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Paolo Banchero blogs about visit from Calipari

(Photo: Jon Lopez/Nike)

(Photo: Jon Lopez/Nike)

Top 2021 power forward Paolo Banchero will take his official visit to Kentucky in two weeks for Big Blue Madness. If it goes as well as John Calipari’s recent trip to Banchero’s school in Seattle, the Cats are in good shape.

In a new blog for USA Today High School Sports, Banchero — the No. 3 player in the 2021 class — said Cal’s visit created quite the ruckus.

Coach K was supposed to come out, but he wasn’t able to make it and said he’d be back soon. Coach Calipari came out and when he was in the parking lot all of the students were crowding around the door trying to see him. Coach Patrick Ewing walked right through the gym and that was big too!

This weekend, Banchero will take his official to North Carolina for Late Night With Roy. On October 11, he’ll be in Lexington for Madness, which will be followed up by trips to Duke for Countdown to Craziness and Tennessee. His final official visit will be to Gonzaga on January 17. He’s also considering Georgetown, Baylor, Memphis, Washington, and Michigan.

Earlier this month, Banchero joined KSR’s Sources Say Podcast to talk about his interest in Kentucky.

“I am really high on Kentucky. They are a great school, great program,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to my visit. Coach Cal talks to my mom all the time, they have a great relationship. He talks to me, actually just texted me not too long ago, a couple minutes ago. He wants to talk tonight. He’s keeping in close contact with me and my mom. Coach Barbee, he keeps in close contact, as well.”

Banchero has said publicly that he’s staying in the 2021 class, but in a recent recruiting notebook, Rivals’ Corey Evans said rumors continue to swirl that he will reclassify to 2020. Something to keep an eye on.

Check out the rest of Banchero’s blog at the link below. He also talks about math and his favorite TV show, Stranger Things.

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Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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8 Comments for Paolo Banchero blogs about visit from Calipari

  1. DirtyDave
    8:00 pm September 27, 2019 Permalink

    This kid the the real McCoy! Has zero problem getting a controlled shot off just any old time he wants no matter the opposition ! Exudes the potential to be a generational prospect. A very high ceiling ahead for him. Appears to be intent on making teammates better!

    • MacAssassin123
      12:52 pm September 28, 2019 Permalink

      I like this kid he reminds me a bit of PJ when it comes to intensity. He has a similar look and feel for the game a PJ with a smidge of Blake Griffin. I hope he changes his mind and reclassifies to 2020 I think getting him plus Makur Maker would be enough frontcourt freshman recruits depending on if Cal can get either Nick or EJ or one on the freshman SF’s or PF’s to come back, or if Cal is able to bring in another veteran grad Transfer post defending Big man for depth. If not then getting Isaiah Todd in addition to Banchero, and Makur Maker would be enough in my opinion.
      The big question clouding Maker’s situation is whether or not Maker decides to plays college ball or play overseas? In my honest opinion I think he ultimately chooses to play college ball and he on a numerous occasions has verbally hinted that he is leaning towards playing college ball.

      As of right now I think it will come down to UK and Oregon with UK getting him in the end but it will be close I also think Memphis might get involved late and make a big push and make up massive ground and might even develop into the dark horse destination hell they might even steal him out of our and Oregon’s grasps I do know Maker has a decent amount of interest in Memphis.

      Now going back to Banchero, if Banchero does in fact decide to stay in the class of 2021( which is highly likely), then he would be a great get for that years class.

      I think as of right now Washington and UK are the Front-runners for Banchero with Duke not so far behind. In the end I think it comes down to UK & Washington with UK by the slimmest of margins getting him in the end.

      However where he ends up will ultimately depend on two factors the first one being if he decides to reclassy to the class of 2020 (which he has verbally stated on numerous occasions that he plans on not doing ,but recent buzz and rumors have said otherwise that he still is considering reclassifying to the class of 2020.) in which case he will be looking to see which players decide to enter the NBA draft and which players decide to return from the 2019 season. this is a factor going to play a huge and very important part in his decision making process. However the same the same thing will be an important factor that will play into his decision if Banchero decides to stay in the 2021 class.

      The other factor to consider and I think it is the question in which the answer to that question will likely end up being the desciding factor for Banchero. Which is how much does he value playing closer to home at a place like Washington or Gonzaga where he would probably be one if not the top scoring option while getting a lot of playing time over going to a place like UK or Duke where he would be playing at pretty good distance away from home, where he would have to play under the spotlight from day one,where he would have to sacrifice some playing time & stats to other elite players in the best interest of the team. However on the positive side things would have a better chance to win a championship, he would probably be better developed as a player & he would more in likely be better prepared for life in the NBA, and he would have a much better chance of being a lottery draft pick if he played at UK or Duke as opposed to playing at Washington or Gonzaga.

    • MacAssassin123
      1:07 pm September 28, 2019 Permalink

      Sorry for the horrible grammar my phone keyboard sucks.

  2. Voice of Reason
    8:26 pm September 27, 2019 Permalink


  3. Cletis75
    9:59 pm September 27, 2019 Permalink

    Guy Plays with great control and purpose. Always looks to be in control of the game pace. If his ceiling is much higher than the level he has shown, oh my what a special player he will be!

  4. MacAssassin123
    12:53 pm September 28, 2019 Permalink

    Remember Cal has said this and I’m going to say it now UK is not for everyone! The are a lot of factors at play, as we all now with recruiting. So we all have to be understanding and, respectful of the decsions these recruits make even if we disagree with some of them. There are reasons for why they make the decisions that they make. Those reasons might not mean much to us, but they do to them Why is that you may ask?
    Well,everyone comes from different,but sometimes similar backgrounds, everyone lives with different,but sometimes a similar set of circumstances ,those circumstances do play an important part players decision process.

    So as fans and alumni we have to understand & respect that, and move on. The bottom line is that UK will survive it’s not the end of the world to miss out on a couple of guys. UK’s future is going to continue to look bright going forward. In Cal and even after Cal we should trust.

    • MacAssassin123
      1:10 pm September 28, 2019 Permalink

      Again ,I give you my profound apologies for the bad grammar. I hate my phone keyboard!