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Nike shares new commercial: EQUALITY


There isn’t a time when any Kentucky team comes out with new uniforms, that they aren’t met with varying opinions across the board. Whether it is the new Kentucky football alternate uniforms we show off a few times a year(I’m convinced we have the best uniform combos in college football, by the way), or it is the checkerboard that lines the basketball jerseys this season, Nike keeps the Cats looking fly with state of the art designs and styles of jerseys. Just think, the Cats could be forced to wear Adidas, Reebok, or Champion on a nightly basis, but we are blessed with the best in sports equipment, Nike.

Take a look at Nike’s newly released commercial about equality in sports. The video below sends a powerful message through multiple world-renowned athletes.

I, for one, love the messages that Nike has tried to covey with their marketing team over the years. Regardless of your feelings on the video, at least we don’t have to wear Adidas. Just look at those jerseys. Miserable.



Article written by Brett Bibbins

Graduate of the University of Kentucky in 2015. Spend my free time watching sports, The Office or Harry Potter. Three-word phrases to live by: For The Kids and Cats by 90 @BrettBibbinsKSR

56 Comments for Nike shares new commercial: EQUALITY

  1. nicky
    9:09 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

    More nonsense it seems from another Matt Jones leftist minion….Yeah let’s all be equal….Let UK basketball give away several of their wins to those with losing records so everybody can be equal….This isn’t communism people! Move to communist China if you yearn for ‘equality’ so much!!

    Good grief this clueless generation needs to do some historical research and get a grip!

    • Brett Bibbins
      9:26 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

      I mentioned the video 2 times in this entire post and neither have anything to do with me being a “leftist minion”. Please don’t generalize me and my generation based on me liking the Nike brand.

    • binarysolo
      9:31 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

      Can we give Gonzaga some of our losses?

      Btw, Communist China has one of the world’s highest levels of income inequality. Pick a better example next time, maybe try some of that researching you’re a big fan of.

    • jaws2
      9:36 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

      Thanks nicky, spot on. Let’s ALLLLLL get a trophy so we feel better.

    • syrin
      10:37 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

      And three of those Adidas teams beat us this year. We didn’t play the other ones.

    • DelrayCat
      10:51 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

      If you don’t like the site, you should probably stick to your preferred media…the daily stormer, breitbart, alex jones, Faux News, etc.

    • 3wildcat3
      12:55 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      Only a true, piece of stool could complain about a message if equality. Leave man, we don’t want or need you.

    • kvltclassic
      9:49 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      I like that this guy didn’t watch the video and seems like a real sexist/racist piece of shit. Or maybe he watched it and he is one.

  2. Double 00 Tony Delk
    9:34 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

    *sigh* Somebody missed the point.

    • syrin
      10:33 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

      Yes, you did, along with Ashley Dudd, and the entire leftist propaganda system.

    • sKYzthelimit
      10:33 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

      Amen. Ain’t about trophies children. “… all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Hint: not quoted from the Communist Manifesto.

    • syrin
      10:36 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

      Funny, I don’t see right to birth control, “free” phones, “free” health care, high speed internet and all the other sorts of things the left has declared as “rights”. Funny how those leftist “rights” involve taking something from someone else by force.

    10:03 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

    Another perspective, by continuing to run ads, do commercials, and force feed the ‘issues’, are we not just continuing to promote the issue/topic by always keeping it in your face?

    • Han
      9:31 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      Nah, see, no one should talk about politics or social issues anywhere. Better for everyone to just listen to one biased propaganda machine or another (both sides) or to believe blatant lies people tell on Twitter. And then if anyone points out their lies, better to respond like an elementary school kid with “Nuh uh” and “I know you are but what am I?”

      No one wants to hear other opinions or do any research on their own. Don’t worry, though, both sides will tell you exactly what to believe and what the real issues are while real issues are ignored (our jobs disappearing due to automation). More sports! Matt’s a stupid hippie! Coal!

    • KTR2786
      1:16 pm February 13, 2017 Permalink

      One would certainly think so. Thomas Sowell is quite erudite on that angle.

  4. hoboat33
    10:06 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

    Did I miss Kool-Aid buying Adidas?

  5. southalcat
    10:30 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

    I think it’s a powerful and timely ad. I really liked it. Might need to switch my Asics to Nike.

  6. southalcat
    10:31 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

    that ish is terrible, am I right? Like, WHY did you do that Adidas?!

  7. syrin
    10:32 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

    Equality in sports? So the Patriots should be forced to get 20 yards in 3 downs to be “equal” while the Lions should get 5 yards in 6 downs for another first down, you know, to be “fair” and “equal”. Because when the left talks about “equal”, it’s ALWAYS equal outcome, never equal opportunity, and if someone has more success than someone else, it’s not because they are better or worked harder, or had some given body attributes, it’s because they had “privilege” or “status” or benefited from a “racist” system. It’s complete BS that the entire sports culture should reject out right. Unfortunately, the fascists in our education system have brainwashed the safe spacers who are incapable of critical thinking.

    • DelrayCat
      10:46 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

      I bet you’re a blast at parties (sigh). Brainwashed troll.

  8. TBW3011
    10:58 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

    Yeah. Nike is all about equality. Meanwhile 12 year olds are making 8 cents an hour in a 3rd world country sweat shop making their product. Lol

    • jpat14
      11:04 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink


    • chris43
      12:21 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      Bingo!!! Hmmm….wonder how much their CEO makes compared to an entry level worker? Funny thing is a lot of people preach equality UNTIL it begins to come out of their pocket. πŸ˜‰

  9. dcgal
    11:00 pm February 12, 2017 Permalink

    I find the ad to be little more than benighted drivel.

    So ridiculously ironic is that no White, Hispanic, Asian, etc., professional athletes are featured, but instead only black athletes promoting equality with a comminating “a change gonna come” chorus. The “poorest” endorsed athlete featured in the video was Kevin Durant with a net worth estimated over $225 million. Moreover, the NBA is the most racially un-equal league of the big four. Black players comprise 74.4 percent of the league, yet only less than 11 percent of the entire U.S. population. The average NBA salary is slightly more than $5 million per year, with a league MINIMUM of over $525,000 per season. Comparatively, their female WNBA colleagues make an average salary of $72,000 per season with a league minimum of slightly under $38,000 per season, and the top salary for veterans is $107,000 per season. The NBA knows nothing about equality.

    It is some jejune badge of honor to claim how non-racist one is by accusing the other of being such so that one may then turn around and search for the approving eyes of the oleaginous in hopes they accept you as β€œone of the good ones;” in our heteroclite society it is far more desirable to be publicly called a pedophile than a racist. Before such ad hominem attacks, as a black female who married a white male out of love and attraction, not for political leverage or statement, it will still likely soon digress into the proverbial open-season.

    This is a carefully constructed political propaganda by a company owned by a White man with a net worth of $26 BILLION, headquartered (read: insulated) in a city that is only 2.6 percent black in a state that is only 1.8 percent black(!) chastising us that we need equality. Whereas Phil Knight employs children and slave labor in underdeveloped Asian countries and targets the products to underprivileged blacks that have difficulty affording such; for example, the Nike Lebron 11’s that retail for over $390 per pair. It is sad that these celebrities have let themselves be used as a stooge of propaganda.

    This is ad is perverse. It nothing more than to admonish and berate us. Ignorance is an individual human problem, not a partisan political one. It is disgusting that we fall for this tactic of divide and conquer . . . and it works so very well.

    • Brett Bibbins
      12:06 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      There’s a US Women’s National Team soccer player, Megan Rapinoe, in this commercial and she is white. So, despite your long drawn out answer, the ad isn’t 100% about race as you suggested.

    • KTR2786
      7:56 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      @Brett so throwing in one token white WOMAN invalidates everything he just said? Give me a break. This is an advertising campaign by a bunch of disingenuous capitalists, black and white alike. If you want to sit and suck on it or go around virtue signalling about how highly you think of these campaigns, go ahead, but don’t make such a trivial statement and act like you have the ghost of a point.

    • Brett Bibbins
      8:11 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      When that person is included for her sexuality rather than her race or her gender, then yes, I’d say it invalidates his point.

    • Catsby80
      8:19 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      Megan Rapinoe is a white gay woman. That is why she’s in there, not because she’s a white heterosexual woman. Just wanted to point that out.

    • KTR2786
      12:24 pm February 13, 2017 Permalink

      Lol, well I guess that moves her up a few more spots on the “Progressive Stack.”

    • KTR2786
      12:42 pm February 13, 2017 Permalink

      My point is that there is a witchhunt that seems to imply all white men are somehow bigoted against the “other:” a claim which seems to be bigoted in itself. Instead of virtue signalling about “equality,” why don’t these commercials, and the people who so virulently support them, point to specific instances where someone’s rights are being denied? I think I know why that doesn’t happen……..

  10. UK Big Board Update
    12:22 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

    Well, the rednecks sure showed up in the comments section for this one!

  11. WildcatCam
    12:34 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

    My issue is that it’s Black History Month, and they tried to lump other issues such as LGBTQ and the hate to Muslims in with an “equality” ad during BHM. A

    • KTR2786
      7:51 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      Exactly, Islam is not a race not matter what the radical, emotional Marxists tell you. There is also no such thing as Islamophobia; how can you have an irrational fear of a death cult?

    • Han
      9:40 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      While BHM is about awareness of the blacks in America, their history and ongoing struggles, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also discuss other issues of equality. In fact, I’d say it’s paramount to do so since you might otherwise lose the whole point of BHM the way some Affirmative Action stuff does. While the focus is on the one group, the concept is about the problems that can and do impact many other groups.

      And KTR2786, you are right that Islamophobia isn’t racism, but when bigoted rednecks equate being brown to being a terrorist, tell people to go back to their own country, and act like everyone’s just out to get us poor white people, well, it tends toward racism territory. (I say this as a conservative white guy who is no fan of white guilt but who realizes that white – or Christian – persecution complexes are not the answer.)

    • KTR2786
      12:27 pm February 13, 2017 Permalink

      @Han I understand completely and in fact white, American Muslims should be of more scrutiny as they are more likely to have voluntarily converted, which is more alarming. However, I see way too much of this pearl clutching over white people supposedly crossing over into racism against “brown” people in their criticism of Islam. Can you refer me to any situation where this has happened and had any discernible effect on society?

  12. CatManDo
    6:34 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

    So we should all go out and spray paint graffiti?

  13. Skeps
    7:02 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

    To hell with all issues. Its sports. We enjoy sports so we don’t have to talk about these dumb ass causes. I miss the days when you could just watch a game in peace and not have political issues thrown at you constantly.

    • Han
      9:42 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      Entertainment is good. Escapism is popular and can be healthy at times. Anti-intellectualism, selfishness and “leave me alone”ism isn’t so great. Not accusing you of anti-intellectualism or selfishness, mind you, but it is a sentiment that shows up heavily whenever Matt/KSR posts something like this.

  14. Wilfred Smith
    7:18 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

    The jerseys are fine. The shorts are garbage.

    Learn the difference between jerseys, shorts, and uniforms.

  15. jzoneblue
    7:23 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

    i think this means they are going to let more Asians into pro sports. i think that was the message.

  16. KTR2786
    7:47 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

    What we usually hear from the regressive left is that there should be an even distribution of races in every field which is also why they institute policies like quotas. So given that young black males only make up about 4% of the population yet make up more than half of both the NBA and NFL, can we deem these leagues insanely racist now?

    • Han
      9:43 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      The loud left and loud right are both full of it and using the common man. Stop buying into the “us vs them” stuff they’re using to get rich off of you.

    • KTR2786
      12:31 pm February 13, 2017 Permalink

      @Han Again, I agree, but I most certainly think that sentiment is better put to the left side. I am against the side of people who violently protest the expression of free speech all in the name of antifascism while kicking off a McCarthy style political environment that involves screaming racist, sexist, bigot etc. at anyone that disagrees with them. An insanely radical leftward movement driven by identity politics is underway and being met by a radical right response.

  17. lexslamman
    8:12 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

    I personally don’t buy products from any brand that takes a partisan political stand. Shut up and make clothes and shoes, we don’t need to know how you feel. You’d think these companies would wise up that they’re alienating a huge portion of their customer base by pretending to have a position on an issue. Conservatives are boycotting Kellogg’s with some success, liberals are about to target UnderArmor, while the brands that keep their mouths shut and focus on the quality of their products stand to win the most.

    • Catsby80
      8:23 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      That was the best thing Michael Jordan ever did for his brand… He said he doesn’t make political statements because republicans and democrats both buy his shoes.. I’m all for freedom of speech, but as a business owner, one must consider the repercussions of targeting half of your consumers. A lot of business owners/celebrities/athletes could learn a thing or two from Jordan, as it relates to speaking publicly about politics.

    • Eazy
      10:17 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      Saying everybody deserves an equal opportunity to succeed in sports regardless of their skin color is not a political stand. The only people that are offended seem to be white.

  18. tbbucs86
    8:44 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

    Its funny how many people on here are so bothered by equality. Also, I love all the people who want to take away the 1st Amendment right of people (stick to sports). If it bothers you that much, why are you on this site?

    • Han
      9:53 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      It’s because they’ve been brainwashed to believe it’s all one big liberal conspiracy to take their hard-earned money and give it to lazy people. Don’t worry, though, the guys making billions off corporations have their best interests at heart. Also, pay no attention to the fact that 1/3rd of Kentuckians need social services like Medicaid, with many of them too uneducated to realize that “Obamacare” is benefiting them. That 1/3rd is all lazy poor people and entitled urban city wellfare queens and liberal arts majors working as baristas and in no way includes all of the people who think the government is trying to steal coal from them for no reason.

      That said, using multi-millionaire sports stars to spread a message of equality can run into similar issues of hypocrisy. But at least they’re using their good fortune and high profile to try to discuss important topics. Sadly, the response from many around here is, “Shut up! More sports! Stupid commie liberals! Sports stars and celebrities should shut up and play for me. Leave politics to the stuff I don’t read or the news channels that lie to me.”

      It’s really hard to be a conservative when so many other “conservatives” in Kentucky have no idea what our government is doing to us no matter which party is in control. But (Kentucky) sports is their safe space and they’ll attack anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable in it. Especially when the attackers are “liberals” who need their “safe spaces.”

    • KTR2786
      3:17 pm February 13, 2017 Permalink

      You seem to misunderstand what a safe space is exactly and why it is criticized for the affront to a free society that it is. “Attacking” someone in this thread is much different from falsely accusing them of bigotry and demanding their right to speak be revoked.

  19. dcgal
    11:05 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

    @Bret Bibbins: I apologize for my comment being too long for your liking, and thank you for being the smartest person in the room so able to invalidate me based upon your criteria. I am not of the generation that needs life in 142 characters or less. Unfortunately, Megan Rapinoe was ONLY included in this propaganda because she publicly voiced support for the Black Lives Matter “movement,” and multiple times knelt during the U.S. national anthem. She is not even a USNWT captain, Carli Lloyd and Becky Sauerbrunn are and were not chosen. This propaganda is 100% about race, whether you are personally able to admit it or not.

    • tbbucs86
      11:46 am February 13, 2017 Permalink

      Maybe it could be about race because it needs to be. The only people complaining are white people. White people have no idea how others feel about equality.

    • KTR2786
      12:35 pm February 13, 2017 Permalink

      @tbuccs86 So are you saying that objective reality is different based on your race? Do all black people understand reality differently and have an entirely different reasoning process? That sounds awfully racist to me all the way around….Maybe your virtue signalling is causing some interference.

    • tbbucs86
      6:31 pm February 13, 2017 Permalink

      No I am saying that people are not treated equal.

    • KTR2786
      10:32 pm February 13, 2017 Permalink

      Really? Where? Who? Can you provide explicit examples?