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Thursday Night Lights In Paintsville




The KSR Preps’ Game of the Week took place on a Thursday night for the first time. What better opening than watching Kash Daniel and Paintsville take on Pike County Central in the Apple Bowl with Coach Stoops in attendance? This edition of the annual game was controlled by Daniel and Kent Phelps. Daniel scored once and Phelps scored on three rushing touchdowns to lead Paintsville to a 56-7 win over Pike County Central.

On offense, Kent Phelps stole the show for Paintsville. The junior running back scored three first half touchdowns including a 73-yard TD to put the Tigers on the board in the first quarter. Phelps’ also returned a kick for a touchdown only to have it called back on a penalty. Daniel added a ten yard touchdown in the second quarter to put the Tigers in front 29-7 at the half. Luke Trimble scored in the second half on a long run and Paintsville put the running clock in motion during the third quarter with a 36-point lead. The Tigers would score two more touchdowns to wrap up a 56-7 win.

Watching Kash play is truly a spectacle on defense. He flies to the ball and can get east to west in a hurry. I didn’t fully understand just how quick he is on defense. It seemed Kash was in on every play and flew to wherever the ball was.

Alongside Kash, Phelps has potential to be the next D1 stud out of Paintsville. The junior is extremely talented and one of the fastest players I’ve seen in person this season. Phelps does a great job of staying north to south and keeping his eyes down the field. He scored three times on Thursday night to boast his total to 13 in only five full games. Phelps will be one of the top players to watch in 2016 as a senior.

There was a great vibe in Paintsville tonight. Maybe it was the attendance of Coach Stoops, D.J Elliot, and myself (two more than the other). Maybe it was Kash. Might have been the Apple Fest being in town. Whatever it was, the game atmosphere was fantastic. There was a line of people to talk to Stoops at halftime. He talked to every person and obviously made a big impact on the people in attendance and on the community.


Article written by Trey Huntsman

The KSR Baseball guy. Follow me on Twitter @TreyHuntsmanSEC.

7 Comments for Thursday Night Lights In Paintsville

  1. DACats86
    10:52 am October 2, 2015 Permalink

    Thanks. Good stuff. Kash is going to play early at UK.

  2. KT
    12:05 pm October 2, 2015 Permalink

    Pretty sure Stoops will have you doing more than playing waterboy Kash. Love the attitude though. Go Cats. BBN

  3. Dan Aykroyd
    3:04 pm October 2, 2015 Permalink

    Paintsville did Not play in the apple bowl. It might be what they call it, but Paintsville is afraid of playing Johnson Central in the actual apple bowl even with Kash. Central even offered to play this year.

  4. Hal
    3:42 pm October 2, 2015 Permalink

    Paintsville like Lexington is such hot bed of football.

    • Ha!
      3:53 pm October 2, 2015 Permalink

      1-3, bitch.

  5. ekywildcat
    6:03 pm October 2, 2015 Permalink

    Like the other poster said, this wasn’t the Apple Bowl. The Apple Bowl was played between Paintsville and Johnson Central for decades, until JC hired Matney and proceeded to kick the Tigers behinds for several years. The Tigers then took their ball and went home.

  6. EKYFan
    7:03 pm October 3, 2015 Permalink

    The Apple Bowl was also cancelled during a time when Paintsville was only dressing 12-13 kids on the football team. They couldn’t even have a full scrimmage during practice. Everything was against ghost offenses and defenses. Absolutely no point in playing the game when things were like that. I wish they still played it, and hopefully with the recent spark in interest in football again at Paintsville they will resume it soon.