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One Drive; One Score Accurately Describes the 2016 Depth Chart

Photo by UK Athletics

UK Athletics

UK Athletics

One fourth quarter drive against South Carolina provides a perfect summary of the 2016 Kentucky football roster. Let’s take a look:

Situation: Kentucky 7, South Carolina 7 | UK football, 1st and 10 near the 50-yard line.


Offensive Line
LT Kyle Meadows/Landon Young, LG Logan Stenberg, Center Jon Toth, RG Bunchie Stallings, RT George Asafo-Adjei. Offensive line consisted of: 1 senior, 1 junior, 2 sophomores, 2 freshmen.

QB Stephen Johnson II, RB Benny Snell, TE’s CJ Conrad-Greg Hart. That’s 1 first year junior, 1 true freshman, 1 sophomore, and 1 junior.

Tavin Richardson, Garrett Johnson, Blake Bone: 1 freshman, 2 juniors.

Personnel by Class
Senior: 1
Juniors: 5
Sophomores: 3
Freshmen: 4


1st-10, UK 49: Snell 12-yard run

— UK operated out of a 2 TE set. Guard’s Bunchie Stallings and Logan Stenberg combo blocked with center Jon Toth to collapse the line-of-scrimmage. Snell patiently and violently exploded through the hole. Great vision by Snell and an encouraging, reserve OL performance began. Kentucky utilized a 2-TE set for many plays of this drive. Both CJ Conrad and Greg Hart excelled in that role.

1st-10 on SC 39: Snell rush for 6 yards.

— Snell is a beast. Young and inexperienced OL gains confidence against a veteran and salty Carolina front 7.

2nd-4, SC 33: Snell rush for 3

— RPO, proper Johnson read.

3rd-1, SC 30: Snell rush for 2

— Freshman guard Logan Stenberg pulled to secure a block to spring fellow freshman Bennie Snell for the 1st down. Stenberg is nimble and nasty at 6’6, 330-pounds. That’s 2 freshmen if you’re keeping score at home.

1st-10, SC 28: Snell rush for 9

— This time sophomore guard Bunchie Stallings pulled to block from a 2 TE set.

2nd-1, SC 19: Snell rush for 7

— Snell dragged the pile. Offensive linemen dragged Snell.  Momentum was obvious. The crowd and the Cats were playing to win the football game here.

1st-10, SC 12: Snell rush; loss of 4

— South Carolina had the perfect defense called as its defensive line slanted from left-to-right, or right into the intended path of Bennie Snell. Sometimes the defense wins.

2nd-14: SC 16: Johnson rush for 7

— Expecting another slant, Gran called a RPO opposite of probable DL post-snap movement. QB Johnson pulled and ran the football; gained 7 yards. Carolina was biting hard on the 1st RPO segment; the Snell run. Freshman Tavin Richardson showed persistence in down-field blocking. This is a rarely developed trait for a rookie.

3rd-7, SC 9: Johnson for 8

— Stephen Johnson appeared to be executing a sprint out pass to the left or a QB sweep. Regardless, he changed courses and ran to the 1-inch line. Athletic and heady play by the new starter. Gran went with 4 WR’s to spread out the SC defense.

1st-Goal, SC 1: Snell walk in touchdown

— WildSnell; South Carolina had no chance of defending this play. Snell walks in for 6. The players on the roster that wanted to be in Commonwealth Stadium celebrated. The BBN did so as well.

Youthful, momentous, run-game intentional, and a touch of pissedoffness (new word) are terms that could accurately describe Kentucky’s 4th quarter scoring drive. This series of plays was the difference in a win and a loss. I find it most interesting to analyze the “who” or personnel that was in the game for Mark Stoops during this critical juncture in the football game. When the UK head coach references youth, this drive perfectly fits that description.

Article written by Freddie Maggard

Former University of Kentucky Quarterback and Andy Griffith Fan Club President

3 Comments for One Drive; One Score Accurately Describes the 2016 Depth Chart

  1. 2Dogs
    4:56 pm September 29, 2016 Permalink

    I don’t ask this as a smart ass or out of negativity but out of curiosity. Should we be pessimistic about the present or optimistic about the future because of our youth? Are we in year 4 of a 5 or 6 year plan?

  2. gridiron cat 82
    6:39 pm September 29, 2016 Permalink

    That’s a legit question 2Dogs. I’ve wondered that too this year. I guess the funny answer would be that we are in year 50 of a 100 year plan.

    Seriously though, I’m kind of in full wait and see mode at this point. I really want it to work out for Stoops and I like these players but I need to see more of what I saw last week against some better competition these next few weeks. Too many times these guys have folded in tougher situations. I think this defense can be much improved by year end but it will still lack depth, the offense has to sustain drives and put up points. It will take a full team effort and continued improvement to get the bowl game but the talent is there and the SEC east is the worst in my recent memory. We’ll see, neither line has impressed me much this year and it’s killed us. I’m hoping they don’t get their newly found confidence deflated too badly against Bama though, at least keep it respectable. Go Blue.

  3. Bigtyrone
    7:21 pm September 29, 2016 Permalink

    Great read! A lot of us love this stuff, keep up the great work