinced that he wouldn’t be there, but sure enough he walked out into the store from a back room in a handsome three piece suit. Without any hesitation, “Mamma Lou” grabbed his hand and exclaimed, “Hello Mr. Givens! I want you to know that you’ve given me many, many nights of pleasure!” My friend, Nancy and I were absolutely speechless and “Goose” was too!!